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Sale To VestraCare Is Good For County Home

February 9, 2014

Chautauqua County Home employees have spent years doing exemplary work in an oft-thankless job....

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Feb-13-14 6:45 PM get a clue. If you are on medicaid they can place you in a nursing home up to fifty miles away.

Wonderful way for spouses and family to be able to visit their loved one isnt it?

Really...most people get help paying for nursing home care. Whether it is through long term insurance (that runs out by the way), Va, Medicare or Medicaid. Cost to pay out of pocket...more than $100,000 a year.

How much will your taxes go down if they sell? How much would you taxes go up if the CC remains county operated? Have you even bothered to do the math?

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Feb-13-14 6:40 PM

and this is based on what?????

As the CGR report clearly states that the CC operates on a SURPLUS. Yes folks...a SURPLUS. The report goes on to state that we, the taxpayers, have been misled and the figures distorted.

Have you read the report that we paid $80,000 for? Or is this like the gas well that this County paid almost half a million dollars....$500,000....that sits there idle. No one cares. Just throw that money out the window, refuse to explain who authorized, why it is not connected, and just shrug your shoulders when asked about it. No one will care

Please name anything more important use of our tax dollars than caring for our most vulnerable fellow citizens in their time of need.

Putting a few dollars over the care of people in time of need....SHAMEFUL.

by the way...anyone think you will see one dime reduction in your taxes? If so I got a bridge to sell ya....

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Feb-09-14 9:03 PM

NotTelling is not telling their age. My guess is early teens. Adults know what nursing homes cost. All assets go to the home. Adults know this of course, so they plan ahead and pass on these assets, if any before they're in a home.

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Feb-09-14 6:36 PM

NotTelling: Your comment is a rambling uninformed drivel that shows that you don't have a clue about nursing homes in NYS. Every nursing home is an expensive 24 hour medical care facility. Whether it's a faith-based organization, a government-owned entity or a for-profit business, it will be very expensive to live there. It's a very common occurrence to see asset spend-downs for each and every resident in all facilities until they reach Medicaid eligibility. That's just how it works if you live long enough in a skilled facility. Go get some education on the subject before you write your misinformed statements next time.

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Feb-09-14 2:35 PM

If the county home is sold. There will have to be terms made in the sale. Such as no funding from the Tax moneys of any kind, town,county,state or federal! Everyone that can't afford to live in a home unable to take care of themselves, get a room in that building for what the Government declares justifiable without any other forms of payments expected! What are "YOU" going to do if/when you loose your job, get old, falling upon hard times and end up as a dependent of your children? Sleep on their couch begging for your diaper change? Or maybe go to the county home, so they can pay the cost and live on what is left after some business drains the pay checks, leaving your grand children to live dirt poor(with out the dirt to plant anything in). YOU could have a stroke in your sleep tonight, to never understand why... then you could be lucky enough to die, before everything you've worked for, is taken, leaving nothing your family! **** Face it each & everyone of us will Di

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Feb-09-14 12:08 PM

This latest move by CCH employees is an endeavor to stall the sale until the buyer goes away and purchases another nursing home. Then there will be no incentive to give up much of anything. Unwittingly, these employees are signing their own death warrant. The home can not survive under county ownership.

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Feb-09-14 11:31 AM

the sky is blue, it is cold outside and it would be a good idea to sell the home and stop losing 7 thousand a day.... genius!

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Feb-09-14 8:49 AM


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Feb-09-14 8:43 AM

A sugar-coated editorial.

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Feb-09-14 7:59 AM

it's great or the taxpayers.

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