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871 days ago.
by JaketheRealist

It's not just "them", It's "YOU" too!

I was compelled to write this after biting my tongue for too long. Cell phone laws are not just for "them", it's for "YOU TOO"! Over the last few weeks I have witnessed parents with toddlers in the car, police patrols, commercial drivers, and so many motorists with their phones to their ears while driving .. I just wanted to remind all of you that the statistics are real ... cell phones and driving "KILLS PEOPLE". Why do you insist to expose us to your dangerous habit???? Are you not part of the problem? Are you "better" than the innocent? Why then .. tell us? We want to know what allows you to put us all in danger.


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Brother, or sister as it may be, I am in full concordance with you. As the holder of a commercial driving license with many hours logged on just about any nature of roadway I am thoroughly convinced that talking on a cell phone (even with a hands free device) is a major distraction and poses an inherent danger not only to the driver but more importantly to the often unaware pedestrian.

Texting.... forget it!!! you might as well consume a bottle of wine before you get behind the wheel... same effect if not worse. At least the drunk has his/her eye's on the road.

Posted 871 days ago.


I would like to know also! Thank You!

Posted 1162 days ago.

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