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Chautauqua County 4-H youth conclude a fun and educational week at the County Fair

August 4, 2009
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County’s 4-H youth participated in a number of activities at the 2009 Chautauqua County Fair. In the Goat Judging Contest the Adult Winner was Keith LeRoy. In the Junior Division, Hannah Koterass and Ryan Foster tied for first place. Shelby Sek earned top honors for her Barn Display. Outstanding youth were recognized for their efforts in each project area and for the dedication and commitment to 4-H throughout the week of the Chautauqua County Fair. Each year, Chautauqua County 4-H presents three very special awards to outstanding 4-H members. Adult Barn Superintendents are asked to nominate young people in their barn or area for these prestigious awards. The following criteria are considered for these awards: sportsmanship, kindness, communication skills, trustworthiness, responsibility, ethics, initiative, positive role model to others, helpful, have diverse interests. The nominees exemplify the four-fold development of 4-H: head, heart, hands and health. The Kazan Mosher Memorial Award is sponsored by Laing Gro Fertilizer of Eden in memory of Kazan Mosher, a long time Chautauqua County 4-H member for South Dayton. This award is given to an outstanding 4-H member at the County Fair. Kazan Mosher was a long time 4-H’er from South Dayton. Kazan was very active in the Beef Project and Home Economics Projects. She showed Beef at the State Fair and participated in District and State Fair Style Revue several times. Julie Peterson stated that her fondest memories of Kazan were her desire to meet people and immediately become their friend. She loved a good practical joke and she had a very competitive spirit. Kazan’s favorite place to be in the show ring was First. Kazan had a zest for life that is matched by few. She loved to laugh. Kazan lived her short life to the fullest. For those who knew Kazan, she will always be remembered as a bright, happy, young lady. This year’s award nominees are: Cassandra Chapman, Heather Freeman, Sarah Wahlstrom, David Tenpas, Shelby Sek. The Kazan Mosher award winner this year is a longtime Chautauqua County 4-H’er. She has been a member of both the Dog and Horse Programs. She first started in the Dog Program, and quickly excelled claiming the County Championships for any division she entered for the past nine years. She has also won the Dog Agility Competition at the NY State Fair with her dog, Brody. She came into the Horse Program a bit later starting with the educational programs of hippology and horse bowl. Again she excelled and has been among the top 10 individuals in the state in both events for the past two years earning her a third trip to the Eastern Nationals 4-H Horse Roundup as a member of this year’s New York State Horse Bowl Team. Sarah has attended Eastern Nationals the previous two years for individual presentations and public speaking after winning the State Competition for each in the Horse Program. She is currently the reigning Eastern National Champion for her speech “Phar Lap: Australian Lightning.” She is also recognized as the Junior Superintendent for the 4-H Office, where she has been in charge of coordinating herdsmanship judging at the fair. Sarah has also been showing horses in our County Horse Program for the past two years in the Hunt Seat Division. Sarah recently graduated from Falconer Central School as the salutatorian of her class. She will be attending Malone University in Ohio this fall as a pre-vet and zoology double major. Her job in college will be slightly easier as she has already completed over 40 credit hours of college course work while in high school. To help her get more experience in the veterinary field, Sarah currently works for Dr. Mary Fales as a vet tech in her office. Sarah’s parents, Steve and Cheryl, older sister Lynne and boyfriend, Alex, are very proud of her accomplishments in the 4-H Program, and look forward to seeing what Sarah may achieve in her final year of 4-H. Congratulations to our 2009 Kazan Mosher Award Winner, Sarah Wahlstrom. Kristopher TeWinkle was a fine young man and dedicated citizen. He was a wonderful role model who died while serving his country in the U.S. Navy. Kris was the son of David and Linda TeWinkle of Clymer. Kris was a 4-H member for over 10 years and enjoyed the hog project, entomology, cooking, sewing, presentations, numerous conservation activities and a variety of other projects. One of his most unique projects was raising Galerucella Beetles for the purpose of controlling Purple Loosestrife, a non-native, invasive plant species. Kris was a member of the 4-H Teen Ambassador Program, and also had the opportunity to participate in several award trips through 4-H. Kris will be fondly remembered as a role model, leader and friend. Kris was a 2000 graduate of Clymer Central School, and a 2004 graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science. While at Cornell, he was a member of the Navy ROTC and on the day of his graduation from Cornell, Kris was commissioned as an Officer in the U.S. Navy. He had completed part of his flight training in Pensacola, Florida and had just been transferred to Norfolk, VA for training on VAW-120. Kris enjoyed Civil War history, climbing, sailing, reading, and Cornell Hockey Games. At the age of 23, Kris was laid to rest in Holland Cemetery in Clymer with full military honors. The Kris TeWinkle Memorial Award can be awarded to any Chautauqua County 4-H member, who is a graduating high school senior. Award recipients must embody the spirit of 4-H and make 4-H fun and enjoyable. Award recipients do not have to be college bound. This year’s nominees were: Maggie Mason, Cassandra Chapman, Ethan Johnson, Katie Card. Whenever someone mentions this person’s name it is always followed with “He is so helpful.” Or “He is such a nice young man.” He is eager to help others whenever with a project or needing to fix or carry something. Active for several years as a Teen Ambassador he helps whenever he can. He especially enjoys the VIP/Legislator Tours at the fair each year, but always helps other members give their presentations with his support. His own Public Presentation this year was “The Benefits of 4-H” which he was selected to present at Western District and State Fair. He is an 11-year member of the Country Critters 4-H Club and brought several of his projects to the fair: woodworking — a gun cabinet, sewing — a deer skin jacket, and ceramics — an angel fountain. In his animal projects his goal is to do better each year and help the younger kids. He has been helpful in the Rabbit and Poultry Projects, by showing his patients when helping the younger kids. As a Junior Superintendent in the Hog Project and a member of the project, he loves the responsibilities of helping younger members “step up.” He does this with encouragement and moral support. It doesn’t matter if it’s showmanship techniques, getting others to join in or at karaoke night at the fair, he always makes sure that others are having a good experience. He is not afraid to work hard in the mud moving fences or doing a craft project with Cloverbuds. Like Chris Tewinkle, his gentle spirit and trusting nature helps others around him have confidence in what they are doing. Not surprisingly, he is also active in his community and church with countless activities and community service. He also teaches religious education to special needs children. In school he was recognized with being selected for the all school sportsmanship award. Ethan is attending SUNY Fredonia this fall majoring in Early Childhood Education. Not surprisingly his love for 4-H and helping others led him to seek a career as a kindergarten teacher. Ethan’s spirit of helping others shows his true love for 4-H. Another comment heard when Ethan’s name is mentioned is “He is 4-H.” Congratulations to the 2009 Kris Tewinkle Award Winner, Ethan Johnson. The Most Outstanding 4-H Junior Superintendent Award is sponsored by the 4-H Teen Ambassadors. This year’s award nominees were: Ally Betts, Kate Ewer, James Cardot, Ben Peterson, Bath Paternity, Colleen Kimball, Jeffery Hatch. This individual began hisenrollment in 4-H eight years ago. As a lone member he showed his cattle and participated in dairy bowl and dairy judging. He joined a 4-H group about six years ago, where he enjoyed doing different crafts and community service projects. He has held an office every year. He has had several photography projects go to State Fair. This gentleman has expanded his talents for the last three years. This year he did very well with his pictures. In school he has excelled in both track and football. In his community he is a Junior Firefighter and has held an office with them for the last six years. At the Fair he has been a Junior Superintendent in the Snack Bar and the Dairy Barn. This year he felt he needed a change so he became a Junior Superintendent in the 4-H Building. He knew the Snack Bar would still need his help, so on his own at the beginning of the fair he rescued the Snack Bar with fuel for the generator, he fixed an icing problem, and he helped them whenever he could. On show days he helped several kids with milking their cows to prepare them for the show. He assisted with the closing of the Dairy Barn at night, and he helped lead cows to the show ring for other 4-H’ers. He is always willing to help everyone with anything that needs to be done. He joined the Teen Ambassadors three years ago and continues to help in every way he can. This year in the building as a Junior Superintendent he does crafts with the youngsters that come through the building. This young man may be a Junior Superintendent in the building, but he works like he is a Junior Superintendent in every area he walks through, keeping everything running smoothly and helping everyone he can. This is why James Cardot is the 2009 Outstanding Junior Superintendent. The 2009 Most Outstanding Creative Needlework Project Award is a $50 savings bond sponsored by the Chautauqua Region Embroiderers Guild of America. This award was presented by Loretta Peters and was received by Lynette Chase with an honorable mention to Cassandra Skal. In the 2009 4-H Livestock Judging Contest participants judged Sheep, Steers and Hogs. The results were as follows: Junior Teams 1st- Little Brokenstraws- Jacob Short, Sarah Osborne, Ashley Adams, Katie Sheldon 2nd- Cherry Creek Corn Huskers – Andrew Miller, McKenzie Miller, Nick Jackson, Emily Jackson 3rd- Levant Live Wires – Melanie Walters, Kyria Huntington, Matthew Overend, Steven Overend Senior Teams 1st- Clymer Eager Beavers – Kelsey Neckers, Katrina Nickerson, Samantha Nickerson 2nd- Team #1 – Matthew Morrison, Rachel Ecklund, Cassandra Chapman 3rd- Levant Live Wires – Brandon Boyer, Shaun Lanphere, Brad Lanphere The top 10 Junior winners in the Livestock Judging Contest: 1st- Melanie Walters 2nd-Andrew Miller 3rd-Katie Sheldon 4th-Emily Jackson 5th-Samantha Nickerson 6th-Sarah Osborne 7th-Jacob Lesch 8th-Ashley Adams 9th- Jake Short 10th- Logan Fain The top 10 Senior winners: 1st- Matthew Morrison 2nd-Kelsey Neckers 3rd-Brandon Boyer 4th-Maggie Mason 5th-Shaun Lanphere 6th-Katrina Nickerson 7th- Bobby Davis 8th- Rachel Ecklund 9th- Steven Reed 10th- Kyrria Huntington The Snack Bar awarded six youth with 4-H chairs. Katie Jackson received an award for Most Helpful Junior Superintendent. Hillary Hornyak received the Most Improved Award. Monica Buck was recognized as the Most Enthusiastic First Year Junior Superintendent. Eric Masood received the Most Enthusiastic Second Year Junior Superintendent. Kevin Gleason received the Most Happy-Go-Lucky Award and Colleen Kimball received the Customer Service Award. Throughout the week of Fair the 4-H Shooting Sports Committee organized a Barn Challenge contest with their Laser Shot, Air Shot and Archery ranges. In the Youth Division the Beef Barn was first and the Hog Barn was second. The Beef Barn earned one free hour at the Shooting Sports ranges. In the Adult Division the Dairy Barn won the competition earning $30 for their project area. The Hog Barn was second. The Dairy Barn recognized nine youth for their outstanding efforts at the 2009 Fair. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Andrew Miller Outstanding Senior Herdsman – MacKenzie Miller Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – Emily Knight Top 4-H member in the Open Class Barn- Austin Crowell Most Enthusiastic – Victoria Beckerink Ronald C Brown Memorial Award – Kelsey Neckers Glen Darling Memorial Award – Glen Moss Junior Junior Golden Wheelbarrow Award – Andrew Miller Senior Golden Wheelbarrow Award – MacKenzie Miller The Goat Barn recognized four 4-H Youth. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Hannah Koterass Outstanding Senior Herdsman – Emily Masiker Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – Shelby Sek Most Helpful – Kate Ewer The Horse Program recognized seven youth. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Meredith Zebracki Outstanding Senior Herdsman – Jillian Gazdak Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – James Martin Outstanding Walk-Trot Donkey Rider- Stephanie Rogers Outstanding Walk-Trot Rider- Kelly Butcher Outstanding Amateur – Ashley Crandall Kathy Calanni Memorial Trophy, High Point Dressage Rider – Jennifer Dahlgren The Poultry Barn presented nine awards. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Joseph Thuman Outstanding Senior Herdsman – Cassandra Chapman Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – Bryan Tenpas Most Enthusiastic 1st Year Member – Jacob Steinhoff Junior Superintendent for the Year – Bryan Tenpas Champion Fowl – Joseph Thuman Reserve Champion Fowl – Maggie Mason Most Enthusiastic Junior Member – Joseph Thuman Most Enthusiastic Senior Member – Cassandra Chapman The Rabbit Barn awarded six awards to 4-H youth. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Maggie Jones Outstanding Senior Herdsman – Kimberly Walker Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – Bobby Davis Helping Hands – Lynanne Woolley Most Outgoing Junior Member – Olivia Markham Most Outgoing Senior Member – Cassandra Chapman The Sheep Barn recognized five youth. Outstanding Junior Shepherd– Logan Fain Outstanding Senior Shepherd – Cassandra Chapman Outstanding Junior Superintendent Shepherd – Ben Peterson Rookie of the Year – Taylor Lehman Outstanding Sheep 4-Her – Brandon Boyer 4-H adult volunteer Margie Morrision was also recognized by the Sheep Barn for her assistance in redeveloping the Sheep Barn sleeping quarters The Beef Barn recognized three outstanding youth. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Christopher Ellis Outstanding Senior Herdsman – Kaylee Sheldon Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – Katie Card The Swine Barn awarded three trophies. Outstanding Junior Herdsman – Mikayla Keefe Outstanding Senior Herdsman – Sandra Reed Outstanding Junior Superintendent Herdsman – Tad Ellis The week concluded on Sunday with a special Herdsman Chicken Dinner sponsored by the Chautauqua County Fair Board. A special thank you to the donors that helped make this dinner possible: Add Lumber, Devlin Farm Supply, Harry Austin Milling, Jim Barber, Farmers Mill, Larry Romance, the OBSERVER, Z & M Ag and Turf, Casale Plumbing, Lake Shore Savings and Loan.


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