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National politics

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878 days ago.
by nytx33
Ending the Prohibition of Marijuana

Posts: 3 - Colorado and Washington have just legalized marijuana for recreational use and it's about time. I'm tired of my tax dollars jailing non-violent drug offenders and fueling violence across the border.

1459 days ago.
by WNYPlanner
Are you all asleep?

Posts: 0 - When I recently happened across this forum section,I was shocked to discover there is nothing going on here.

Wars, Debt ceiling, Waist in Government.

Posts: 0 - It;s very simple with our spending problem with foreign affairs. We leave them alone and they leave us alone. The Debt ceiling problem can be solved by doing one simple thing.

1764 days ago.
by gravelpiit

Posts: 0 - Election results must have finally shut him up!