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Smoking: More Must Be Done

February 6, 2014

New York has tried taxing cigarettes out of existence. That approach isn’t working very well....

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Feb-12-14 8:42 AM

"Smoking: more must be done" .... It's a case of the misplaced colon. "Smoking more: must be done"

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Feb-08-14 7:48 AM

So Mr. Whinney (with sarcasm) for your information I work I have insurance. My kids won't blow their heads off, very well educated and do own firearms. And we don't drink so I guess we won't be getting a DWI. You are saying ALL people who smoke don't have jobs, insurance can't afford health care. (OBESITY COST JUST AS MUCH IF NOT MORE) All people who own guns are going to blow their head off or someone elses. And ALL people who drink will drive drunk...That is so lame...And by the way I LOVE THE CASINO!!! My money, my time, and my CHOICE...

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Feb-07-14 11:55 PM

Doesn't make sense that we are so anti-smoking, but don't want to allow states to limit automobile emissions. We really need to be more consistent.

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Feb-07-14 7:35 PM

yeah brenda you're only allowed public funds when jwhiney says you're allowed!

that goes for everybody!

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Feb-07-14 7:07 PM

Brenda: I don't give a crap if you smoke, gamble, drink, or own guns, just don't come to the public trough for help when you can't pay for your chemo, your debts, your DWI or when one if your kids blows the head off his/her friend (or a stranger).

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Feb-07-14 3:30 PM

Personal choices..Let me see where this will go..The government is NOT ever going to ban cigarettes. TAXES. As a matter of fact the government SUBSIDIZES the big tobacco companies..Why not ban alcohol, fatty foods, gambling,ect...They are all personal choices and not good for you..And while we are at it, let try banning guns (they kill people) cars (they get into accidents, knives (they kill people and if your aren't careful could cut you)..Sound stupid...YUP..JUST LIKE ALL THIS HYPE ON SMOKING...DUH..We don't need anymore government to tell us how to live...And we don't need anymore of these "special interest" groups running around like they are doing something good "for our health"..Had enough already...

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Feb-07-14 11:08 AM

MacKenzie:Over at your house.

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Feb-07-14 3:24 AM

At least when someone gets done smoking a cigarette, they are the same person and have not altered their mind, behavior, personality, etc. It's an unhealthy habit, but if someone choses to smoke, leave them alone. It is legal. I'm sick of this nanny-state mentality that is also hypocritical! People can't smoke in public. If they chose to smoke in their personal space, let them be. BTW, where are we going to "allow" pot smoking when it gets legalized?

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Feb-06-14 7:31 PM

That's sheep calling the ewe a ram.

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Feb-06-14 1:55 PM

Didn't some place just outlaw smoking in the home?

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Feb-06-14 1:09 PM

Whoever wrote this article is naive as the paople who wrote the smoking laws! Im not a smoker but my wife is and that is her choice not yours, I wouldnt ask her to quit smoking anymore than she would ask me to give up my guns, So people please get over yourselves.. If you feel you should restrict peoples rights please move to Russia we dont want you here..

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Feb-06-14 12:45 PM

Rush just called the main stream media "Obama's First Responders" Hahaha!! So true. If they had done THEIR JOB, maybe the stupids who voted for him would have wised up!!!!!!!!!

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Feb-06-14 10:11 AM

the state is proposing a shoot on sight law against smoking outside your home

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Feb-06-14 8:45 AM

Those who can least afford it also spend their money on lottery tickets or at the casino. These poor also buy the least healthy foods. Does poverty breed ignorance, or does ignorance breed poverty? Any idea of how much revenue would be lost with no smoking? Not to mention some businesses that would go under without tobacco sales. But you want marijuana legalized? Do you think people won't inhale?

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Feb-06-14 8:38 AM

Now that Obamacare has kicked in, more people than ever will be smoking. After all, healthcare will be free.

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