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In Years Past

April 13, 2014

In 1914, the four gunmen convicted of the murder of Herman Rosenthal, died in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison at the break of dawn this Easter Monday. None confessed his guilt and none mentioned the name of Charles Becker, the former police lieutenant, found guilty of instigating the murder but saved by the court of appeals reversal. Of the four, Frank Seidenshuer made the only statement. Even he did not flatly assert his innocence. "Gentlemen," he mumbled as they strapped him in the chair, "I did not shoot at Rosenthal. They who said I did was perjurers. For the sake of justice, gentlemen, I say I didn't. The witness Stannish--." He did not finish the sentence. The current shot his body forward in the chair. He had meant to say that Stannish, a witness, had lied, but death intervened.



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