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DREAM Act: Poor Use Of Public Money

March 5, 2014

DREAM is quite a misnomer for a law that opens state tuition assistance programs to students in the country illegally....

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Mar-10-14 12:07 PM

What do you call people who claim their race is better than other races? Racists. Does it matter what race they are? No. They are still racists. I can repeat this as many times as necessary.

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Mar-09-14 5:39 PM

gravel is that the poor in the black union?

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Mar-08-14 7:14 AM

Pit aren't you due for a march or meeting with Tavist Smiley or something?

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Mar-07-14 5:23 PM

Typical prog. Lay on the abuse button to get the comments shut down and leave no trail.

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Mar-07-14 2:15 PM

"doggie---I can't find that liberal handbook you posted."

Do you not know?

It's getting another revision. Time to change the rules again.

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Mar-06-14 8:08 PM

I have Alinsky here somewhere. Think I gave away Mao's little red book. Hitler's battle anyone?

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Mar-06-14 4:42 PM

HHS announces they expect 60 thousand UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN to enter the country in 2014. Up 815% from previously. Some immigration policy. All the time crying "the family" The family"!

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Mar-06-14 1:47 PM

I put up a comment with nothing written and I see that there are two disagrees, most likely from Donkeyboy and gravelspit. More proof that there are some who disagree to be disagreeable and will disagree over nothing.

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Mar-06-14 6:02 AM

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Mar-05-14 10:01 PM

The nightmare is back.

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Mar-05-14 7:46 PM

That truth is self evident pit.

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Mar-05-14 6:20 PM

When DeBlasio lets foreigners vote in the city, witness the third world we're rapidly becoming.

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Mar-05-14 6:12 PM

Let me see if I understand this. Andrew-the-Pius-Cuomo wants to give ILLEGAL alien children a free college education, bought and paid for by LEGAL American taxpaying citizens, who are struggling to pay for their own children's education or student loans as well as all the other costs of taking care of a family. Absolutely not. If the ILLEGALS want to go to college, let them take out a loan and pay it back like everyone else. All this "free stuff" give-away crap costs money that comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is we, the taxpayers. It must stop. Vote "the dumbest man every to be governor" out.

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Mar-05-14 5:52 PM

Now, now. Ya'll know pit witnessed discrimination in Texas. He was so traumatized, he'd support anything that penalized Anglos.

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Mar-05-14 2:43 PM

If they are going to give these funds to illegals, at least make them go to a community college for 2 years, to first see if they can survive in a higher learning environment. Second community college is way less expensive than a private college or university and the money will go further. Plus for the first 2 years most of the students will be taking lower level course and completing their liberal arts core (psychology, math,history, science)

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Mar-05-14 2:07 PM

New State Tax form needs a [x] box to check which states:I AM A PROUD PROGRESSIVE & I WILL PAY MY "FAIR SHARE" for this(enter giveaway name here)worthy program.Program cost divided by Proud Progressives="your fair share".

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Mar-05-14 11:05 AM

I forgot, is was an anchor baby with few motor skills that set up the credit default reality/bank scheme.. wtf

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Mar-05-14 11:04 AM

I opt for a brain drain and less workers paying into social security.. we really do not need more young people..oh wait...

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Mar-05-14 8:25 AM

California is already lost. The only thing left is for them to get bailed out by the feds when Anglos in Cali run out of money, or run out of the state.

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Mar-05-14 7:35 AM

Actions that "place the needs of groups of people who have made choices that place them at odds with the law ahead of the needs of honest, working taxpayers" do not fit my definition of "good-hearted." I give NO credence to moral pretensions of liberals. Radicals are intent on nothing but the destruction of civilization and liberals are delighted to sacrifice themselves and us to go along because they are mental and moral defectives.

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Mar-05-14 6:52 AM

Now we should all know why we have the 2nd amendment. It is time for the people of NY to assemble a militia to take the state back from a tyranical government. Even better, get off your lazy non vocal butt and vote Cuomo out of office.

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Mar-05-14 6:22 AM

It use to be said, " don't do the crime if you can't do the time. " Now you break the law you get a high priced college education at tax payers expense. Evan though most law abiding citizens can't give their children affordable college unless they save for it. Where is the common sense? You break the law you do the time not be rewarded.

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Mar-05-14 5:42 AM

Let the children stay. Send their parents home. Or let the parents take their children with them. American citizens get separated from their families every day when they get thrown in jail. Why feel so sorry for an alien?

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Mar-05-14 5:17 AM

This is just more money for those who absolutely don't deserve a penny. I guess we all need to lie and get everything free so we can sit on our butt and do nothing. This governor is a joke along with his ego.

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Mar-05-14 3:01 AM

More than 20% of the students in my school district are illegally getting an education at the expense of our own citizens' kids. Some of the mothers are quite vocally indignant whenever a school bond or levy gets voted down but foolishly continue to support the politicians who are responsible. The teachers accuse those who vote down these tax increases as being myopic and shortchanging the community's future. Yet, I have never seen them give up their great benefits, stop asking for generous wage increases nor offer to give up their early retirements in order to save money. Instead they're in bed with those pols causing this mess.

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