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Paying For Others’ Mistakes

February 21, 2014

To the Readers’ Forum: Well! No one else will respond, so it will be my duty to bring reality to M. Russell’s column of several weeks ago....

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Mar-11-14 1:22 PM

As with penitentiaries (i.e., supposedly places to be penitent over your sins but breeding grounds for more crime), ideologues and holier-than-thou types always fail to notice the economic trade-offs. That getting prisoners and addicts into other ways of thinking and acting is in the best interests of the community, society and economics. Wake up, or pay your taxes to imprison them at great cost, or to pay (less money in taxes) to reintegrate them into society. In both cases, prison and drugs, our communities would be better off. Why is America, with 5% of the world's population overwhelmingly leading the world in the % of our population in our prisons? Is this economically feasible, or is it "feel good"--punish the jerk--ideology. I'm especially interested in the Christian's charitable response to this: What would Jesus do?


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Mar-01-14 9:42 AM

The taxpayer should not be responsible for paying the rehab costs of people that are addicted to illegal things, whatever those things may be. The family of that person needs to step up emotionally and financially to help their family member. Same with very young girls that become pregnant, parents of the boy and girl need to pick up the tab, not the taxpayer. If this were the case in both scenarios I bet families would be paying closer attention to what their family members are doing because the money would be coming from their own wallet.

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Feb-25-14 5:42 AM

formerjmstres is right on. Kids get lied to about the effects of weed, they see their so called "conservative" parents rail agains "drugs" while they drink and pop their oxycodone. Hey, this weed isn't so bad, I'll bet that cocaine isn't so bad either. Well…that's a*****of a step right there! Natural plants shouldn't be illegal, but any, and ANY synthesis of a plant, or any synthetic drug should have harsh penalties for supplying minors. But the treatment should be aligned towards the disease, not incarceration.

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Feb-24-14 11:37 PM

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Feb-23-14 6:02 PM

this is a direct result of prohibition when you lie to youngsters about the effects of cannibis and they try it and realize they have been lied to so they try the harder drugs as well but by then its to late and they get hooked. honest education is what is really needed

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Feb-23-14 1:01 PM

What Mr Thompson calls, "(t)he old cry baby liberal mantra that drug addiction is a 'disease' . . . " is based in science and empirical evidence. Credence's ludicrous charge that, "Liberals (the liberal "mind") says that ALL ill-behavior, sin, wrongdoings (whether civil or criminal), all moral decadence (habitual & otherwise, any WRONG relational, and whatsoever is missed herein.......are ALL DISEASES!" are demonstrably incorrect. Why do so many the "conservatives" rely on personal bias and outright lies to inform their opinions? Why do so many of them cling so tenaciously to discredited conspiracy theories, skewed rhetoric and histrionic rants propagated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck when some real research, with a willingness to learn and change based on facts would give them a better idea of what's really going on? Is the prospect of change really that frightening?

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Feb-23-14 12:18 PM

The idea that addiction is self inflicted is used to justify people's willingness to let other people suffer and die, as long as it isn't one of their own. It seems a kind of libertarian cop out.

Untrue things like that are easy to say and absolve us of any responsibility for our fellow human beings. Calling addiction a choice ignores the physical and psychological pain and suffering people are trying to relieve when they take drugs, legal or illegal, and it also ignores the fact that some people are much more susceptible to addiction than others by way of genetic and other physiological factors.

We have been treating addiction as a choice and have created a huge law enforcement apparatus to punish drug users. Has it worked? Are harmful drugs becoming harder to get? Is the number of addicts decreasing? No! It's not working and that points to the falsehood behind the attitude expressed in this letter.

Addiction and illicit drug use need to be dealt with as a medical issu

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Feb-22-14 11:43 AM

I have never been an addict, myself, but have quite a few friends and family members suffer with addiction of all different sorts. It's not funny. They don't want to be that way. They don't want to be living their life the way they are. I suggest those of you that are insensitive/uneducated on the subject, take a little time and research it, thoroughly. ..For those of you calling out obesity as an issue, it's a crap-food/lack of exercise issue more than anything. I have big friends that are perfectly healthy and I have very thin friends that are very unhealthy. It's about diet and lifestyle. Sometimes people just need a little help getting out of what they have gotten themselves into. How about taking a more positive approach and reaching out to these people to try and help them instead of judging them? Just a thought.

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Feb-21-14 1:13 PM

Good letter to make people think. We are all tired of the stupidity of healthy people taking drugs for a high, but not able to do anything about it. A sad empty state for our country.

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Feb-21-14 12:52 PM

nonfiction Feb-21-14 8:53 AM


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Feb-21-14 12:39 PM

What does it say about a society when such a high percentage of its population needs to be medicated with either legal/illegal drugs and or alcohol (a drug) to function???

It speaks volumes about how many are living am empty life and searching for some degree of peace!!!

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Feb-21-14 11:24 AM

Yes, troglodyte, that would most definitely be a disease. What would you call it? Stupid? Yes, as cigarette smoking is stupid but lung cancer is a disease. After classifying this person in whatever imprudent thought you may have, then what would you have society do with such a person?

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Feb-21-14 9:44 AM

Liberals (the liberal "mind") says that ALL ill-behavior, sin, wrongdoings (whether civil or criminal), all moral decadence (habitual & otherwise, any WRONG relational, and whatsoever is missed herein.......are ALL DISEASES! therefore there is NO recourse for them. You can qualify for social security pay if you just want to be a drunkard! Go fig.???

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Feb-21-14 9:41 AM

Most people do not understand the disease concept/medical model of drug addiction. Most likely because the disease is often self inflicted. Now that ****** and other drugs are bringing down white, affluent people there will soon be a sea change in attitude.. just saying

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Feb-21-14 8:53 AM


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Feb-21-14 8:53 AM

Obesity can cause type two diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. Obesity is a much bigger problem and cost us much more money than addiction ever will. Obesity is a choice as well, but we still call health problems that steam from that diseases.

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Feb-21-14 7:34 AM

And how does this make addiction a disease? If you knowingly take any poison and get sick, is your behavior a disease?

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Feb-21-14 6:26 AM

"so-called disease of ******, coke, crack, etc."

He shows his ignorance and lack of knowledge on the subject he writes about. Many are addicted to prescription pain killers, and others given to patients by doctors. Many resort to ****** after they cannot get a new prescription for their pain killers. I notice he didn't mention alcohol either...

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