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Moving Busti Town Offices Would Be A Mistake

February 9, 2014

For years the historic area of the village of Lakewood has struggled to revive Chautauqua Avenue....

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Feb-21-14 1:29 AM

I wish Governor Cuomo or the legislature would pass down an executive order mandating that town and villages under 10000 need to merge schools and municipal services with the next neighboring town.

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Feb-12-14 11:14 AM

munch chomp slurp: man bites dog and it is a slow news day

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Feb-10-14 8:27 AM

Another fact to consider is that over the years the village has given lots of money to maintain the rec center. That surplus has grown to over $100,000.00. Now the town wants to abandon the rec. center and take that money and run and spend it on shiny new space, leaving the village with a eyesore hanger on summit avenue. Thank you very much Busti town board. Just go read the town strategic plan and see how's little village is mentioned. Town board is run by people who do not realize that almost 50% of the town voters are village residents and pay the lions share of property taxes on Fairmount and along lakefront. The tow officials are more concerned about run down farm owners and getting dirt roads paved for the Amish.

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Feb-09-14 9:53 PM

Not a jab SamW. I just don't understand why? If you want to buy the building and expand your business in the village what is stopping you.

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Feb-09-14 9:38 PM

lakeusknotsoniceus - consolidation would be a long term savings. The money that Busti intends to spend on there new building and remodel would be better spent on getting Busti and Lakewood under one roof. We have two governments for less than 10,000 residents. $500,000 (or more) may take 10 years (or more) to pay for itself, but then it is a savings from there out. Also, there are grants to assist governments that consolidate which would off set the costs. It is the logical choice.

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Feb-09-14 9:30 PM

Regulator, first you quote me with the notion that if a business could bring in tax revenue and jobs, you would love to hear about it. Now you post you don't understand what Busti has to do with my expanding in the village. I guess it's easy to post jabs and comments lacking facts when it’s anonymous. It’s clear you’re attacking my article and comments but no one else. MacKenzie made it clear why the Wilson Farm building is not an option, and Hardworkingman raised a very valid point that Busti can find space that is not prime business space. I’m invested in this community. I own a home here, started a business here, my wife and I are raising our kids here, and we are involved in non-profits that serve our community. That said, take my interests away and it’s still bad for Chautauqua Ave. If you want your posts to have validity then give a clear reason for Busti to move into that space, what your agenda is and who you are.

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Feb-09-14 9:26 PM

It's interesting that people who want consolidation in the name of saving money, don't have a problem with spending $500,000 (which I bet would be a very conservative number) to do it. Putting the town offices, the Rec center, the town court which has never been handicap accessible together is consolidation.

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Feb-09-14 7:46 PM

I guess I don't understand Sam. What does the Town have to do with you expanding your business in the village? About the last comments. Are you new to the area???

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Feb-09-14 6:14 PM

There is plenty of vacant land in the town of Busti that is not considered prime business location. Put the town building in a less desirable location.

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Feb-09-14 11:37 AM

Regulator, I am trying to move and expand a business to that location. I made it clear at the last Busti town meeting. And, I expect it to grow to 2 plus million within a couple of years, as well as create several full time jobs. The Busti town board seemed more interested in their own agenda over business growth. In regards to your last comment, I would love to hear about the power struggle and hidden agendas.

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Feb-09-14 9:18 AM

Mackenzie, you and I are on the same page more than you think. What I see here is an agenda and power struggle between a few people on both sides. I am trying to expose this for what it is and bring these people and their agendas out. Why do I believe this? More will come out later.

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Feb-09-14 8:55 AM

The "dissolutionists" won't like it.

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Feb-09-14 8:53 AM

Mr. Whitmore, your letter contains a lot of common sense and logic. Beware, the snipers will come out against you.

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Feb-09-14 8:49 AM

The main reason the Wilson Farms building is still vacant is that the rent is outrageously high and the owner's don't seem interested in selling the property. But, that is a worthwhile project for our village officials to pursue.

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Feb-09-14 8:34 AM

Does anyone see agenda here when a villager calls the Town of Busti a "threat" to their existance! The Town has a building on Chautauqua Ave. now. They want to sell it and move a couple doors down. Either way you have yet another vacant building nobody wants. Put your 2 million dollar business there, or better yet tear it down and move the clock over there.

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Feb-09-14 8:27 AM

"For example, a business generating $2 million a year in sales would generate $150,000 in sales tax revenue" Whoa Sam, If this is all lined up do tell, we would all like to hear it. If this was a dream you had, go back to bed it isn't happening. Look at the Wilson farms vacant building!

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