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Was Israel’s war with Hamas justifiable?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Sep-05-14 5:01 PM

The combination of right wing issues in the US and comparing that,albeit in a learned manner, to the Hamas fascists is deceiving. There are extremists in America regarding conservative, if you can label it that way,issues,but they may be as I am very much against Hamas and extreme views on handling US social issues. The leftist communist induced crowd here is forcing their amoral agenda,via judicial fiat, their partners in "change" to the very fascistic government you claim to abhor when it is happening in Israel. True conservative values are socially moral with those on the fringe incorporated, but not condoning that which the majority do not agree with. There are moral rights and wrongs or else what is the difference if Israel is right or Hamas ? Would it matter without a moral law ?

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Sep-05-14 4:49 PM

One of the thing that I've been thinking a lot about when I read liberal Americans' the fact that they have the liberty of speaking from the safety of America...and always have...from the days of the Viet Nam matter what side they (and back then it was 'we'...because I was one of the anti-war protesters)...we were never faced with annihilation if we were wrong about our position. This is the problem with the liberal position..if they are wrong...Israel faces annihilation...if they are right, well...then there may be peace...but annihilation is a pretty steep price to pay and certainly for American liberals who won't ever have to pay that price...I think they have a lot of nerve telling the Israelis to take that chance when it is not they, who will have to take that chance. Even Israeli liberals should seriously consider the consequences, since it is their country that will be annihilated if they are wrong...just sayin'

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Sep-05-14 4:31 PM

As a Liberal and Progressive myself, I find it disgusting that so many other Liberals and Progressives are anti-Israel. To me, that can only be based on ignorance. Real Liberals and Progressives are totally supportive of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, which is constantly battling against Arab terrorists who are trying to destroy it.

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Sep-05-14 2:47 PM

This going to go on till the second of Jesus, this land has in dispute for over 4000 years and it will be resolved only there is one God.

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Sep-05-14 1:18 PM

What happens in the EU crosshairs ? Because they have been dealing with Christian terrorists for 100 years now not muslims.

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Sep-05-14 1:10 PM

Wow, talk about propaganda Yankeefan

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Sep-05-14 1:08 PM

I love how the left tries to justify the real evil in the world.It's not just Hamas,you can't say anything bad Muslims or terrorists or evil Dictators. All you have to do is look at Europe to see what happens when you turn a blind eye to the Muslim extremists.

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Sep-05-14 10:19 AM

hammas and sicko dummycrat libs are the same thing

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Sep-05-14 7:21 AM

I wonder how many Americans would be willing to be confined by a foreign country in their own cities, unable to visit relatives or get jobs outside those cities? The same foreign country controlling their supply of water, food, medicines? The same foreign country jailing American citizens for years on no charges? How about that foreign government murdering American fishermen or farmers who are doing nothing more than attempting to feed their families?

I'm sure that if it was happening to Americans then Americans would have no issue with a response like Hamas !

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