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272 days ago.
by carlaw

No School Buses

Where my house is i live exactly 1.7 miles to Persell and 1.5 miles to Washington middle. My daughter goes to Persell, I love the school but its to far to walk. In the nice weather its fine but in the winter its horrible. I think there should be a limited bus service, say kids would only have to walk a few blocks to catch the bus on a main road. It wouldn't have to be year round December- March are the worst months. How much can that really cost? were talking about 3-4 buses tops. I do pay school taxes, i would rather my child doesn't get frost bite over getting a new A/C system for a school that is closed in the really hot months anyway. i am not expert on the matter but it really needs brung to someones attention that is.


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Do they bus kids from Appleyard Court?

Posted 272 days ago.


I think this is one of the most reasonable ideas I have heard in a long time and I would strongly tell parents to keep on it until something is done!

Posted 1074 days ago.


I would love to see some sort of school bus system in this city. I had kids in this school system a few years back and walking across the third street bridge in winter is just flat out dangerous, but I guess this is an issue like everything else, someone who has position and authority child gets hit or killed by a motorist then we get school buses.

Posted 1188 days ago.

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