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Obama Sticks To His Priorities

February 24, 2014

Say one thing for President Barack Obama: When he sets priorities, he sticks to them. Take the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, which could help the U.....

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Mar-03-14 2:08 AM

Psycho- the Xl pipeline oil gets refined in this country. Seeing as how there are more than 5,000 different products derived from this refining, I would hope even you can realize we don't export most of them. Quit listening to Democratic strategists and educate yourself. Then again, you're probably comfortable with D.C. since we're currently stuck with the inmates running the asylum.

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Mar-02-14 8:15 AM

The president went to liberal colleges and followed a progressive/socialist path.

Romney learned how to run a business and ran a successful one turning bankrupt companies into profitable ones. He saved us a national embarrassment by taking over the floundering US Olympics construction and got it finished on time. He had the expertise to pull this country out of trouble.

We voted for the socialist. We got what we paid for.

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Mar-01-14 8:49 PM

Appropriate screen name.

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Mar-01-14 7:22 PM

Well…Sarah Palin went to 5 universities for one degree in basket weaving. She's smarter than a tea-bagger, but not quite as smart as Peter Griffin, maybe along the lines of a cabbage.

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Mar-01-14 3:35 PM

The article is about Obama and his actions. Did you miss that while celebrating a bunch of "firsts"? Any time you feel up to some honesty monkey, let me know.

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Feb-28-14 12:48 PM

This myopic community organizer thinks white kids raised with no Father, inner city dominated by people of color are still expected to get out and do well without help. Because well, you know, they're white. It's a white privilege thing. Uh-huh. Maybe it's a culture of color that holds the rest back? That's ignorant racism people. Two universities, and he didn't learn a thing.

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Feb-27-14 4:20 PM

Oh yeah...Trayvon Martin's parents were guests. Sure.

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Feb-27-14 4:02 PM

Right now Obama is on TV launching 200million dollars foe "my brother's keeper force" being "young men of color". Well, bro.....that's why I don't like you. You ain't my brother, and you're getting real heavy.

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Feb-26-14 7:16 PM

Wrong as it was, was it worth 3/4 of a million lives?

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Feb-25-14 5:33 AM

The oil from the proposed pipeline was never-ever intended for the USA. Where did you get the idea that it would help ease domestic oil needs. How many jobs were going to be created by this? Yeah, Obama's been creating jobs by the millions, and the few jobs created by this pipeline just won't matter for that statistic. Bush would have been happy with any job growth, bush ended up losing well over eight million jobs. Obama's had good job growth numbers, and the pipeline's jobs just won't matter, and the oil wasn't going to us anyhow.

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Feb-24-14 10:14 PM

James, if becoming a target were the case, why haven't "they" been targeting all those pipelines already in existence? If one were to rely on your logic, Obama should immediately cease all rail transport because of the potential environmental damage. I wonder just how long Warren Buffett would stay his buddy if Obama were to do so. This is just more nonsense by our government. Obama has presided over the expansion of the TSA's groping and intensive pat-downs of airport passengers in the name of safety. How many other countries do this? If it's so necessary, why don't I hear of other country's having planes blown out of the sky.

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Feb-24-14 5:43 PM

That oil is already being transported through the country BY RAIL. Much better to have it located in a single pipeline line where folks can prepare for any possible spill ahead of time. I'll start listening to you anti's when you start living like the Amish. I enjoy the comforts of modern living and will accept the possible drawbacks that accompany it.

It's much easier to advance a social agenda than take action to create good paying jobs, especially when you have no knowledge of how job creation is accomplished. Keep sending your kids to liberal arts colleges and see how fast you can ruin a country. .

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Feb-24-14 5:12 PM

Digger, the only "oil" we would see from this pipeline is that which is spilled.

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Feb-24-14 2:57 PM

Seadog, look up the tar sand they are proposing to send through this pipeline. It's not like anything else being piped anywhere in this country. And a whole billion dollars in stimulus money? The feds are printing 85 billion dollars a month to pump into the markets.

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Feb-24-14 2:08 PM

We need oil! We need oil! We need oil!

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Feb-24-14 2:01 PM

All those jobs are extremely temporary and the produce will be shipped to Asia who pays more than Americans. Foolish thought that it would bring down gas prices. It will make the oil barrons richer and more powerful. Dream on.

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Feb-24-14 1:11 PM

Tesoro Logistics pipeline, North Dakota, 1,000,000 barrels.

Exxon Mobile Mayflower pipeline, Arkansas, 5,000 to 7,000 barrels.

Enbridge Inc. Athabasca pipeline, Alberta, 1,400 barrels.

Exxon Mobile Silvertip pipeline, Yellowstone River, 1,500 barrels.

Enbridge Inc. 6B pipeline, Kalamazoo River, 19,500 barrels.

What? Me worry?

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Feb-24-14 12:15 PM

A comment from the Observer I read. Anyone think he may have a point? This would be a disaster that dwarfs the damage of 9/11 to the country.

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Feb-24-14 12:13 PM

Everyone that is pushing for this pipeline, I have one question. What happens when there is a break in the pipeline? Not if, WHEN. Ground water polluted by the nastiest sludge possible. Farms and livestock wiped out from lack of water. Are you ready to start buying your (now very expensive) drinking water by the pint? Is that really worth the few permanent jobs this thing will create? And the reason I say when is simple. There are enough wackos out there that would target the thing just to damage America. There is no way to secure this proposed pipeline from sabotage by an enemy.

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Feb-24-14 10:44 AM

There are already 14,000 miles of pipelines located within the XL Pipeline area. Seeing as how the XL would be comprised of the newest, most up-to-date technology, it would be the safest pipeline. Barack Obama will delay this pipeline as long as he can continue to squeeze out millions of dollars of political donations from environmental extremists. It should be quite apparent by now that Obama could care less when his policies hurt the middle-class. Only the most vision-impaired partisan would fail to see this by now. Then again, there are a few on this site who insist that Obama is so intelligent that he knows things that few of the rest of us are unable to grasp. After all, how many of us knew there were 57 states.

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Feb-24-14 10:31 AM


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Feb-24-14 9:02 AM


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Feb-24-14 9:01 AM

". . . even though the State Department says there are no environmental concerns."

And we know those guys are expert environmentalists, lol!

The people whose land that pipeline would go through have plenty concerns. The economic benefit of such a pipeline has been hugely exaggerated by the oil companies (which still receive billions in government subsidies thanks to our Republican House of Representatives) so they can manipulate political activities into providing an even greater amount of profit at our expense.

I remember how much the Alaska pipeline was touted to be a solution to our gas shortages and high prices. Then, after it was completed, we found out that almost all the oil piped through it was exported to Asia. The oil companies are rapacious mega corporations who have little care for our air, land and sea as long as they can add a few fractions of a percentage point onto their bottom line. I'm happy Mr Obama is preventing this pipeline from endangering our c

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Feb-24-14 8:49 AM

This Op-Ed should have been entitled: "Obama sticks to his priorities, whether they hurt the country or not"

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Feb-24-14 8:45 AM

Bizzaro World.

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