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Plan For Iraq Is Needed

June 18, 2014

Americans who remember the fall of South Vietnam in 1975 — and the frantic evacuation of U.S. troops and civilians from Saigon — may be watching events in Iraq with a dismayed sense of deja vu....

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Jun-24-14 2:53 PM

Seadog, I know you think that BHO can call the shots anywhere on the globe, but the current mess in the Middle East is not his fault or problem. The two leaders at fault are Maliki in Iraq and Assad in Syria. They have both run their countries into the dirt, and created the current <EXPLETIVE> storm. We should leave them to stew in their own juices, and find more productive use of our time, our money and our human resources.

The only sane group are the Kurds, and they've started to act like a separate nation ... which they may be soon enough.

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Jun-24-14 2:46 PM

The best option is the one former Defense Secretary Gates denigrated: Iraq should have been divided into ethnic enclaves. The Kurds are at that point anyway, and already have an ongoing foreign policy-like relationship with the Turks. If the Kurds and the Turks can get along on opposite sides of agreed borders, the rest should be easy. <EYE-ROLL>

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Jun-19-14 10:07 AM

And seadog blah blah blah again.

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Jun-19-14 10:07 AM

Carla you are full of hate. Read some of the stuff you post. For someone who has a pretty comfortable life you sure do complain a lot. But never about anything real.

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Jun-18-14 5:26 PM

When you no longer can defend the president's actions or inaction, or ineptness, the solution is to accuse a blogger who makes a valid observation or gives an opinion,of being "full of hate" . You are full of manure Sam. Maybe you could instead justify your President.

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Jun-18-14 1:49 PM

How about if we just use bushs plan from when the war started. He must of had a perfect plan if you believe all the right supporters on here. He never did anything that was bad for the country. I have a feeling his planning stopped after the lets blow them up, make all our defense contractor friends a lot of money and then leave the mess to the next administration.

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Jun-18-14 11:24 AM

The phrase “Plan for Iraq is Needed” would have been much more appropriate back in 2003.

What do you suggest we do, Ogden PJ Editor? Should we go with the knee-jerk reaction from some on the right and send in the military to help protect our oil…er…whoops…I mean, protect the innocent people of Iraq?

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Jun-18-14 10:04 AM

Carla give it a rest. You are so full of hate I don't know how you stand yourself.

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Jun-18-14 4:11 AM

The president is too busy to plan for Iraq. "Obama at NY fundraisers, including gay donor gala June 18, 2014 NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama is telling gay Democratic Party donors that when it comes to advances in gay rights, it's not just laws that are changing but hearts and minds. Obama singles out steps he has taken on behalf of the gay community, including ending the military's "don't ask don't tell" policies, signing a hate crimes bill, appointing gay judges and other measures. He got a raucous standing ovation when he said he had directed his staff to prepare an executive order barring discrimination by federal contractors on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The White House announced that initiative Monday, a day before the fundraising dinner by the Democratic National Committee.

Obama is in New York for three big dollar fundraisers Tuesday." He is too busy to run the country.

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