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Does news of crime in your area ever affect how you live your everyday life?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jul-17-14 9:53 AM

A person is required to retreat from a dangerous confrontation, but only if he believes he can reasonably do so "with complete safety". In other words an innocent person is not expected to subject himself, or others, to a knife in the back in an attempt to defuse a dangerous situation. Moreover, an innocent person is never required to retreat if attacked in his dwelling. See: Penal Article 35.15(2).

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Jul-16-14 7:38 PM

Just last week I had a guy searching my porch for a key. I ran him off and called 911. Never saw a police car drive by. Never had a follow up call. I did take some good video just in case. By the way, I was “well” protected during all of this!

Just remember, when seconds matter the police are only minutes away!

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Jul-16-14 4:56 PM

With these exceptions I agree with you bludog "I vote we allow Joseph Gerace to take over" Would be even slower yet(call the troopers) and "Gun ownership in New York state isn't the answer either" even though the run away law is as you state, guns are still a great deterrent to most of these lowlifes.

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Jul-16-14 3:51 PM

I never go to Jamestown anymore without my legally carried handgun. Many say guns are not the answer - you can sit there and have a philosophical discussion with the scumbags until the police show up (with guns).

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Jul-16-14 1:59 PM

I vote we allow Joseph Gerace to take over , convert the Jamestown Police department over to the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Dept and get these issues dealt with once and for all.

I personally have reported crimes taking place in my very own neighborhood only to have someone show up 3 hours ( not an exaggeration ) later after the criminal is long gone. The Jamestown Police department is very inefficient and ineffective. When you try to make calls to complain You will find yourself being very rudely dismissed as and threatened with arrest as if you were the criminal.

Whats worse is if you talk to low income citizens trying to find some kind of justice for their families you will find that the JPD is very often indifferent to citizens who have become victims of these Thugs.

Gun ownership in New York state isn't the answer either as there are no "stand your ground" laws here. You are legally required to retreat and call the police Gun or no gun.

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Jul-16-14 12:00 PM

"Keep an eye on neighbors homes"....Are you one 0f the ones on welfare? Guns are not the answer eithr

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Jul-16-14 8:01 AM

Keep an eye on neighbors homes and keep aware of any people who are in the area who usually are not there. Have firearms, don't leave home without it.

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Jul-16-14 7:19 AM

6 shotguns, 4 rifles, 12 handguns, no problem

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Jul-16-14 6:28 AM

Well duh..You've got parents yelling at their kids and vice versa - where' the respect? Then you got a town drunkard who sets mini fires and mini fights with strangers, gets bailed out...then you have people breaking into other people's homes, disabled or not and steal their stuff. No thanks Jamestown...I don't want to be part if a city that sleeps while crime happens

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