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Time To Act Accordingly

August 18, 2014

To the Readers’ Forum: An American general is murdered in Afghanistan. Several others wounded, including a German general. Tell me again, Mr....

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Aug-25-14 8:25 AM

This is probably an exercise in futility for Sea, but for the rest of anyone interested, see: muslimscondemningthings.tumblr. c o m

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Aug-22-14 10:50 PM

"Peaceful Muslims" need to step up, fight terrorists, and rehabilitate the image of their religion. The only problem is that few, if any, are willing....or want to, for that matter. READ Sharia Law. There is no room for compromise. Sharia law does not allow for the separation of church & state. The Muslim religion also encourages its followers to lie to Non-Muslims if it helps advance the goals of Islam. Hatred, abuse of women, and murder are the Hallmarks of Islam. It is up to them to change that...not us.

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Aug-21-14 5:23 PM

Of course, if your only news source is Fox, you wouldn't know that.

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Aug-21-14 5:22 PM

You wanted an example, Sea, of Muslims condemning ISIS. Here's one: RIYADH: Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Sheikh, the highest religious authority in the country, said Tuesday that the militant groups Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda were "enemy number one of Islam" and not in any way part of the faith.

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Aug-21-14 5:01 PM

Muslim ,Christian,jew they are all the same ....CRAZIES ! Religion has kept the people in the Middle east from progressing with the rest of the world and it has continually caused regression in our own society. They are all Crazies !!

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Aug-21-14 5:59 AM

Sea, you ask for examples of your racism/bigotry: "The term moderate Muslim is the biggest oxymoron ever spoken." Seems like your other comments have been pulled.

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Aug-20-14 7:34 PM

Sea, FYI, the definition of bigotry/racism is assigning the vileness of a few bad actors to a whole group, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Based on your comments below, I'm sure you can see why the charge applies to you.

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Aug-18-14 9:33 AM

"Lucky" I agree, it is a difficult problem. The solution is not easy. I am a Veteran who has served in the Middle east. I've lost friends. I'm tired of spilling American blood for people who don't appreciate it &won't fight for themselves. (With the exception of the Kurds.) My solution is to put severe economic pressure on so called "Moderate Muslim Countries" like Saudi Arabia Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Egypt, etc.. Force them to participate in the fight against Terror. We do this with economic sanctions & by gaining energy independence. Drilling our our VAST oil reserves. Thereby freeing ourselves from "Muslim Oil" and robbing Moderate Muslims of their econmoic power. We also need to challenge "Moderate Muslim Countries" to rehabilitate their own religion by removing the Terrorist bad Apples. We need GOOD MUSLIMS to help fight the MUSLIM Extremists.

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Aug-18-14 9:11 AM

LUCKY, (when fumigating) If you don't get ALL the cockroaches they will multiply and re-populate. So here we have a people of "peace and brotherhood of man" AND a group of: kill, slaughter, heads on sticks, maim & butcher (literally). So which should be fumigated? I'm hopeful that you can figure out who's who.

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Aug-18-14 5:45 AM

So what is your idea of "act accordingly" ? We have been sending in troops and arms for over 30 years and have solved nothing except to spend trillions and have thousands of our own trips killed. If we do nothing, both sides complain of the innocent lives being slaughtered. Nothing will end the killing when all parties involved will only stop when they have killed everybody from the opposing religion.

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