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They Deserve Our Respect

February 15, 2014

To the Readers’ Forum: I hope that the boards of the Lakewood Library, Village and the LCDC were watching t he Super Bowl and all the commercials honoring and respecting our armed forces....

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Feb-17-14 11:09 PM

I just noticed my quote from one of our most famous Generals and a President has been deleted. Go figure. Must have been some coward or a traitor.

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Feb-17-14 11:07 AM

"Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth. Give a man a keyboard and a username and he will act like a complete dill hole"

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Feb-16-14 7:40 AM

Ahhh yes. This is what freedom is all about. So people like EchoDeus and Oelwyn can spew their hate behind a mask.

They are the ones who would NEVER voice their opinions here in a public forum in front of our veterans and heroes.

They favor oppression of people, they love anything by Mao, and their favorite color is yellow.

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Feb-15-14 4:27 PM

Should blind obedience deserve blind respect?"All gave some.Some gave all,";Some just grabbed what they could at the expense of others and float along demanding honor by association.Honor those that are already against the NEXT WAR.

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Feb-15-14 3:24 PM

By expressing an opinion you disagree with, I am assumed to be a criminal. A tax evader, a school shooter, and a thief.

In making these accusations, you have expressed that you disagree with my opinion. By YOUR logic, I must assume that you are a tax evader, a school shooter, and a thief simply because you disagree with me.

"I do not agree with your opinion, therefore you must be everything I dislike in the world."

You have no arguments because it's my opinion. It may be unpopular, but it can't be wrong. Left with nothing to stand on, you spin imagined character defects out of whole-cloth and use them to attack me personally.

…and you have the audacity to call ME crazy?

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Feb-15-14 1:08 PM

You people are amusing. You don't like my opinion, so you attack my character. You're so predictable that it isn't even a challenge.

I'm making a mockery of the lot of you, telling you exactly how I'm doing it, and watching you play right into it.

Keep it up and I'll have enough content to take the week off before it begins.

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Feb-15-14 12:50 PM

…yet somebody has such a pathetic life that they refresh this page to click a little button.

Keep this in mind: I'm making a lot of money off of you.

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Feb-15-14 12:41 PM

I'm sure you call yourself a Christian, too. Such honorable values.

You're a joke.

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Feb-15-14 12:34 PM

Keep posting. My friends laugh every time you prove me smarter than you.

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Feb-15-14 11:59 AM

The simple fact of the matter is that I have the right to express my opinion, but duckster does not have the right to threaten me. In fact, that's a crime.

I have notified the Post-Journal, and they have begun the process of preserving the evidence.

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Feb-15-14 8:06 AM

wow, things must be tough in Lakewood.

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