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A Letter To Dick Cheney

June 22, 2014

Dear Dick Cheney, Based on your Wall Street Journal op-ed, co-authored by your daughter, I can only assume you still feel your opinions are relevant. Well, you are wrong....

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Jun-28-14 12:03 PM

If they would have found massive amounts of WMD's Hillary, Kerry and co. would have taken their share of the credit. Anyone who can't admit that is just not a serious person.

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Jun-28-14 11:56 AM

Intel clearly showed that Saddam had WMD's. Even high profile dems agreed on that. If they now want to claim Bush shouldn't have listened to the intel, fine. But to claim that he "lied us into war" is just plain stupid, and a pathetic attempt to score political points.

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Jun-27-14 4:01 PM

So if the intel gives him access and he fails he did nothing wrong. And if he has intel and acts on it by sending troops in, but the intel was "wrong" then he is bad. But if he has intel and the SEAL TEAM does it's job then he is a hero. Is that pretty much like you progressives think Va?

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Jun-27-14 2:37 PM

OK blues, Bill Clinton had access, tried to kill bin Laden and failed. That doesn't sound like access to me. That sounds like intel, and intel has a very short shelf life.

When you shoot a cruise missile (no drones back then), the target has to stay put long enough for the ordinance to arrive. Even drones, with on-board cameras and real time response, lacked the capability.

It's not like it is in the movies.

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Jun-26-14 3:06 PM

I am not one who blames Clinton for 9/11. Bin Laden was one of many terrorists the CIA was watching. One must keep in mind that he was not wanted for killing 3000 Americans at the time.

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Jun-26-14 2:52 PM

I have a good source for you, Dave. Bill Clinton himself said that he had access to Bin Laden many times. He claims he tried to kill him but failed. He went on to say he wishes he had done more. Michael Scheuer, who was a CIA officer in charge of the Bin Laden unit, claims that Clinton passed on Bin Laden several times. Believe who you want, but Clinton did have access to Bin Laden.

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Jun-25-14 4:03 PM

George - I assume you have a source for this drivel? I can't think of any case where Clinton had access to bin Laden, and I follow that stuff pretty closely. I can remember the glee involved in arming the nascent al Qaeda to fight the Soviets, though. Google Operation Cyclone. That was Papa Bush's baby, and the beginning of the rise of the group.

FWIW, we trained and armed them - the Law of Unintended Consequences at it's most virile.

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Jun-25-14 7:38 AM

Lots of "revisionist hisorty" from this author here! Let's not forget that 9/11 occurred less then 8 months into Bush's term. It was planned for years as a result of massive intelligence failures under the Clinton administration. Clinton was handed Bin Ladin on a silver platter, at least twice, by other countries and he wouldn't take him because he didn't want to deal with him.

Clinton buried his head in the sand (and elsewhere) for 8 years, which lead to the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history.

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Jun-24-14 6:51 AM

Dick Cheney is getting more popular by the minute as your president and his party drive this country right out of business. We will not survive another 2 years with this total lack of leadership,ethics and transparency. Cheney's opinions are not only relevant and welcomed but vital.

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