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Lavish Lifestyle Sends Wrong Message

May 22, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: We should publicly thank the contributor to this column who in Friday, May 9, provided us with facts he researched on taxpayers cost of the Oval Office holiday....

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Jun-03-14 5:47 PM

Leo your right wing tax cuts have not created one job in Chautauqua county. It has put us in this downward spiral that we are "CREEPING" out of.The CATASTOPHIC expenditures of the Bush/Cheney years can't be fixed over night.Now Cheney's daughter is trying to get in the mix. Until 9-11 Bush had racked up more vacation time than any previous President in his first year. leo you are a narrow sighted fool that loves to cherry pick what you don't like. CEO pay is way out of wack. Obama is merely the less of 2 evils for the middle class residents .

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May-29-14 3:18 PM

You folks are a scream. Unemployment is high? It's Obama, of course! Nevermind that the GOP has cut spending on everything, and the tax cuts for the "job creators" don't seem to be working either.

I'm not an Obama fan, but Presidents typically take vacations (GWB set the record) and travel on official business. And pay for the job is pitiful, if you compare it to any CEO of a Fortune 100 company.

So whine about something else. There's plenty to whine about.

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May-24-14 11:53 AM

Jazzie, you bolster the author's point...and I am sure you didn't mean to. The economy stinks, unemployment is still high(the actual U6 number), there is no job growth, part-time jobs are the one's being created, people are more and more having difficulties paying bills, everything is more expensive, and...the Obamas live it up, on our dime. Michelle is the "Marie Antoinette, let-them-eat-cake" First Lady. The two of them are totally tone deaf to the lives real, hardworking Americans live and their struggles. Obama doesn't care if you get a job, he is willing to throw more of my(and others) hard earned money at the problem, keeping people dependent on government.

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May-23-14 7:57 AM

Great letter, Leo.

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May-22-14 8:25 PM

Splurging is not the key to happiness Mrs. Obama.

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May-22-14 7:43 PM

Wah Wah. I wonder how many of those 47% are children, grandparents and disabled who shouldn't have to pay anything. I wonder why 47% don't pay anything...maybe because there aren't enough American jobs to substantiate such a thing. Maybe a growing population contributes to the mighty 47%

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May-22-14 5:38 AM

Leo, people who are productive and contribute to society share your frustration. 47%+ do not contribute but depend upon government for most of their needs. That number is growing by design. The next elections will probably be the last chance we have to turn this around. That's why every vote is precious and any kind of voter fraud should be seriously prosecuted.

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