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715 days ago.
by johnee

Do HS sports teach values?

I live in Jamestown and pay a small fortune in school taxes every year. Today I was solicited by 2 strong healthy boys in JHS baseball uniforms as I was entering a local store. They held out plain unlabelled boxes and asked me for money. I asked "Are you begging" didn't hesitate to say "yes".I told him that if he needs money for whatever purposes he should earn it,get a job,sell something of value.When I left the store these same 2 kids approached me again..again I told them to get a job.As I drove away these kids hurled insults and profanity at me. I called the school asst. principal and the school athletic director..I left messages on their voice mail..I doubt if I will get a response. What are these "responsible" adults teaching these kids? How to beg and be dependent on handouts..teaching these kids that they are "entitled" and don't have to make an effort to earn their way? HEY COACH..what in the world are you thinking? IM disgusted..


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Depends on the school. If they are treated like any other student and taught that they have to work hard at their school work in order to play, then yes. But, if like too many athletes today and given a free pass so the team can win then no.

Posted 715 days ago.


Was their response to you appropriate? Absolutely not, and I am sure that knowing the coach and AD very well, they will hold those accountable. But lets talk about you? Obviously you must not have partook in sports or had little success in doing so. How does an adult make such a harsh judgement toward a couple athletes who are out fundraising for their team? Where is your character, integrity, morals, values? I'm disgusted that someone could call out a couple young men like you did and then have the nerve to come on here and bash them, JHS Administration and their sports coaches. Maybe you need some self-reflection, use this as an opportunity to grow as a person and member of this community. I am by no means sticking up for these young men and their actions, however I do believe you need to grow up and handle yourself better next time around!

Posted 946 days ago.


Yes, in most cases, high school sports do teach values. There are certainly intangibles that are dependent on this, such as the coach, his/her philosophies, and of course the school district they are associated with. In this instance, you are referring to what many schools do for fundraising, called "Tag Days." This is not begging, and the kids are not out there for themselves, they are out there to raise money for their program. Golfnut hit the nail on the head when he/she stated that you were the driving force to the problem. A simple no-thank you, or maybe I'll get you on the way out would have been an immediate end to them asking you. But rather, you essentially attacked their integrity and character by telling them to get a job, earn their way, etc. Again, this is not them collecting money for their pockets, so therefore getting a job would have done them no good. They are collecting for the team..........

Posted 946 days ago.


Your attitude toward them was the beginning of the problem. A simple "no" would have been sufficient. I am in no way sticking up for these kids insults and swearing at you. They probably felt you were degrading them so that was their way of getting even.

Posted 947 days ago.

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