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Amish Horse Manure, Really!

August 1, 2014

To the Readers’ Forum: The Amish use horse and buggy as their sole transportation which excretes horse manure. Manure does not harm the environment in any way....

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Aug-05-14 3:19 PM

stopping a buggy to get out and pick up road apples will probably create more of a traffic hazard the the road apples themselves. I have a feeling someone is an un-confidant driver and has an issue with passing the Amish buggies when they come upon them or has some other issue with the Amish and simply using this as a sort of "displaced aggression".

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Aug-03-14 7:55 PM

Palin2012 said it best so far. Whether the perpetrator is Amish or not does make a difference. Thus, it is not picking on the Amish. It is an issue of responsibility to the public for your actions. It is an issue of respect for others and for your community. Just because Amish only use horses for their sole means of transportation has nothing to with it. I like the Amish. I respect them and their lifestyle. They can use collection bags for their horses; should not be a big deal. Has anyone talked with their local Bishop to ask for a little help in resolving the issue? They are usually pretty accommodating people.

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Aug-03-14 4:42 PM

And by the way... in all my years of driving I have never, not once, had a car almost collide with me because it was swerving to miss a pile of horse manure. In fact in all my years of driving I have never even seen another driver swerve to miss a pile. I think someone has a bit of an over imaginative mind. And if a motorcyclist is dumb or not alert enough to miss a road apple then that's really their own fault. You write like it's a land mine field out there. Get a life and let your aggression against the Amish go.

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Aug-03-14 4:36 PM

OMG!!!! What a bunch of anal retentive personalities, double entendre unintended. What's next, bird poop on our cars. Get a life, let the Amish and their horses alone. What do you suggest be done, put diapers on the equine. What an idiot. This post wasn't even worth the retort.

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Aug-02-14 5:03 PM

It's not a problem?!? You must not live on a road that is pooped on daily then. It's unavoidable once it's smeared up and down the road, then it's smeared into your garage floor when you park your car. People swerve into your lane to avoid it nearly hitting you head on. And try hitting a big steaming pile of manure with your motorcycle, that can be dangerous. If I walked into a parking lot with my dog & let him take a big crap right where everyone was walking, I would be required to clean it up but tht big pile of horse manure is "natural". It may be natural but it's disgusting and should be cleaned up by the owner.

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Aug-02-14 8:25 AM

It's obvious that the commenters here don't have to deal with it. It IS a problem.

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