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Loss Of Services May Be Felt Locally

February 10, 2014

Assuming President Barack Obama means what he says — more than an idle concern, in view of his record for veracity — Americans are about to get a lot less for the tax dollars they send to Washingto....

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Feb-15-14 1:11 PM

A note on Obama's 'veracity'-Thurs FEB 13th-TED CRUZ to Mark Levin radio broadcast"It has become apparent to me the single thing REPUBLICAN politicians hate and fear the most,and that is when they are forced to tell the truth.It makes their heads explode.Did anyone know CRUZ and his mob are bent on 'destroying the REPUBLICAN PARTY in order to "save"it?Who knows what EVIL lurks in the hearts of men?TOM REED do!

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Feb-15-14 10:36 AM

Sonoma: Straight fact; Oct 16th 2012-BAIN CAPITAL closes profitable 'Sensata' of Freeport Illinois displacing workers and shipping machinery to CHINA while MITT smiles from the sidelines and hoses the dog crap off the roof of his station wagon.

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Feb-15-14 7:10 AM

Ignore the bait to avoid the trap.Express your opinion and move on.Some have more questions than answers.Ignorance is bliss.

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Feb-12-14 11:14 AM

It's an unfortunate fact in our country right now that yes, you can work hard in school and still fail to get any employment above the minimum wage, if at all. Closing your eyes to this fact just to justify a low opinion of people is nonsense.

I don't care how hard a person studied, I don;t think they are worth thousands of dollars per hour more than the lowest tier of workers. Are they worth more? Sure, but not that much more and not when it causes harm to the majority of our citizens by hindering their opportunities.

If Mr Obama inadvertently oversteps his bounds via executive order then the aggrieved parties always have the option to sue and have the questions settled in a court of law.

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Feb-12-14 6:56 AM

the minimum wage effects less than two percent of the populous and are meant for entry level positions not careers.

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Feb-11-14 11:21 AM

if we raise the minimum wage there are a lot of fast food franchise owners at risk of not getting that vacation home in Hilton Head Island... hmm

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Feb-11-14 10:15 AM

Before the minimum wage increase is put into effect, there needs to be four changes. 1st- Make a ruling that all Govt. contracts must go to American based companies, and be "Made In America" certified materials used only! 2nd- Anyone in a position of representation, that gives a public office/contract to a family member, be dismissed. 3rd- Take everyone that holds a public office to trial for each & every lie he/she has made/makes, with the middle class on the Jury(only the middle class).4th- All persons that are in the Govt. have got to seek medical attention at their cost or go to the Veterans Administration for medical help! In closing "IMPEACH THE CLOWN"..."IMPEACH THE CLOWN" That's my Opinion!

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Feb-11-14 9:14 AM

There are plenty educated-experienced-and very knowledgable people compelled to flip burgers,etc. An education is no assurance of success.If you don't owe a Bank $30k by the time you're 21-the education system has 'failed'.Try paying back your "loans" and living expenses @ $10.10 an hour.The BONUS comes when your TAX witholdings are confiscated until your "debt" is paid in 20 years or so.Scammed to death!

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Feb-10-14 3:35 PM

Monkey--so tweet CNN and NBC and tell them THUG means THUG!

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Feb-10-14 3:12 PM

Get your facts straight Oelwyn. Bain Capital took companies that were failing because of mismanagement and/or government regulations/taxes and turned them around. In some cases many employees lost their jobs but the alternative was going to be ALL employees would have lost them. Damming them for turning those bankrupt companies profitable is typical of someone with a liberal arts degree. They know nothing about business except how to throw up roadblocks and then steal the money the successful ones make through taxes.

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Feb-10-14 2:49 PM

Et Tu,Weather Channel?I'm happy I'm not 'deploring' Mitt Romney as POTUS .That doesn't mean I don't 'deplore' MITT for the way he treats his dog-or profitable businesses Bain Capital has butchered.Obama is merely the POTUS and doesn't influence CORPORATE POLICIES like MITTENS.Any "loss of services" warms the heart of a REPUBLICAN quicker than a wet wool suit.

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Feb-10-14 2:32 PM

"The current $7.25 minimum wage will be blasted into the stratosphere, to $10.10."

I almost spit out my lunch when I read this. If $10.10 is such a stratospheric wage then does the editor of the PJ make that much? Does the publisher? Would they actually try to live on such a "stratospheric" wage?

What's stratospheric, and egregiously unfair, is that CEO's and other corporate officers earn THOUSANDS of dollars more, per hour, than the $10.10 that Pres. Obama is instituting. Are they really worth that much? Are the people who do the hard work at the low end really worth that little?

This Congress, particularly the Republican House, have done next to nothing to govern in this country, have done next to nothing to actually solve the problems that working people face. If Mr Obama uses LEGAL means, such as executive orders (which every president uses - including Republican presidents), then at least he's doing what he can to do his job. Congress is not doing th

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Feb-10-14 1:24 PM

Punk will be the new "N word".

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Feb-10-14 12:59 PM

snp is the king of the trolls.

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Feb-10-14 11:14 AM

you cannot rationally explain the diseased mind of liberals.

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Feb-10-14 10:31 AM

Effect was twofold. The Weather Channel became another NBC voice supporting Barack Obama policies. Then it was "global warming" but after two global conferences were cancelled due to snow storms, it mutated into "climate change". The second effect was silencing the growing number of scientists publicly challenging the whole idea of man-made global warming. The Weather Channel, in February of 2009, had over 35,000 scientists sign a petition refuting Al Gore's claims. More than 8,000 of these scientists had doctorates in weather related fields. Another lie for Obama's record when he recently said "climate change" was settled science. It is not now nor has it ever been settled.

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Feb-10-14 10:20 AM

Oelwyn- why aren't you deploring Obama and friends' hypocrisy. Immediately after Obama made GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt his "czar" for job creation, Immelt closed a plant here in the U.S. and moved it to China. Why hasn't Obama criticized Immelt? The following year, GE made $14 billion and paid no taxes, unlike the oil and gas industry. Perhaps an explanation can be found in the fact Obama gave GE a loan of billions, then GE shuffled the money around its subsidiaries. Shortly thereafter, The Weather Channel was purchased, using some of those billions, and immediately became a shill for Obama's "green agenda". Effect was twofold. Cont.)

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Feb-10-14 9:58 AM

If management and unions didn't make so much, the min wage earner could make that dollar stretch a lot in a grocery store. Min wage doesn't have to cover a $100 phone or TV bill and A/C. If you want to claim you're poor, you should actually be poor. No booze, cigs, dope or tats.

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Feb-10-14 8:38 AM

How about part time cooks for programs like Meals on Wheels. This is only one program that will be affected.

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Feb-10-14 8:00 AM

Even the Republican leadership has acknowledged that this will only affect about 200,000 future low level workers and will have a minimal affect on the budget, if any. I seriously doubt we will feel anyting here, PJ.

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Feb-10-14 7:38 AM

imfedup: Do you mean the programs being gutted by profiteers a privatizers chipping away and deploying jobs to foreign entities that care nothing about public safety-accountability-environmental impacts or the well being of their workers?When the going gets rough-the rough form a Union.Do you mean 'SNAP" isn't cut enough yet to simulate a more 'powerful'earned dollar?

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Feb-10-14 5:35 AM

Doesn't this paper believe that any individual working full time should make a livable wage and not have to be subsidized by the Government, and your tax dollars, through programs already in place to assist low income individuals and families?

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