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880 days ago.
by nytx33

Ending the Prohibition of Marijuana

Colorado and Washington have just legalized marijuana for recreational use and it's about time. I'm tired of my tax dollars jailing non-violent drug offenders and fueling violence across the border. The government, since the 70's, have supplied a handful of patients in this country with a monthly supply of hand-rolled joints and then tell the rest of us it's illegal. They tell us marijuana is a dangerous narcotic and it is most certainly not. I read about a recent marijuana bust in Jamestown. What a waste of valuable law enforcement resources that could be used elsewhere. Colorado and Washington have made history this election year. Let's hope that New York eventually follows suite. After all, it was the great state of New York that kicked of the end of alcohol prohibition.


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It is a step-up addictive/destructive drug for some in society ( whether anyone agrees or not)just like alcohol is addictive/destructive drug for some. Why encourage another destructive vice?!

Posted 880 days ago.


And look how much better off we are with more drunks on the road, and alcoholics on disability. As for the cannabis, legalize it as a med, but wait 'til we have good enforcement tests before putting in the pockets of drivers.

Posted 1264 days ago.

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