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Student Loans Suffocate Graduates

May 15, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: Selling out the future seems to be a option for government since I was a kid in the sixties....

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May-21-14 4:07 PM

We're watching as the world passes us by, because we can't get it through our thick skulls that investing in the future is the only way to have one. Instead, we throw our young under the bus, whine that they don't have <insert the body part of choice> and they need to get over it.

None of the successful countried do any of these things ... but carry on. USA! USA!

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May-17-14 6:16 PM

Your retorts, which I was expecting, prove my points.

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May-17-14 1:41 PM

Oh by the way, it's you're simple people, not "your"simple people.

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May-17-14 1:39 PM

Bobbo,no jobs here? Move to where you can find one.

Why attack bloggers for expressing opinions? Attack the problem. Does it make things better to call "The Intellegencia" stupid?

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May-17-14 9:23 AM

Here we have the intelligencia of Jamestown commenting. I am convinced it is 2014 not 1914, which means an undergraduate degree is very expensive. The intelligencia response would be if you can't afford it go get a job, except in THIS county there are no jobs to sustain a family. Since the 1970's this nation has decided it would give access to higher education to all middle income and poor families. o FOX News fans your running a bit late. Your responses here indicate you do not have an undergrad degree and certainly not an advanced degree your simply ideologues. Theorists that have a belief without any real provable knowledge and do not want any because, clearly in this case, it would disprove your BS. To be blunt and crude: your simple people, with simple thoughts thinking it is some other era.

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May-17-14 6:16 AM

This is part of the plan to make people dependent upon government for every need. These are the roots of socialism. Got it?

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May-15-14 8:21 PM

And yea, you can also shift some of the blame on the American public as well. A lot of companies are downsizing their companies or sending their jobs over to China, because the loving public here loves cheap and doesn't appreciate what they do have...til it's too late. Just remember that when another Con-agra-esque company decides to close down. Doesn't require a boatload of college education either.

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May-15-14 8:15 PM

Yea you could take on 2 or three part time jobs, you could take on odd jobs. Went to college, racked up a good amount, couldn't find a job right away. Babysat/cleaned, even went digging through trash for recyclables. You wouldn't believe the amount of trash people throw away either, because they don't know any better. Always some lame a*ss excuse for irresponsibility

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May-15-14 7:02 AM

While we are talking about education, can't we at least use correct English in a public forum? Who was your 7th grade English teacher?

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May-15-14 6:20 AM

only idiots borrow money that they cant repay. congress is full of em.

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May-15-14 6:16 AM

Oh lucky! You are making sense, and that is not all inclusive. Watch for the hate labelers.

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May-15-14 4:25 AM

He was smart enough to go to college but not smart enough to figure out that a student loan never goes away. When you can't get a job in your chosen field you do what ever it takes to meet your obligations. You take 2or3 part time jobs to pay your bills. You don 't ignore them and the blame everything you can for your problems. I have worked 7 days a week at several jobs to keep a house and the family fed during lean times when my construction career was on the rocks due to a bad economy. I know several grads who worked their way thru school and have a degree and no debt.

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