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Teresi Disagrees With Cuomo’s Tax Freeze Proposal

March 3, 2014

Local officials throughout the state disagree with how the governor wants to lower property taxes....

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Mar-03-14 4:30 PM

Sam should continue the process of merging the City and County police force. Have Joe run the entire county police force, and have them follow the county pay scale for officers. That would save a lot of money. I would love to see a spread sheet for Jamestown offices what they get paid know, and what they would get paid if they were county deputies. include benifits. the county is 25 and out with no health insurance. The City is 20 and out with health benifits. Do the math-

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Mar-03-14 2:54 PM

Something not much discussed here but the City shopuld explore privation such as street maintenance. I bet a private contractor could fill a pothole for half the cost. Sam is cozy with the unions so he'll never explore that. So taxes will ever go down.

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Mar-03-14 10:11 AM

Forget the long article and complicated rebate plan Sam early in the story hit on the problem. " We need to attack the problem on the expenditure side of the equation.' That is an amazing statement from a democrat but since we are ruled by NYC that will not happen until the state goes belly up!

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Mar-03-14 9:51 AM

This "tax freeze" "tax rebate" plan is all smoke and mirrors to make it look like something is being done. It will not bring any real relief to anyone. Stop the games. We need long term mandate reforms, state pension reforms and a total rethinking of the many anti-business regulations we have in this state.

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Mar-03-14 9:50 AM

Surprise surprise, Sam the sham doesn't want to stay within his budget. He doesn't want the city taxpayers to get a rebate check either. If you get one just send it in to Sam the sham. He already raided the BPU account and now he wants your personal rebate checks too. He should get control of his idiot Mr. Dejoy who obviously doesn't know what he is doing. He recently had a house torn down without following BPU regulations. The sewer pipes are still wide open and flowing and the house is covered up. Guess who is going to have to pay for this blunder by the greatest Development Director in the country. These are Sam the shams own words by the way. If he could get 1000 dollars back from one of his employess for wrecking a city car on the way to his kids ball game that money would help.

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Mar-03-14 8:55 AM

If you cut the taxes you don't have the money to spend so Teresi, Do it with less. There will be nothing but welfare people in Jamestown . Is that what you want. I can't afford my taxes now. And they keep going up. Come on pal . Look what your doing.

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Mar-03-14 8:48 AM

"Cut property taxes" are code words for property taxes are about to increase 50% or more over the next few years and that's INSANE!

If voters want to rein in government spending then we must take charge to do the following: *Eliminate all State & Federal local mandates *De-unionize government & school employees *Consolidate 20+ public schools systems into one

Term limits for every person in politics and eliminate pensions for those who "served" in public office.

How "fair" has America gotten when we expect our veterans to serve their country but allow every Senator or Congressman to vote themselves a paycheck for the rest of their lives?

America is reaping what we have sowed..lots of pigs in gov growing too many people unable to support themselves.

Businesses and jobs will downsize or move away because of over regulation and high property taxes.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result each tim

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Mar-03-14 8:28 AM

I'm not saying that I agree with any of this, but rather than spending to send out 8M checks, why not write one check to each municipality in the amount that they lowered their residents property taxes.

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Mar-03-14 7:37 AM

I do not unsderstand why it is so hard to decrease taxes, and so easy to increase them. The mayor is correct, this state spends way to much money, especially on welfare benefits. This is why people from other states as well as other countries move to NY, specifically Jamestown, because of welfare benefits. It has to stop.

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Mar-03-14 7:24 AM

corrupt, corrupt, corrupt

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Mar-03-14 6:53 AM

Good point what'srightisright but this discussion is a good start. It's up to the people now to let reps know where they stand.

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Mar-03-14 6:52 AM

So according to the article and our clown in charge the majority of mayors would prefer any tax savings for property owners be refunded in the form of state aid. Classic, thats the principals that have caused this state to become the number one mess it is.

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Mar-03-14 6:47 AM

Why doesn't the state talk about lowering income taxes, gas tax and other fees. They always blame the locals for their problems

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Mar-03-14 6:45 AM

Bravo Mayor Teresi! Thank you for calling it like you see it and using commons sense in representing the people no matter whose party's policy is called into question. The mayors of NY are right! This isn't political anymore it is a matter of life and death survival for most cities in NYS. We need substance not self serving politics and we need it now.

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Mar-03-14 6:45 AM

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Mar-03-14 6:42 AM

"The Jamestown mayor said the consensus feeling from mayors at the meeting would be to fund rebate money toward municipalities in state aid."

Everyone please re-read that quote again and let it sink in.

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Mar-03-14 12:52 AM

"There have been some good changes"

The only changes in the past 50 years have been consistently increasing taxes.

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