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County Officials Announce Forum To Tackle Opiate Abuse

February 5, 2014

MAYVILLE — County Executive Vince Horrigan will make good on his promise to address the local heroin epidemic....

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Feb-10-14 10:56 PM

It's awesome that Mr Horrigan is holding this forum & is asking everyone from law enforcement to CASAC to mental health depts. & even families to attend. I TRULY hope & pray that people from all of these areas attend to help brainstorm & come up w/ ideas to help the sick & suffering addicts in our area. I also pray that this isn't all just talk, just to make Mr Horrigan look good right outta the gate. Just 1 problem tho. I noticed no one from the Narcotics Anonymous community was invited(or rather asked) to attend. Perhaps they may have some ideas as well?? It's definitely worth a shot.

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Feb-05-14 9:22 PM

Just legalize marijuana - that will help. Oh, wait, Cuomo already thought of that.

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Feb-05-14 8:19 PM

Just so people who are in pain are not made to jump through hoops to get the medication they need. That is often the result of these task forces. They can't make any real progress, so all they do is make things harder for people with legitimate needs.

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Feb-05-14 6:22 PM

It is cold and harsh here, let's keep it that way.

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Feb-05-14 1:05 PM

I hope the MHA of Chautauqua County will be involved in this forum. People who work on the front lines should absolutely be involved.

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Feb-05-14 1:04 PM

"Tomorrow they will remain unfilled because public welfare pays as good or better and people choose not to work. "

What a completely uninformed thing to say. Have you looked at what TANF really pays people before posting this or are you just relying on some prejudicial assumption pushed by those who would like nothing better than for a great many poor people to be thrown out into the streets to suffer and die? Even so, if the jobs really do pay little more than TANF, then is it the fault of the poor people who make decisions in their best economic interest or is it the fault of the greedy business owners who pay as little as they can get away with?

Being poor, even if you;re one of the working poor, is very stressful. Excessive stress often causes a number of painful symptoms, both physical and psychological. People then do what they can to ease the pain, if only for a little while. THAT is where addictions start - from people who are just trying to hurt a little less

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Feb-05-14 10:13 AM

What does welfare have to do with the drug problem or addiction in Jamestown? This problem does not know any economic, educational, social, religious, racial, or gender restrictions. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and not placed on one group of people. The biggest problem I have found in Jamestown is how prejudiced people are in this city, they always seem to be pointing a finger at the less fortunate in this city. It is sad very sad.

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Feb-05-14 9:15 AM

You fools below me are assuming that people who have jobs and work in this area aren't doing so to feed a crippling drug addiction. Welfare has nothing to do with this at all. From actors in Hollywood to bums on the street, addiction is real, so lay aside your prejudice to what you think you know about it. God forbid someone close to you is ever affected by this horrific disease.

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Feb-05-14 8:31 AM

Today there are over 100 jobs to be filled in the greater Jamestown area. Tomorrow they will remain unfilled because public welfare pays as good or better and people choose not to work.

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Feb-05-14 8:01 AM

The solution is stop welfare to send the thousands of unproductive/ undesirables back to N.Y.C. that have been brought here over last decade. stop building condos on second street. Make them work.

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Feb-05-14 6:24 AM

Welfare is an enabler. Jobs, work and economic development is key to helping people be productive.

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