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SAFE Act Case Going To Trial

Jury Selection Begins Tuesday In County Court

February 23, 2014

MAYVILLE — Jury selection will begin Tuesday in the case of Benjamin Wassell, the first person in Chautauqua County charged under the controversial SAFE Act....

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Feb-28-14 4:01 PM

There is a lot of misinformation on this case, let's keep an opened mind. Perhaps, the most important thing to remember here is that The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is the acknowledgement of your Fundamental Human Right to possess the means to protect yourself and innocent others. In essence, it is your permit, your license, you need NO OTHER. BUT, if you let them, they will deny it to you FOR THEIR BENEFIT. Good people don't have to fear good people being armed.

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Feb-25-14 5:49 PM

GET OFF MY LAWN! Should be heeded. You know how crazy old white people are.

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Feb-25-14 7:26 AM

Get off of my cloud.agn , ur depressing. :(

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Feb-24-14 4:44 PM

No surprise that there are countless people ready to jump up and defend someone who would readily sell a weapon to a felon. Frightening, but no surprise. Sad.

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Feb-24-14 3:11 PM

so according to duckster even the cops are hayseeds & all hunters eat possum. any moment now duckster your small friend tattoo will make you aware of an incoming flight to your location. keep your eyes peeled.

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Feb-24-14 3:08 PM

agn, like andy, has no idea what an assault weapon is. sad & obvious.

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Feb-24-14 2:05 PM

Please come to the ANTI-NY SAFE ACT rally in Albany 4/1/14.A bus for Chautauqua County(SCOPE sponsored)will be leaving from the Dunkirk/Fredonia Plaza at 4:30AM-leave Albany at 3PM.Tickets can be bought on the SCOPE site or contact Bill Vacanti at 716-672-6210 Mon-Thur 9AM-5PM,Fri 9AM-4PM.Deluxe Bus(coffee&donuts too)for $40 a seat.

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Feb-24-14 1:06 PM

Duckster! What are you doing? You walked right into the gun nut circle j e rk. You know they all sit in these forums and play with each other for days and days after the sane and reasonable have left......

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Feb-24-14 9:00 AM

The possum is in the crock pot... now: off to Walmart for that doe in rut smelly stuff

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Feb-23-14 9:09 PM

my daughter keeps a one foot or so piece of steel pipe next to her bed, I simply love her

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Feb-23-14 7:58 PM

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...... I love it!

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Feb-23-14 7:18 PM

I promise not to use my piece to protect him and shatter his sense of righteousness.

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Feb-23-14 7:01 PM

You are correct. They think we live in some kind of heaven down here. We live with the bugs. Maybe in an "ironic twist" as he says he'll be looking back and saying "whew! boy was I ever wrong". Wish I would have had that Jake get me a concealed permit, target license, home/residential or business premise permit. Then again maybe in his fantasy world of us.... gun strokers, was that his term it may be too late for him.

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Feb-23-14 6:47 PM

Forget it Jake, they're reality is phony as they are. They can't grasp people like us. They think if you apologize, give everything and bend over, the world will be peaceful.

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Feb-23-14 6:39 PM

I've had to go to the Jewelry owners house because as soon as he drove into his residential driveway he and his son were attacked by clubs and fists. I never knew a mans head could swell to those proportions and not die. His poor innocent son, horrid, horrendously horrid to look at. They were physically unable to make it to my office, I went to their residence. They're probably still afraid everytime they pull into their driveway. I can tell you now that their packing heat, I got them their Concealed permits. I've dozens of these stories, dozens. Rapes, attacks, crazy people in the subway system. Take your rant, take your denigration's, I'd rather take my aim.

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Feb-23-14 6:26 PM

I have personally represented/assisted hundreds of people in the Greater Metropolitan New York City Area, Long Island [Nassau & Suffolk Counties], Westchester County and a couple other counties north of there with smaller populations which really didn't need my help except for appealing rejections. If you want to argue, argue!!! I'll debate you, I don't feel the need to argue or denigrate or rant. There are a lot of safer people out there because of me and many who just enjoy the hobby.

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Feb-23-14 6:22 PM

"Oh Jake..... Cars, guns, hammers? Really? Come up with an original argument you dullard!"

I gave an argument....

AntiGunNut all you've given in this whole thread is this......

"Maybe, in an ironic twist, they'll convict him and send him to the firing squad. Hey gun nuts: go back to stroking your barrels. Return to your little fantasy of being a commando in black ops."

That's one heck of an argument you posted. In fact it wasn't an argument, it was some sort of a rant slash denigration against gun enthusists, business owners, hunters, and people who just need to protect themselves whether it's because their targets of having valuables or notoriety such an actor/s, famous boxer and even a pastor who preached in the Bronx for a peaceful sane neighborhood for the children and people of his community. The Drug dealers made him a target of violence.

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Feb-23-14 4:38 PM

Oh Jake..... Cars, guns, hammers? Really? Come up with an original argument you dullard! BTW..... A high-horsepower car is still not a weapon designed to kill people in the battlefield. Hey gun nuts! Just be honest that you're ****** that you can't collect and trade your assault weapons any more. Stop splitting the fine hairs of the side issues. Your arguments are weak with or without them.

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Feb-23-14 4:35 PM

I like Scalia, but there's no cop beside me, and a thug around every corner some places I have to go. I don't go into Jamestown often because I feel naked w/o my piece. Yeah, I said thug. So sue me.

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Feb-23-14 4:32 PM

The government didn't give me the right to defend myself. They cannot defend me. They cannot give me what is already mine. My wife watching the news the other day saw the crowd in Kiev, and said "That's what we need." I'm proud of the lady.

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Feb-23-14 4:23 PM

In the words of progressive, liberal, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia:

In sum, we hold that the District’s ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment, as does its prohibition against rendering any lawful fire- arm in the home operable for the purpose of immediate self-defense. Assuming that Heller is not disqualified from the exercise of Second Amendment rights, the District must permit him to register his handgun and must issue him a license to carry it in the home.

Note: ...not the home.

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Feb-23-14 4:01 PM

Shermanman - 100% in accordance with your position. You go guy!

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Feb-23-14 4:00 PM

The clerk is wrong in stating that the public is welcome to a grand jury trial. Wanna bet! I served on a grand jury and one thing the drill into you is that when you walk into that room everything that goes on behind the closed doors in secret, top secret. Even the lawyers and witnesses do not know. All people except one witness at a time goes in before a grand jury, some witnesses are secretively brought in. I hope that when this goes to trial gun nuts protest in and outside the court and building and the streets of Mayville are clogged solid.

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Feb-23-14 3:51 PM

cont: legally, ie pass and ratify an amendment to the constitution. Of course everyone knows it never would, that's why libs and bleeding hearts do the end runs around the constitution through the courts. Man up and try to pass an amendment that takes away the 2nd and see how far you'll get.

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Feb-23-14 3:48 PM

The one thing/issue that everybody forgets is that Fed law trumps any and all state law. The 2nd amendment states "the right to bear arms shall not be infringed". Any, let me repeat myself and be extremely clear so libs and get it, ANY state law that prohibits, restricts, disallows or forbids a person the right to keep and bear arms is forbidden under fed law/constitution/2nd amendment. That includes pistol permits; because it prevents a person from owning a hand gun, gun registration, restricting size and shape of a gun, even how many bullets it can hold. Even felons, under the constitution are allowed to keep and bear arms. Just because a person commits a crime doesn't mean they should be forced to give up their right to self protection. I hope the defendant's lawyer goes after the legality of the law based upon the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. If a state or people do not like the constitutional right, the constitution allows the American people to change it

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