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Tiny Houses, Big Hearts

Shelter Effort Grows At Area Church

March 2, 2014

WESTFIELD — It’s stating the obvious to say that a small village church congregation can’t do anything about the frigid temperatures that terrorized the region this year....

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Mar-03-14 9:50 AM

Wow, what happened to my last comment. Where did it go? I get bashed then when I defend my right to speak, my comment gets deleted. I speak the truth as I see it. That is my right. How does that make me racist? I am not against any group of persons. I am a Christian (not Xtian). I just happen to love my Country and hate what is happening to it. I just also happen to not be afraid to speak out about it. CrazyCarl, you still haven't given me even one thing that imposter in the White House has done to improve our Country. Do you bash me because you cannot think of anything else? I am not into bashing certain people, just the rotten things they do, but I will defend my right to say the truth as I see it.

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Mar-03-14 8:35 AM

Really?? With the amount of my Tax dollars going to pay for Welfare for most of the population in Chaut. Co., most of these people get free housing anyhow. Of course they only pay rent on an apartment for about 2 or 3 months & then s crew the landlord out of 2 or 3 months rent, & keep the rent for OTHER things. I have 2 Apartments that I leave empty because it is cheaper than having to pay to get them out. If anyone is Homeless here it is because they have cheated so many Landlords that they have run out of Suckers to rent to them. I worked & did without a lot to buy my house, no one gave it to me. Now I leave it empty while the do Gooders build them brand new housing for these same people to destroy.

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Mar-03-14 7:41 AM

Open the church doors at night when it is cold. Our churches are becoming emptier by the minute. This is one reason why.

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Mar-02-14 8:51 PM

Goldenwoman, sorry I got you confused as a misguided Xtian that didn't know how to reach out to the homeless. But thanks for clarifying for us that you are really an outright RACIST.

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Mar-02-14 7:15 PM

Conservative1212 you might want to reach out and actually help a homeless person. Referring to them as drug addicts or dealers is stupidity that you have picked up from FOX news. It's really sad when a human can't even use their own brain to think with.

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Mar-02-14 5:19 PM

Crazy carl ,maybe you out to try listening to some real honest news and find out what is really going on in the world instead of being brainwashed by liberal liars.

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Mar-02-14 1:06 PM

My hat is off to St. Pete's!!!!! This is A GREAT idea!!!!! A warm, safe place to sleep at night is what many homeless are looking for. This is a true Christian "hand-up" for the Westfield Community!!!

Do Not listen to the nay-Sayers, and do all that YOU can to SOLVE problems. People need HELP!!!!!!!!

Any wealthy philanthropists out there????? Please give to this worthwhile project. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! With MUCH LOVE.....

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Mar-02-14 1:05 PM

This church certainly has its heart in the right place but I don't think that homeless people are looking for this type of structure to stay warm in WHEN IT IS -20 DEGREES. The SPCA advises us to make sure you don't leave your pets out at that temperature, I am sure a bunch of true Christians could find a much better way to reach out to those in need at -20 degrees. As for Conservative 1212 and Goldenwoman you both might want to lay off FOX news, their stupidity seems to be rubbing off.

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Mar-02-14 12:58 PM

We have so many condemned and other uninhabited buildings in Jamestown that could be cannabalized for materials to build small, emergency shelters. It's a shame we haven't found a good way to connect homeless people with people-less homes.

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Mar-02-14 11:23 AM

It is so easy to see possible negatives to any situation. How about for a change see the positive? This is a great idea. So what if it looks like a dog house on the outside. Do you honestly think that a homeless person in -20 degree weather will care? They just want to get out of the weather and stay warm for the night. With the way our country is going these days because of The UnAffordable Care Act, and other ridiculous policies of our government, any one of you could be in a position to need this tiny shelter. Put yourself in the mindset of the person who has no home and nowhere to go. It could so easily be you. I would love to see each community build at least 10 to 20 of these for the benefit of those unfortunate people who need them.

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Mar-02-14 9:50 AM

Well I wouldn't open the church. The next thing you know you have a church full of drug dealers and users. This is a good idea. One person fits in and it doesn't become a brothel or some other such thing. People today take advantage to a point of rediculous, Just look at welfare.

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Mar-02-14 9:34 AM

Seriously? When I first saw this picture I thought how nice... the church is making shelters for homeless pets. OPEN.THE.CHURCH.

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Mar-02-14 6:19 AM

Open the church doors and let them use church facilities. These look like dog houses. We are talking about people.

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