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Do you have to work on Labor Day?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Sep-01-14 10:51 AM

There seems to be no end in the lengths some businesses/employers will go to maximize profits off the backs of workers.

Right Post Journal ?

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Sep-01-14 10:54 AM

Conservatives love to whine about government interference in business affairs, pretending that they are oh so Christian and moral - just like the warden in The Shawshank Redemption". If government would just let them do their thing, everything would be fine. Stories like this illustrate just what a crock that argument is.

The reality is that a certain percentage of human being stink to high heaven, always have, always will, regardless of their protestations of loving Jesus, Krishna, or whoever; and without government there to compel them to act virtuously, they would simply get away their chronic misbehavior, and thus make the world a far uglier place to live.

The notion that a government of the people is somehow the problem, and liberty the solution, has to be dumbest idea ever foisted on the American people.

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Sep-01-14 10:55 AM

Another form of wage theft: furloughs. Forced "vacation" without pay.

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Sep-01-14 10:57 AM

And people say workers don't need unions anymore?

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Sep-01-14 11:07 AM

No, I'm not working today.

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Sep-01-14 9:53 PM

I've worked at union and non-union shops. I made more money at non-union shops. I have never had to work on Labor Day at either type of employer.

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Sep-02-14 10:04 PM

Did you ever stop to realize, what workers have to be on duty for holidays, weekends, days, nights and bad weather Yankeefan14701? Without nurses, doctors, police, firemen, Hospital and nursing home staff, just name a few. They don't work all those crazy shifts to "maximize profits off the backs of workers" They do it because they are professionals and they care what they do and who they take care of. Besides, if you do have to work holidays, you can count yourself lucky to have a job!

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