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We Care About Our Veterans

February 20, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: On Feb. 5th, in the Washington Middle School Auditorium, the Jamestown School Board held a public forum on the potential veteran’s exemption from school taxe....

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Mar-11-14 1:09 PM

Despite the put-down tactics of the local trolls lurking anonymously to criticize anyone and everything without having to 'stand' up in person/name for their opinions, shouldn't some consideration be made for what is a 'veteran' ? Should someone who, e.g., enlisted to get a good education at some trade (a good idea) be accorded the same consideration as those who have been in combat? Economic libertarians fail to notice that the Armed Forces these days are the Free Education that is otherwise missing in American society. We support this on the theory that such training protects the US: but does it? And a 4 year stint should be rewarded with tax breaks? I think not.

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Mar-01-14 7:24 PM

He's braver than you. You are a coward.

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Feb-26-14 8:44 AM

You say that Obama is a coward. Really? I would think that standing up to every idiot conservative loudmouth shouting for physical harm to be directed at him, and his family would be the direct definition of bravery. I guess that you really have been too conditioned to practice cowardice yourself. This forum is so full of cowards that simple words have to be edited so as not to offend these "conservative" weenies.

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Feb-25-14 6:10 AM

Are you calling Ted Nugent and Dick Cheney liberals? As they had better things to do than join the service. You don't need to join the service, and not joining the service doesn't make one chicken. Many people join the service, not out of some patriotic duty, but because they didn't have a lot of options or mobility, or access to higher education. After they join, they sure are patriotic, and anybody that questions that is not patriotic. Well…that's part of the brain washing. Thank you, but you aren't some big martyr, I do respect those that sacrificed their lives for a cause, no matter if it was a World War or that lie over Iraq.

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Feb-23-14 1:47 PM

Or did a councilman name you?

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Feb-22-14 12:53 PM

sugarbritches, You aren't on the city council are you?

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Feb-22-14 1:51 AM

Who worked for the OIL Companies while in the Military?Why, that would be GW BUSH.

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Feb-21-14 12:08 PM

About 2 doz fire fighters and policemen get killed in a year. They spend 99% of their time not doing much. Plus they live with their families, and know they will not suddenly end up in a foreign country in the morning. That's no comparison to military service especially in war time; which has been constant for a very long time.

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Feb-21-14 9:44 AM

most of the vets I hang around with are not asking for any particular freebies or tax breaks... look...if u like breathing free air thank a vet

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Feb-20-14 6:32 PM

Thanks. This place draws out the loonies. Even the story on rapid response police training has shut down comments because there is absolutely nothing these gutless parasites won 't attack.

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Feb-20-14 6:28 PM

As an Army vet of 22 years and still serving, I must admit that some of the "Left" sided comments have no validity to this topic. I would also like to state that most of the negative comments to this article are most likely from people, that when you talk to them and they find out that you are a vet, they reply with, "Yeah, I wanted to join but I.... blah blah blah am a chicken." Keep in mind that if the military wasn't doing its job, then 9/11 would be happening all over the country. Terrorist would be roaming free to do as they please. So it's up to the military alone to protect the Constitution? Get off your fat ass, put down your Big Mac and shut off you TV and go to your congressman and make a stand. You are quick to put us down for what we are or are not doing, but what are you doing? NOT A*****THING!! I really don't care about a tax break, but get off YOUR high horse and do YOUR part as a FREE citizen but remember where that freedom came from. NOT

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Feb-20-14 6:03 PM

How dare you talk that way about our veterans! After all, some of them are homosexuals! You vile hateful people!

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Feb-20-14 5:29 PM

6. "and now you want another tax lean to go on American citizens, even though you haven;t done anything since WW 2 to actually protect its citizens !" But I do not hear you complaining about illegals getting government bennies 7. "Get lost !"- I will fight for your right to be able to speak freely. Just go to some other countrys in the world and see what happens to you.

I am like USMCGunny, I did not serve my country to recieve a tax exemption.

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Feb-20-14 5:25 PM

SugarBritches I would like to know how you came about that "The Military is the nations largest Welfare case" ! 1. "The Military already gets, free education"- to sign up serve your country which includes being away from your family, 2. "Free health care for life"- I guess you have not seen that retires do have to pay copays and premium for their insurance, 3. "Cheap housing"- yes the housing is cheap and falling down; even the new stuff. , 4."home loans with good rates"- the rates are not any better then what everyone else gets with the same credit. , 5."Very good pensions and a job where they sat around and played Grab****99% of the time". Yes, the pensions are good, but how many of you complaining about them are willing to leave their families for months at a time. Move every couple of years, put your family's thru hardships. But the pensions are not as good as the police/firefighters in the state. (I am not complain

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Feb-20-14 5:01 PM

apparently sugar & bluedog both believe that bho singlehandedly killed obl himself. or maybe they believe that obl wasn't a threat to american citizens. lol.

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Feb-20-14 4:52 PM

served for 28 years so your kids didn't have to? that's a long time in the core just on the assumption your kids wouldn't have to serve because you put in 28 years. don't quite see how that's assurance of your assertion.

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Feb-20-14 4:50 PM

suggested reading....

internet search: New York State Exposed: How Medicaid impacts your taxes.

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Feb-20-14 4:48 PM

finally, a statement of accuracy. something that makes sense. thanks for a plausible explanation.

but in all seriousness something must be done about the escalating property tax issues in this county.

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Feb-20-14 4:40 PM

Feb-20-14 4:30 PM

this genius suggests that the military take over gov't. interesting. complete horsesh*t, but intriguing.

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Feb-20-14 4:32 PM

i'm sure the dissenters have done a great service to country & county. pillars of the community i can only imagine.

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Feb-20-14 4:32 PM

It is an interesting thought to keep in mind as school districts discuss exemptions from school taxes for veterans. There are three tiers available: those who saw active duty during a period of war, veterans who served in combat zones and individuals who have sustained service-related injuries. The first level would entail an exemption of 15 percent of assessed value not to exceed $12,000, the second entails up to 25 percent of assessed value not to exceed $8,000 and the final level allows up to 50 percent of a veterans disability rating not to exceed $40,000; making for a maximum exemption of 75 percent of assessed value not to exceed $60,000. Based on the 2013 tax rates, the exemption would cost Jamestown taxpayers who don't qualify between $11 and $23 more each year in taxes.

this is from the "in our opinion" article from today. nobody will pay zero property taxes. donkeys. most of you are complete donkeys.

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Feb-20-14 4:30 PM

& kudos to the scumbags disparaging our servicemen & women! we're all so very proud of you! donkeys!

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Feb-20-14 4:30 PM

wow it's fairly evident that people have multiple screennames on this website.

seriously PJ getchur shat together & remedy this issue! i recommend i.p. address resolution.

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Feb-20-14 4:14 PM

in true moronic fashion......

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Feb-20-14 12:54 PM

realamerican hahahahaha dtd.

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