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Report Cards Tell You Very Little

March 11, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: Did your child bring home a school report card in early February? Did you mutter, “This is only a bunch of numbers....

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Mar-12-14 5:00 PM

author instead of writing a letter to the pj if you're that concerned schedule parent/teacher conferences & attend as often as possible. make phone calls. be proactive.

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Mar-12-14 9:20 AM

Lincoln, Don't get me wrong, I am not pro-religion and I am not anti-religion.

What I am is supporting the constitution regarding freedom of religion. Forcing Pray in school WAS wrong. The bible is only guidance to certain religions. "Only the fool says in his heart 'There is no God.'" This is your believe, not everyone's. Frankly, the pledge of allegiance needs to change. 1st, why are we pledging allegiance to a flag and not our country? 2nd, Again, forcing someone to say "one nation under god" is not a believe of all. Stop forcing and have open hearts!

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Mar-12-14 9:15 AM

www tncore org sites www Uploads Common_Core_Facts_History pdf

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Mar-12-14 9:14 AM

"STANDARDS Education “standards” define expectations for student learning by stating what students should know at the conclusion of a course of study. Standards have been adopted in states for decades and were adopted in all 50 states after No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was passed in 2001. The move to standards-based education was motivated by the belief that student performance could and should be raised and that specific goals needed to be established to drive improvement. It was also based on the belief that all children should have access to the opportunity to learn the content and skills required for employment and civic participation. Establishing standards offered educators support in developing and sharing curriculum and instructional best practices. Standards define learning expectations. Standards do not dictate curriculum (e.g., textbooks and reading lists) or prescribe a method of instruction. As states uniformly adopted learning standards, decisions about"

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Mar-12-14 12:24 AM

God and morals are always relevant to such a discussion. "Only the fool says in his heart 'There is no God.'" When my mother and her generation were in high school, the problems in the schools were chewing gum, running in the halls, and occasional fistfights. It doesn't take a genius to realize that things have greatly changed since prayer and Bible reading were banned in the 1960s. With each generation the curriculum gets more liberal. Now teachers have to be on guard against rapes and shootings. And I'm the crazy one?Also, the Common Core was not a product of the Bush Administration, per the Washington Post.

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Mar-11-14 8:52 PM

Deann Nelson is like that piece of tape you just can't off your finger. No matter how hard you try it will always be on 1 finger or another. Time for her to go on a permanent vacation. Long overdue. She likes to pop out of the woodwork every now. The yawns and eye rolls are the norm.

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Mar-11-14 12:10 PM

More babbling from lone

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Mar-11-14 11:32 AM

Harrison Burgeron.

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Mar-11-14 9:51 AM

Yes is all the teachers fault. Maybe you should get some facts before you go spouting insults. Talk to some teachers. Go to some board meetings. The teachers hands are tied with all this Common Core crap. They are allowed to voice their concerns via a website designed for teachers to communicate with the "Common Core gods" but I'm pretty sure their concerns fall on deaf ears. As I commented a few days ago on the article on the front page about common core, teachers have students 6hrs a day (30hrs a week) what happens the rest of the 138hrs a week is not up to the teacher. You are right about one thing, a lot of parents are "absent" and think they have no roll in their child's education. However, it is pretty sad that I can't help my 3rd grader with her math because they have to solve what seems like a simple problem three different ways and explain all the steps and the wording is ridiculous. For kids who have excelled in school to now be so frustra

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Mar-11-14 9:43 AM

Regarding CarLaw and Lincoln, How does Common Core apply to the "Liberal" theory?

Please correct me If I am wrong, but the new education system was created during the Bush administration.

I am not bashing bush or supporting extreme Liberals, but You/We should be accurate with our acknowledgement.

Also Lincoln, don't bring god and morals into the discussion.

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Mar-11-14 9:28 AM

Are you sure you are looking at a report card and not a summary or scoring for the state test?

I am happy with our schools reporting system. I would contact the school if you require additional information.

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Mar-11-14 9:05 AM

You are all correct. Todays students can not fail at their work. They don't keep score in sports events. No wonder the kids grow up and can't compete in the real world, they've never failed and had to work to get ahead.

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Mar-11-14 7:59 AM

report cards tell you how absent the parents are and how incompetent the teachers are.

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Mar-11-14 6:47 AM

We must dumb down Deann so we can all be equal. We have used our taxpayer funded schools to accommodate liberal social agendas for years and guess what? It doesn't work. We have classrooms that do not reflect reality or the world. Good letter Ms.Nelson!

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Mar-11-14 5:32 AM

Well, what do you expect from a system that tells a student that a numerical grade of 59 is passing! The old system of grading was just as weak because of Federal Money. Schools have passed rules like you cannot fail a child. If they turn in no work on an assignment they receive a 50 not a 0. What kind of message does this send to the student? That if I don't do what I am assigned to do in life, I will still receive some credit just for taking up room in the situation. Bad message and parents get angry when their child is failed and it is the teacher who gets blamed not the student! The only way to fix the problem is for all parties involved to work together to fix this broken system, and all parties must be held accountable not just the student.

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Mar-11-14 1:13 AM

Such report cards remind me of the poorly-designed rating scales that I've seen used in the workplace. They are deficient there, and even worse when used for grading kids in schools. The old 0-100 system does seem much better, but the arrogant education gurus always think they have a better mousetrap. The fact is, few people in our society seem more out of touch than school administrators (not to mention overpaid in most cases). Common Core seems to be the next stage of a growing cancer that threatens education in this country. If liberal approaches to education are so great, why have test scores fallen for decades? God, morals, and common sense have been removed, and insanity gradually has filled the vacuum. All the while, the emperor brags about all his new clothes. A friend of mine teaches in a public school and was told by superiors that he could not give a student an "F," even though that boy basically refused to do homework.

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