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Reed Is Destroying The Middle Class

March 12, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: In response to “Reed Makes Progress” (February 22): Contrary to popular belief, history has shown that in hard times increasing the minimum wage actually lowers the ......

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Mar-12-14 5:53 PM

yeah in bizarro world.

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Mar-12-14 5:50 PM

Good letter to the editor.

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Mar-12-14 4:01 PM

It's also been shown that if you don't cherry-pick certain time periods, that inflation and the minimum wage have kept pace with each other. The whole reason for raising the minimum wage is to hide the fact that Obama's policies are creating obstacles to good-paying jobs. Also, to distract those easily fooled to talk about something other than Obamacare and his other scandals.

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Mar-12-14 3:54 PM

Now we are all able to more clearly understand why Obama has spent more than a million dollars keeping his school records sealed. Probably failed spelling as well as geography (57 states). Dems called Bush dumb but even Bush had higher grades than the two buffoons (Gore and Kerry) the Dems ran against him. As for unemployment benefits, the state of North Carolina cut there benefits and not surprisingly their unemployment rate has greatly reduced. It's been proven over and over, even in different countries, that increasing unemployment benefits increases unemployment.

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Mar-12-14 3:48 PM

"Executives at Medicaid- funded not-for-profits in New York are hauling in massive salaries, with one raking in $2.8 million and 14 others topping a half-million, an explosive congressional report has found. And more than 100 other executives from Medicaid-funded agencies in New York are pulling in more than $200,000, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The report, titled Billions of Federal Tax Dollars Wasted Annually by New York’s Medicaid Program, called for a sweeping independent audit of the state’s bloated $54 billion in Medicaid spending, the nation’s highest."

nypost february '13.

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Mar-12-14 3:47 PM

"According to a federal mandate, each state must pass welfare reforms by February 2014 or lose a cut of federal funding. New York will be out $125 million if new rules aren’t passed."

nypost article last year.

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Mar-12-14 3:45 PM

This article sounds like something written by someone, or a relative, who will run against Reed. The real war on the middle-class is being waged by Obama and the Democratic Party. Five years is more than long enough for someone to create conditions for a good economy even if the conditions were worse than what Obama inherited. For example, Reagan inherited a much bigger mess from Carter than Obama did from Bush. Obamacare alone is trashing the middle-class. Hospitals are closing, penalties for employers hiring workers for more than 30 hours per week, Health insurance costs increasing by thousands per year with deductibles being doubled for most policies. And if we are fortunate enough to stop the Obamacare subsidy to insurance companies of up to a trillion dollars, the insurance companies will undoubtedly lay-off tens of thousands of employees due to less premiums and higher payouts. Shutting down dozens of power plants, greatly slowing energy production also destroys good jobs.

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Mar-12-14 3:32 PM

The middle class is sinking. Why is that? Perhaps because they have to pay out so much for all the welfare programs the Dems keep adding or increasing. Eventually the middle class says the*****with it and go on welfare themselves. Why not, when the total welfare benefits available approach what many workers are earning. Remember, the only money the government has to handout to folks is YOURS.

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Mar-12-14 3:18 PM

Stick to the letter, gravelpit. The letter!

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Mar-12-14 2:56 PM

yeah thanks Regelski canada is about as homogeneous as my garage or that random junk drawer in my kitchen.

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Mar-12-14 2:49 PM

funny the author doesn't mention a guy that was claiming something about "shovel ready jobs."


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Mar-12-14 1:42 PM

You want more jobs?Start buying American made products.Spend your money here in the States rather than going overseas on vacation.Reeds doing a good job,we don't need anymore Liberals sinking us further in debt.(like Martha from Tompkins county would)

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Mar-12-14 1:18 PM

Class warfare is a reality already, carlaw. The 1% have been waging it on the rest of us since St Ronald took office. How do I know this? Look at the results, look at who's winning and who's losing in our society.

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Mar-12-14 1:08 PM

Class warfare is Obama's only hope.

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Mar-12-14 12:37 PM

Duckster: Norway might be homogeneous, but you are totally misinformed about Canada--Toronto, for example is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and what about Quebec wanting to secede based on language and culture? On another topic, Reed cites the story about "teach a man to fish" in public and onhis website, but a fisherman needs not only fishing holes (jobs) but fishing pole, bait, and a lot of other supportdenied by the captains of capitalism.The the single best predictor of school and college success (or success on the SAT/ACT exams) is the income of the student's family and the educational level of the parents! It's easy to blame people for not being able to life themselves by their own bootstraps. But Reed and Paul Ryan, following author Ayn Rand, think in terms of selfishness and anti-altruism. The latter need not mean charity, only a helping hand. Reed's Tearepublicanism is an insult to the 47%--you!.

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Mar-12-14 12:20 PM

Seadog, are you reeally that bad at reading comprehension? I wrote, ". . . the blame for that shrinkage can be laid directly at the feet of anti-worker, pro-corporate policies . . ."

That's "policies" not "Reed."

Why do you keep misinterpreting and misunderstanding what people write, Seadog? Do you do this on purpose?

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Mar-12-14 12:13 PM

as an avowed and unapologetic leftist/socialist I am conflicted here. Seadog is is foolish and juvinile to blame any one individual. Look a little deeper and one will find the problem isn't even between two ideologies/ political parties. The problem is structural. For example, in a country like Cnada or Norway..there is a basic homogenous population where consensus building is fairly easy. In our current diverse America it is almost impossible. Think about it.

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Mar-12-14 11:36 AM

High paying jobs wouldn't be enough to motivate The new breed of New Yorker. Benefits are high enough so that many would never be motivated to take a job. This idea works in many states: you are not able to receive benefits until you have an an income that is 135% above the poverty level. You keep all benefits until your income is 400% above the poverty level. If you are able bodied and won't work at any job I guess you move to NY state where you are welcomed so that the population drain isn't as obvious. New York Welcomes people of inability, drug addicts etc. to keep population up so That we can remain a blue state for the liberal politicians and elect liberal presidents. Isn't it great for the takers! Not so great for the givers.

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Mar-12-14 11:07 AM

Reed another in a long line of political, self-serving whackjobs that accomplish nothing but increase their own waistlines.

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Mar-12-14 11:06 AM

Fact: we are not breaking the budget on defense spending. When JFK was president, defense spending was about 41% of the Federal budget. In recent years it has only been 15-20%. Conservatives are not for being unkind to the poor. Again, if not for Obama’s leftist economic policies we would be seeing 5% growth and rising jobs and incomes for all. Government has grown too big, far beyond the scope that even people a generation ago imagined. We have a safety net and we should, but it has gone too far. Taxpayers are getting tired of more and more money thrown at these problems while more and more people become dependent longterm on the nanny state. The facts on food stamp spending in recent years are available from the Congressional Budget Office see *********** I did not misrepresent them.

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Mar-12-14 10:49 AM

Yea that's the way to do it...instead of bringing back decent paying jobs just raise the minimum wage. That'll fix every thing.

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Mar-12-14 10:03 AM

The Social Welfare System is the transit point for the diminishing Middle Class.Do the very simple math.Tremendous Subsidies to Cash bound monopolies are more than double the social expenditures.The cuts to the military resurfaced in an addition to an operational slush fund.REED is a shill for USA,Inc. and is master of the neutered brush off.The Republicans have the answer for the disaffected-"Quit being poor."If you lost your job,home,and equity after receiving a 'student loan' to learn only that there is NO JOB forth coming,you are cordially invited to go **** yourself.YOU ARE the problem.If you have no home-no job-no future,What do you need money for?Ask REED! He'll tell you! Quit being poor.

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Mar-12-14 9:51 AM

People can claim, against all credible evidence, that the middle class is in fine shape. Willful ignorance is a right, I suppose. That said, the facts remain: The middle class in our country is shrinking and the blame for that shrinkage can be laid directly at the feet of anti-worker, pro-corporate policies pushed through Congress by an ever more powerful plutocracy. Mr Reed is a tool of that plutocracy and needs to be sent home this November!

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Mar-12-14 9:47 AM

"Rep. Reed had a town hall meeting in Jamestown back in January, there was more protest by people about abuse of the social welfare system than anything else. I was there and witnessed it."

I was there too and was appalled by the low information/high dudgeon comments and questions from some of the people there. I especially liked (not) the lady who claimed that all recent serial killers were Democrats!

I was surprised though, to hear that Re Reed supported the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Mr Reeds excuse that evening for cutting SNAP was the old giving a fish instead of teaching how to fish story. I pointed out that knowing how to fish is worthless if there aren't enough fishing spots to go around. He and his right wing cronies have done practically nothing to promote job creation and higher wages in our country. An argument could easily be made that they have done the exact opposite!

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Mar-12-14 9:40 AM

Mr Stewart makes a lot of sense. The minimum wage flatline of the past decades has created a demographic of working poor people who, although they are employed, still need state and federal assistance in the form of SNAP to make ends meet, to feed their children. By keeping the minimum wage so low opponents of raising it are maintaining a system by which huge corporations are subsidized by our tax dollars. They save money by paying people a pittance and denying them health insurance and we, the taxpayers, make up for their greed with higher Medicaid, Medicare and SNAP costs.

Meanwhile, we waste tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars on fancy, high tech weapons and Constitutionally suspect surveillance systems and other military/industrial boondoggles. While a growing part of SNAP consists of military families!

The priorities in our country have been corrupted by arrogance and avarice. Our Congress represents the wealthy elite, not us. Get private money out of election

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