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Two City Residents Charged With Weapons, Marijuana Possession

February 5, 2014

Two Jamestown residents face charges after the Jamestown Police Department, State Police CNET unit and Jamestown Police Department SWAT team executed a search warrant at 33 Linwood Ave. at 6 p.m....

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Feb-06-14 9:56 PM

This fine upstanding citizen, Wilfredo, that you all are defending,ambushed my grandson a year or so ago and beat him almost to death. Wilfredo was on his front porch with some friends and when my grandson walked by they jumped him and nearly killed him with a metal pipe. So as far as I am concerned, let the SOB rot in prison for the duration.

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Feb-06-14 8:56 AM

.32 s&W was puny. .32 Long colt, 32-20 was not so bad, but both obsolete and ammo available on line. The .32 ACP won't fir a revolver. .32 H&R mag is lethal. (we really are bored, aren't we?) I don't think this pair were gun enthusiasts. lol

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Feb-06-14 7:33 AM

32 caliber revolver is an antique and probably nearly impossible to find ammunition for. It was probably designed for black powder loads. possibley 32 s&w .32 acp is available and quite pricey but the pressure is to high for an antique revolver. Point being, there are alot of present day pellet guns that are more lethal.

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Feb-05-14 8:17 PM

This was a very small amount. It wasn't the big deal that it sounds like in the article! If it could be sold and taxed everyone would be better off: money for the state, no need to sneak around, and no JPD expenses!

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Feb-05-14 5:50 PM

Pretty easy to spot the users on this blog.

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Feb-05-14 4:39 PM

And where are the Tea Party Patriots who claim to stand up for the rights of ALL gun owners? Something tells me they are the ones agreeing with 1Diablo...

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Feb-05-14 3:49 PM

A .32 cal revolver? Yeah. This pair is big time. The gun is likely an antique. Any bets on how much time they get? Or if grass will be legal before they are convicted? Go for income tax evasion.

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Feb-05-14 3:23 PM

yo wilfredo, show me yo papers! execute at dawn.

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Feb-05-14 1:46 PM

Why in the Deity's holy name are JPD spending money investigating and arresting people with seven ounces of pot when people are dying from h e r oin/fentanyl shots??? What a waste!

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Feb-05-14 1:37 PM

.3968 LB. of pot and a pea shooter. Not worth going to prison for nor the tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of dollars taxpayers will spend on the investigation, warrant, raid, trial and incarceration.

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Feb-05-14 1:11 PM

180 grams? That's less than half of a pound. Great job trying to make it sound like a big bust by using small units of measure.

Why not inflate it further? Let's call it… 180,000mg of super-deadly pot. That's a big scary sounding number.

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Feb-05-14 12:47 PM

when release from jail (if you have a felony) the only corporation hiring is the drug industry..hmm

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Feb-05-14 11:47 AM

It is a shame all of these once nice neighborhoods harboring these loser type people. What rocks do these people crawl out from under? I give our police force alot of credit for this work. Now how about some of these judges start doing their jobs. And yes 50s, any benefits they receive should be stopped..FOREVER! When convicted of felony, your privledges to live off of the state should cease forever.

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Feb-05-14 11:40 AM

linwood ave = the new newland ave?

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Feb-05-14 10:55 AM

Don't forget to stop their unemployment compensation, or SSI. Whatever they've been officially living on while dealing.

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Feb-05-14 10:49 AM

m.j. arrests are a waste of time and money

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Feb-05-14 10:16 AM

what the heck is "hcarged" spell? and they call themselves professionals?

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Feb-05-14 9:42 AM

Good job J.P.D. taking dirt bags off street, thank you.

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