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Cuomo’s College-For-Inmates Proposal Is Not Unrealistic

March 9, 2014

Governor Cuomo announced this past week that he wants to fund college education for prison inmates....

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Mar-12-14 4:06 PM

so law abiding citizens work multiple jobs & take out second mortgages to put their kids through college & now inmates get it for free. yeah, this makes perfect sense. as somebody earlier pointed out, every place in america loves hiring convicted felons (sarcasm). with all the people currently outta work you'd have me believe that companies will hire a convicted felon with a degree from sing sing university over someone without criminal history?

you pay for it!

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Mar-12-14 8:46 AM

Thank you Capt. Johnson for an excellent letter. Your insights as a long experienced person who has truly been involved are much appreciated. Education is everything!

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Mar-12-14 7:21 AM

The writer is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

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Mar-10-14 9:32 PM

t98b2287- I agree that a convicted felon would still find it hard to get a job in NY however a non convicted felon can become governor of NY. Satire?

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Mar-10-14 1:32 AM

I know it is late to write here but the question I have is someone getting out of prison is a convicted felon right? Well a convicted felon it also 99% of the time not going to get a job. He can't sell cars can't hold a civil service job, And 99.9% of employers won't hire them because they are convicted felons. What kind of job will someone get? A convicted felon can't get a job for that reason alone. So now spend time and money to get them a education and give them hopes with BS promises to have them ripped away, then back to doing what they were doing to get money. UNLESS they pass a law that gives felons there rights back. can't work at Walmart because they sell guns and ammo. Also would you want them having your personal information. WOW where is Cuomo going with this? He should know about convicted felons and employers, a job application ask right on it if you are a convicted Felon or have been arrested. THINK of how the person will feel after being turned away.

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Mar-10-14 1:10 AM

The author claims "our policies have unfairly targeted minorities and people of color" and complains we haven't given "better educational opportunities for our minorities in the inner cities." This letter is unbelievable. If anything we have favored and given huge help to minorities. I know someone with nearly 40 yrs in NY law enforcement who would certainly differ with this article. And we have spent incredible sums of money on education in the cities for 45 years, and it just gets worse. Why? Because morals and individual responsibility are not being taught, and African American families have experienced a severe breakdown with a very high rate of out of wedlock births and absent fathers. But taxpayers need to pay still more? When are the American people going to wake up? Bringing back the death penalty would help. If people like what godless, gun-controlled, drug-doped Europe is doing so much, let them move there. I wish Obama and Cuomo would be the first to go.

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Mar-09-14 6:10 PM

The author states this country houses about 2.3million inmates annually at a cost of about 70 billion or 31k per inmate. Another article in today;s paper titled "Local lawmakers against Cuomo's degree plan" states that it costs about 60k annually to house an inmate in NY. The cost of the prison system in NY is already bloated in numerous ways on the taxpayer's dime and I'm tired of paying for others irresponsibility and bad behavior period.

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Mar-09-14 4:38 PM

Here's a thought. Let's bring back capital punishment. Going to prison today is like moving into a country club. If you get caught, so what? You are going to be taken care of by the liberal minded government and given a college education to boot. If the death deterrent was available, you wouldn't be seeing as much crime. Certainly no repeat offenders.

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Mar-09-14 12:20 PM

Lots of facts & history presented in this article, maybe not the facts some would like.

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Mar-09-14 11:39 AM


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Mar-09-14 9:51 AM

You have to face some facts with this proposal. First, how many inmates are even capable of a high school education much less college work. The vast majority of these inmates are going to care less about any of this. There might be one or two. How many gang bangers do you think have capabilities beyond basic primal instincts? Get real folks, this is a progressive ploy and it will have no meaningful effects on rehabilitation.

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Mar-09-14 9:02 AM

I had to read this twice to be sure I didn't miss a word.I hope the frat boys read it once.

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Mar-09-14 6:56 AM

Excellent points made, and by someone who's been there. Once you get over the initial shock, this is clearly a no-brainer issue.

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