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In Years Past

June 3, 2014
  • In 1914, matters were still at a standstill in the Weeks-Ganey case this day with even less doing than the previous day. It looked as if both sides of the prosecution represented by District Attorney Lyon in Warren and the defense represented by Arthur C. Wade of Jamestown, were playing for time. The funeral of Leo Ganey, the victim of the tragedy, was scheduled to be held from the home of his sister at Fentonville on this afternoon but this too had been postponed. This was due to the inability to get a notice promptly to Ganey's sister living in Baltimore.
  • The manner of living in the larger cities of the United States was such that perfect health was almost impossible. The human machine would not run true and strong day after day with its vitality continually being sapped up by constant nervous strain, irregular hours and hastily eaten food. The wear and tear and rush of city life were largely responsible for the immense amount of dull, lifeless, half sick people of the present generation. Debility or a "run down" condition as it was called, was everywhere.
  • In 1939, Chautauqua County had no new cases of smallpox according to Dr. Paul S. Person, Ripley health official. At Erie, Pa., however, Dr. P.A. Keeney, state health official, announced that a new case of smallpox had been found in the suburbs, traceable to the Ripley outbreak. The patient was Miss Betty Jane Strang, who visited relatives in Ripley two weeks previously. Miss Strang worked in a downtown store in Erie and might have contacted a large number of persons.
  • Another of the numerous deer now frequently seen in the woods and fields near Jamestown was instantly killed Friday when it collided just outside the city line on Foote Avenue Extension with a car driven by Frank J. Russo of Hazzard Street. Russo's car was badly damaged. Game Warden Al Reed of Fredonia, took charge of the carcass after investigating the crash. Such accidents had occurred with alarming frequency during recent months.
  • In 1964, the Civil Aeronautics Board had ordered Mohawk Airlines to continue service to Jamestown and Olean. The Board accepted the recommendation of Examiner Barron Fredricks, announced March 4. The CAB did, however, defer action on the examiner's recommendation the Mohawk be required to provide at least one round-trip daily between Olean and New York City as a prerequisite to scheduling flights that flew over Olean. Continued service to Jamestown and Olean had been question by the Board Feb., 1, 1963, when it ordered a "use-it-or-lose-it" investigation also applying to certain other Mohawk Airlines cities.
  • Plans for a block-long development containing a retail grocery store and a drive-in bank, with a total valuation of approximately $100,000, were revealed at a special meeting of the Lakewood Village Board of Trustees the past evening. Dayton S. Wilkins of the First National Bank of Jamestown presented plans for a drive-in bank at the southeast corner of Chautauqua Avenue and Third Street. The next two southerly lots would be parking space. The fourth lot would contain a Quality Market.
  • In 1989, six months ago, Quality Markets Inc. and area Super Duper stores decided not to use plastic bags for groceries, citing disposal problems at the Ellery Landfill. Other major grocery stores gave their customers a choice between paper or plastic bags at the checkout counter. The number of shoppers who preferred plastic was about equal to the number who preferred paper, area grocery store managers said. Most shoppers who preferred paper bags were concerned about the impact of plastic on the environment, according to a spot check by The Post-Journal.
  • Falconer Mayor Albert F. Mattison announced that he would be the Republican candidate for Chautauqua County clerk. The announcement came hard on the heels of Mattison's decision not to enter a primary to select the GOP nominee for county executive. County Attorney Andrew W. Goodell of Bemus Point was the choice of the county's Republican Committee for the county executive nomination.


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