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Preventing Welfare Waste

State Budget Blocks EBT Card Withdrawals At Strip Clubs, Liquor Stores

April 21, 2014

Starting in May, welfare recipients will be stripped of their ability to use EBT cards for adult entertainment purposes....

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Apr-21-14 4:04 PM

I couldn't agree with you more Emelye. This is pure election year political posturing. A symbolic gesture to make it look like our "leaders" are doing something without actually accomplishing anything. But at least Goodell & Young got their pictures in the paper again. So, there's that.

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Apr-21-14 2:13 PM

Why do the folks getting this money not have to account for it? They should have receipts that have to be turned in each month or two months. If the receipts do not reflect reasonable expenses then "No soup for you!". I do not think you have to hound poor people to account for every penny but something needs to stop the bleeding. I see it all the time in various stores, kids without proper clothes and tattoed, smoking parents whipping out the card for junk food and garbage. The people that suffer the most are those that have lost jobs and end up in a bad situation. They are not the ones I am speaking of. Any of us could end needing assistance. It is the abuse that is ridiculous.

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Apr-21-14 1:25 PM

This prevents waste the same way the SAFE Act keeps us safe.

It's pure politics, pandering to the base in meaningless gestures, wasting time and resources that could be devoted to more important things.

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Apr-21-14 1:24 PM

lol, so now they can just walk down the street to the 7-11, get their cash and walk back to where they are "celebrating." lotta good that's gonna do.

Meanwhile, transgender people can still be legally thrown out of restaurants, stores and hotels while being denied jobs they are qualified for because of who they are since the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act (GENDA) is opposed by right wing senators, including Cathy Young and Andy Goodell. [snark] Thanks a whole lot, Andy & Cathy! [/snark]

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Apr-21-14 8:47 AM

won't happen, too many crooks with their grubby mitts in the cookie jar.

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Apr-21-14 8:06 AM

So what's to stop someone from getting cash somewhere else and then going to these establishments?

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Apr-21-14 8:06 AM

Typical Albany smoke and mirrors, Now they only have to make a cash withdrawl befor going to any of the aforementioned establishments.Welfare reform in NY is as phony as the national war on drugs.

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Apr-21-14 7:13 AM

I'm glad we have Young and Goodell who both seem to bring a healthy does of common sense in representing what is quickly becoming the employed minority in this State.

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Apr-21-14 6:57 AM

WELFARE : WASTE : JOKE.. . . . . . Cut it completely. GONE.

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