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Contentious Relationship

BPU, City Council Lacking Communication

March 10, 2014

A failure to communicate could be one reason behind the contentious relationship between the Jamestown City Council and the Board of Public Utilities....

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Mar-12-14 4:28 PM

Is that all you have Madman ? Name calling ?" PUTZ and Finork ? I have lost all respect for you, you brought nothing to this discussion except the Mayor can do "whatever" he wants to do. Its his City, well its NOT, its the people's City. In my opinion, the Mayor is making a bad decision and I am merely pointing them out.

When you can start having decent and intelligent conversations MM, come on back.

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Mar-12-14 4:16 PM

I don't what the heck you are talking about. It doesn't even sound like a real word. It must be a word polititians use. I do know the truth hurts. It really hurts don't it.

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Mar-12-14 3:26 PM

liarfred, old timers use to have a name for guys like you..they were called "finorks"...and fmd, referes use to use the term "putz" which I believe fits you perfectly. I am done wasting my time on losers like you. Have fun with your responses.

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Mar-12-14 1:22 PM

Just so you know mr. Madman (AKA Mr. Dejoy) when he left city council his predecessor had to deal with all kinds of complaints about him. He was never available and he didn't publish his phone number so people could call him. He also fell asleep at a finance committee meeting. Thats nice isn't it. He did nothing on the BPU board unless Sam the Sham told him whaT TO SAY. He was called a bobblehead. Hamister was interested in the hotel because of a tax foreclosure. Dejoy did nothing for this project. He did not provide on dime for the pub or lisciandros either. The gas station deal was done before he even knew about it. The board approved the loan. He has never lent a dime in his life. These are the facts. I do do my homework.

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Mar-12-14 10:50 AM

Whoa Watcher and Madman, The mayor is running ruff-shot over the City and is scrambling like a little child. Because he cannot balance his OWN budget without BPU cash flow. It’s been 49 years since the BPU fund was raided. Look at the BPU Board Meeting Minutes Dec 2013. They allocated the City $475K without even knowing what the BPU profits would be. That’s poor judgment and planning on their behalf. So, if the BPU does not turn a profit this year, then look out Citizens, Tax Hikes are coming. The Mayor and City Council need to look hard at waste in other City Departments and cut some fat. Also, Stop with the crap about running for Mayor and name calling, ect ect… I would have to take a severe pay cut if I were elected to that position.

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Mar-12-14 10:23 AM

Madman: it is hard for people like FMD1934 and Angry Fred to realize that the Mayor has the right to allocate some of the profits that the BPU generates.

The BPU is owned by the City of J-town and the Mayor needs to look at all of his revenue streams.

I would suggest that FMD and Angry Fred show up at the J-town council meetings and start thinking about running for Mayor in the next election, instead of spewing all of their hate on a web site

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Mar-12-14 10:17 AM

You are a typical liberal democrat madman. You hate the truth and can't stand it when your lies are exposed. Check the record. I am not wrong. You are a liar and you know it.

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Mar-12-14 7:23 AM

Just as I suspected liarfred or is it moron, you have a axe to grind with this guy so you must be a current or ex employee. Why don't you have the balls to confront Mr DeJoy yourself? Instead you hide behind these made up names and pretend to make comments on the article when instead you spew inaccurate comments aimed at Mr DeJoy or this mayor. You are pathetic and an embarrasment.

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Mar-11-14 7:27 PM

IF Dejoy is doing such a good job why does he not have enough balls to discipline his employee for driving his city car all over the place full of kids to ball games and then wrecking the car over in cattaraugus county on the way from his kids game. This cost the city 1000 bucks because of the deductable. Why wasn't the guy fired. If he was driving his car over there you know he was driving it everywhere for personal use. Lets hear your defense of this madman. You are an idiot.

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Mar-11-14 5:37 PM

Liarfred, where do you get your info. Do alittle research. NYS OAG announced the grant award in the PJ on 10/30/13. The Land Bank applied for grant and announced it in the PJ on 8/25/13. DeJoy started his job in Feb 2013 again as announced in the PJ. DeJoy is on the Land Board. As ususal, your facts do not add up. I question why I waste time trying to explain things to individuals with axes to grind, and closed minds. And try asking Lisciandro and Paternitti if these city officials have helpd them. And I notice you fail to mention how the city bond rating has improved. Of course I am sure the city council or the Mayor had nothing to do with that.

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Mar-11-14 11:55 AM

You should get your facts straight Mr. Madman. How appropriate your name is. Mr. Dejoy didn't secure the money to knock down 25 houses. The money came from the state attorney generals office before Dejoy was even given his job by Sam the Sham. Liscandros nor the Pub got no money from the City as you claim. Paternitis house was knocked down and all the work to get it done was by one of his building inspectors and he stopped by for a photo shoot. This man is like a trained monkey. What ever Sam tells him to say and do he does. He has no skills.

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Mar-11-14 9:24 AM

Get the crooked unions entirely out of gov't. Look how abama kisses **** with them.

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Mar-11-14 9:20 AM

Sure Madman, Have Larsen ask the Public Service Commission what they think about the City's Money Grab.

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Mar-11-14 7:52 AM

cont. assisted citizens (John Lisciandro - Pub, Joe Paternitti -home owner)with issues relating to business or resisdence, assisted new owner in establishing gas station downtown, former BPU board member, former city council member. What have you done for this city other than complain and name call? Try reading a paper, or attending city council meetings, or go on a website. You might learn something. And oh by the way, it was this mayor or appointed Zabrodsky, Pilliteri, and Rishell to the board.

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Mar-11-14 7:44 AM

fmd and taxpayerfred, why so angry? Did you not take your meds today? It is tough having a conversation with ignorance, but I will try. fmd, I know it is hard for you to comprehend so I will say this slowly..BPU is THE CITY OF JAMESTOWN. Who do you think is the owner of the BPU? You want to talk about spin. Go on the BPU website (bpu****) and read the board meeting minutes from 12/3/13 written by Fred Larson. There he cites NYS Constitution and General Municipal Law. Course why let facts come into play. As for taxpayerfred, you like to name call I see. Individuals do that when they have ax to grind with others. You want the city to find a new mayor? Have the stones, get the signatures, and run yourself. Course people like you just complain and never take action. And you mention Mr DeJoy name. Lets see, all he has done since he has been in this position short time is establish relationship with the Hamister Group for the Hotel, secured funding to knock down 25 delapitated homes

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Mar-10-14 3:04 PM

City Council members are on the BPU board to protect there cash cow. They have too much influence.

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Mar-10-14 2:04 PM

By their own words and admissions the BPU board members, who are also city council members, have concluded their positions create a conflict of interest. It is time to restructure the board to involve and have representation of the entire service area of BPU.

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Mar-10-14 11:52 AM

The truth if you read the history of Jamestown the power plant was built by the residence for the residence. Now politician and unions ran a muck they feel it's their electric. Give it back to the people mr. Mayor and make the electric for the people at their price not for prophet and greed!

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Mar-10-14 10:25 AM

Madman must be one of Sam the shams political hacks. Everything this guy does is great by you. It is time this city finds a new mayor and someone who can actually balance a budget without stealing it from the utility. The BPU is well run and this thief needs their profits to pay idiots like himself and Dejoy who are so inept at doing their jobs it is unbelievable.

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Mar-10-14 8:00 AM

Just my opinion, Madman you are Nuts. The BPU can only realize approx. $1.5 in revenue, not $3-5 million. The rest of the money is controlled by the Public Service Commission. Nice try on your spin though. So the City Council, ohhh I mean the BPU Board of Directors vote to take $475K, they are weakening the BPU's position to $ 1 million. I can possibly see an electric rate hike in the future.

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Mar-10-14 7:37 AM

Just my opinion, but I think Zabrodsky and Pilliteri are nuts. Profits for the BPU were between $3-5 million last year. How can these 2 with a straight face say that by the city taking a dividend of roughly 10% (from the entity owned by the city)will increase rates? To me, this is a ignorant statement. The financial statements of the BPU are healthy including the fund balance. They continue to replace and upgrade lines and equiptment as they should. This year profits will be even bigger due to the harsh winter. Sounds to me that Zabrodsky, is looking for a bonus. As for Pilliteri, who knows where he is coming from.

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