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Do you feel safe on Jamestown streets after dark?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Sep-05-14 12:03 PM

Funny yankee didn't respond to "you're not intelligent enough to have a real conversation." A real person would have. A troll wouldn't have.

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Sep-04-14 7:17 PM

Oh, oh blu3 I think you just made an enemy. "So if they aren't stealing them, how are they getting them ?" Yes straw purchases account for a portion as do stolen guns. Most I think are acquired by other means such as from illegals bringing them in to sell and from cartels that smuggle them in.

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Sep-04-14 3:21 PM

Blu3d0gD3m0cr8tz could you please explain/tell us where it is you can buy ANY firearm without a NICBC being done?

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Sep-04-14 1:12 PM

Haven't we already had this question? I feel safe myself, I worry more about my daughter who has her own apt. I did tell her though, to get a couple of friends similar to seadog's. Good friends indeed. And they won't talk about you behind your back.

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Sep-04-14 11:36 AM

If there is blame to lay it's not on the NRA but on people like Bill Gates, Cuomo, Bloomberg and the rest of the anti gun crowd. Also people like Feinstein who wants them all gone from everyone. If you can't carry a pistol I wonder what the cops would think about a 12 gauge with spare clips.

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Sep-04-14 11:26 AM

Why does the PJ censor the word ***** when Wiktionary even says it is totally acceptable when used as a historical reference to our black brothers and sisters?????

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Sep-04-14 11:21 AM

Ol' Blu3 seems to be so uninformed I don't know where to start..Chartered 11/17 1871 (in NY)by Col Church and Gen Wingate to help soldiers with marksmanship. 9/28/1868 300 blacks massacred (by racist democrats). Robert Williams a black US Marine NRA member wrote"*****es With Guns" in 1957. As a PS I accidentally agreed with Blu3 as I had agreed with the 3 commenters before him, didn't move my cursor - my bad!

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Sep-04-14 10:14 AM

Face it, this is basically a scum bag town. Welfare is easy to get, great govt. housing. Get a good hand gun, learn to shoot it, and join the NRA. My God people, look around. Mothers with baby carriages in the middle of the night, shirtless boyfriends with expensive tattoos walking pitbulls. All able bodied. Meanwhile, while you are at work, paying for their benefits, they are burglarizing your home.

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Sep-04-14 8:23 AM

not with all these appleyard types roaming the streets.

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Sep-04-14 8:19 AM

Only if I'm packing.

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Sep-04-14 8:08 AM

unsafe 24/7. highly unsafe for women and the stats prove it. lousy law enforcement.

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Sep-04-14 7:09 AM

Yup we have heard it before - a good guy with a gun can in fact stop a bad guy with a gun or some of you can wait for law enforcement and they can draw the chalk line around the body. Question is: will it be yours or the bad guy's??

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Sep-04-14 6:09 AM

Until the NRA starts handing out guns to everyone I won't ever feel safe. Isn't that required by the Constitution? What are they waiting for?

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