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Closer To Reality

Momentum Building For National Comedy Center

March 2, 2014

An experiential attraction, performance venue and center for the comedic arts that may attract more than 120,000 visitors annually is being planned for downtown Jamestown....

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Mar-05-14 2:35 PM

Now that we have put all this money into the train station could we actually use it as a mode of transportation? Could our political leaders speak to Amtrak and have them work up a schedule to send trains to use trains to connect to go to NYC, Pittsburgh etc.

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Mar-04-14 1:07 PM

"Funding for the project is expected to come from a private/public consortium made up of foundations; New York state and federal grants; local and regional governments and agencies; new market tax credits; corporate sponsorships; contributions from prominent members of the comedy industry; and contributions from the general public." Oh boy.... I see lots of tax dollars being spent on the joint. Let's change the street name from West 2nd Street to "Avenue of the White Elephants". This is a joke....a bad joke....

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Mar-02-14 9:58 PM

What a joke!

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Mar-02-14 8:53 PM

Good idea. Unique draw. Tough to atttact big numbers nationwide as Jamestown is not an easy travel destination.

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Mar-02-14 6:42 PM

Brilliant! As I've said before (post-journal dot com /page/content.detail/id/635353 dot html), don't listen to the naysayers.

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Mar-02-14 3:46 PM

Great work. Hats off to everyone involved in this project. Nice to see some people with vision for Jamestown. I'm excited!

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Mar-02-14 2:59 PM

"Or the crowds at the Ice Castle in Mayville? Or the snowmobilers" - mostly locals, a mere recirculation of dollars, not an influx of new dollars.

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Mar-02-14 2:53 PM

that's 328.767123 people a day pending it's open 365 days a year. Last winter I went to reg Lenna on a movie night, while waiting for the show to begin I was speaking with one of the folks behind the food/snack area. I said "it seems fairly slow how many people are here already?" He replid [with one hand across my heart and the other on the Holy Bible"..... "YOU"!!!!!!!!! They held the movie up for 20 minutes or so for the late comers, all rather wealthy looking people which gave me the itching to think they had enough influence to call ahead and have the movie start late because they were running late. I am 55 years old, if What agency of the "Top 5" are they using to come up with a campaign to create that sort of traffic. That's a fairly wide audience they're going to have to advertise to.... who's footing that bill

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Mar-02-14 1:56 PM

Am I understanding this correctly this facility is located behind the train station ?

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Mar-02-14 1:34 PM

How many year round family sustaining jobs would be created once this facility is open ?

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Mar-02-14 12:11 PM

The reaction from some people would give credence to the thought that there aren't enough people with a sense of humor in this town to support a comedy hall of fame. Fortunately, it seems those people are in the minority regarding this issue.

Parking and traffic will be a concern and I'm sure that the site planning will take all of that into consideration. A little more traffic would be a good thing for our downtown, I would say. There's room to the west of the train station for more development, don't forget.

All in all I'm pleased to hear about this project and wish it the greatest success!

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Mar-02-14 12:06 PM

Where have they built one in Los Angeles or elsewhere? The only National Comedy Center will be in Jamestown; and have you seen the people who visit Ellicottville in the winter? Or the crowds at the Ice Castle in Mayville? Or the snowmobilers who come by the droves? Not everyone is scared off by snow -- many love it; this adds yet another reason to visit our area

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Mar-02-14 10:53 AM

sirjohn, they come for Lucy. It can only go up from this point.

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Mar-02-14 10:43 AM

I foresee a traffic nightmare and a building that will be essentially unused for half the year. I mean, what kind of tourist would brave the kind of snow we get just to visit one of several "halls of fame" for the same thing, when they could go to Los Angeles or some other city where they already built one?

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Mar-02-14 10:30 AM

Great move for our community.Looks like the players have been working hard. So where are we going to park the tour buses, cars, (Boats?)and SUV's owned by the tax paying community that want to visit?

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Mar-02-14 9:50 AM

I think it's a great idea! Look at all the tourists that Lucy Museum has brought (not sure why), but hey anything will help our sad city.

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Mar-02-14 9:15 AM

Thank You to Mr. Benson and all involved. There truly is a long range Plan to revitalize Jamestown and the surrounding communities. Personally, I am excited to see the results after so many years on decline. All one needs to do is go to City of Jamestown web site and click on the Departments of Development and Parks and Recreation to see the plans that are visioned for our city and region.

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Mar-02-14 9:13 AM

build it they will come

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Mar-02-14 9:10 AM

At least Jamestown is not proposing a casino...yet.

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Mar-02-14 9:07 AM

It sounds excellent. The Cooperstown of Comedy really sells it. One thing though. Parking?

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Mar-02-14 9:00 AM

I think this project has great potential. As for the location, it will be in close proximity of two hotels, the train station, and the ice arena. Don't discount the Riverwalk, too. People can easily access Brooklyn Square restaurants from the buildings, via Riverwalk, when it's completed. If I owned Shawbucks, I'd be delighted!

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Mar-02-14 8:43 AM

Thank God for our Foundations. I don't think many people in this town appreciate (or notice) the major impact the direct funding of foundations such as Gebbie have had on our area. if we can get Oshei to contribute that is huge. What are all these "jobs" everyone thinks Jamestown is going to get? The Union drove the skilled jobs out in the 1970's and from what I see wandering our streets we have very little pool of workers with any skill sets at all...they can't even get out of their pajamas for heaven's sake. Bring it on and thanks to Tom and other volunteers trying to make something happen. Losers...maybe you can wash your pajamas for BINGO tonight - it's that time of the month you know.

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Mar-02-14 7:42 AM

needed: tax-free new business incentives.???

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Mar-02-14 7:21 AM

The city tax payers are paying for this failure? Tax hike coming next so a couple buddies that can't make it anywhere else have their fantasy at publics expense. We see how much it cost to keep the ice arena open and how much money that brings in. Looks empty eighty percent of time. These people had half a brain they would bring in real jobs to the city. More dead space. What a joke.

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Mar-02-14 7:04 AM

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."(Socrates) Wow. Thank God for visionaries like Mr. Benson and many others who focus on seeing what Jamestown could be and work hard to make these visions a reality. There is a renaissance happening in Jamestown; people need only come downtown to the summer festivals to feel it, and this project further fuels it. Too often we focus on what's wrong with our city -- and certainly we have our share of problems like any other -- but this project is an example of the great things happening here too. Capitalizing on being the birthplace of the world's Comedy Queen by building a national comedy center that celebrates the genre is brilliant and surely will help Jamestown, and our surrounding region, thrive in the years ahead. Good job Jamestown!

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