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Lakewood Board, Police At Odds Over K-9 Grant

February 4, 2014

LAKEWOOD — The Lakewood Village Board has yet to make a decision about adding a K-9 unit to its police department....

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Feb-07-14 2:46 AM

This type of K-9 dog, like the others, will be able to assist in apprehension of the "bad guy", it will track people, which is a frequent request, it will assist in clearing buildings and residences that have been burglarized, looking for suspects. For these reasons alone, a K-9 is a worthwhile asset for the police department, community and other communities in the area. K-9's protect the lives of the K-9 handler, other officers and the public at large. Watching a K-9 do his/her job is impressive and a K-9 has an unique effect on people, they tend behave around the dog, not wanting to "tangle" with it.

As for you Emelye, having tax dollars fund a K-9 is much better than most of the tax wasting programs you support.

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Feb-05-14 1:15 PM

It amazes me when I see so many politicians being excoriated for spending too much taxpayer money and then when one questions the necessity of acquiring an expensive and new capability they get smeared all over the page. If the availability of qualified animals is a problem then wouldn't it be more cost effective to increase the staffing of existing K-9 units instead of establishing new ones? Let's not forget that the DHS grant comes out of our pockets as well as the local taxes that will be used to make up any difference that might appear in the future.

I think the mayor is right to question and counsel caution when an added expense is proposed.

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Feb-05-14 7:21 AM

Just do it! Over analyzing very simple common sense things for a community makes no sense.

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Feb-04-14 10:09 PM

Unbelievable. Can this Lakewood Village Board do anything that is not controversial? Maybe they need the new Merry Band of Rich Ones come into their meeting and settle this for them. And President Ms Nancy can tell them how to run a proper meeting and make motions as I heard she does at the Busti Board meetings.

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Feb-04-14 10:02 PM

Helives-please explain how a pouch will prevent a mall shooting.

Another expansion of the tax levy...

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Feb-04-14 8:29 PM

I think a K9 unit would be very beneficial to the area.One good drug bust would pay for the SUV, the dog, the dog food, and the salary for the K9 officer.I was a K9 handler and helped the PA and NY Police departments many times.Maybe private donations would help if the budget is tight.A K9 could save someones life as well as help catch criminals!!!

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Feb-04-14 7:54 PM

Not being that familiar with K-9 dogs cand bomb sniffing dogs do more than that? Can they track people? Also I read the village would receive $20,000 per year to maintain the unit but who will pay for the new SUV when the old one needs replaced?

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Feb-04-14 6:19 PM

K-9 unit, drone, tank, when will it stop? This is just a way to expand police budgets, first say its a free ...then you have pay once it is "needed". Funny because that is the same tactic drug dealers use to get people hooked. First one is free.

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Feb-04-14 2:45 PM

A K-9 is an asset in any police department. Most of the county's K-9's are not based in the south part of the county. Numerous times various police departments have requested a dog and NONE are available. Another K-9 would be a bonus.

A lot of requests for K-9's are for tracking individuals, which could be a criminal or a lost Alzheimer's patient or a lost child. What if it were someone you loved and time was a factor.

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Feb-04-14 1:45 PM

Whens a dog utilized for drunk driving? Also i do have thr facts...

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Feb-04-14 1:44 PM

Nope, no problems with law amazed, just tired of my taxes going up for this dept. Sure the dog is free now, but after the grants over our taxes will go up because the chief will cry that we need it..ya for all the big crime in Lakewood...the dog will sit in the truck and be useless...give it to a city that needs it....

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Feb-04-14 12:45 PM

I say "get the dog"!!!! What would the harm be to have a ready and available K-9 Unit for the Lakewood area?

You never know what situations could arise in which a K-9 Unit can assist. Are you folks "up on" the National News? Mall shootings are rampant !!!!! During the summer months many, many people drive drunk on Fairmount Ave. Crime is on the increase!! I AM SURE this Unit would be utilized for other criminal situations as well.

Get the DOG!!!!!

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Feb-04-14 12:21 PM

It's to bad people make comments about things when they don't have all the facts, sound like busti470 has had a little trouble with the law and is now a bitter person.

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Feb-04-14 8:54 AM

I do not think having a K-9 patrol in Lakewood is needed. The chief claims it is "inconvenient" to request another department's dog. Perhaps but when will these chiefs swallow their pride and share the services available. Quit spending money for convenience. Why can't the chiefs, sheriff, Troopers get together and stagger the shifts of the five K-9s in the county to make sure one is working. Also, how many personnel does the LBPD have? Are they really going to send an officer away six months to train him and the K-9?

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Feb-04-14 8:39 AM

So funny....Someone finely stepping up to the police chief of this village. What a joke, a k-9 unit, for what, traffic stops! That is all Lakewood does is write traffic tickets! If there is any investigations that need a dog the Sheriff or State will handle it, who wants Lakewood doing it, bumbling it with there 21 year old rookies who could not even handle an irate boon at Walmart. Chief is spoiled with all his new cars (personal too) and all the fancy toys the dept. does not need. Now that Busti has to pay more for this worthless Dept., now is the time to wind down his over spending and "give me this" attitude. A k-9 and SUV is not going to be free after this grant runs out and will be come a worthless spending venture like running 3 Lakewood units at night while Jamestown can only run 4 and sheriff the same. Time to retire this fool and consolidate the dept., oh wait too many rich lake owners to fight against that.

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Feb-04-14 1:09 AM

""First of all, do we actually need a K-9 unit?" asked Wordelmann" - BETTER YET DO WE NEED WORDELMANN? The most worthless Mayor Lakewood has ever Had.

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