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Obama’s Way Is Not The American Way

February 3, 2014

President Barack Obama could have saved some time in his State of the Union speech, summing up his attitude toward government with a simple hand gesture....

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Feb-09-14 5:38 PM

seadog: How un-American can you be. As a country, we are divided. It is quite polarized, and it has nothing to do with Obama. You knuckleheads have been doing nothing but shout out every reasonable solution to our country's problems. Maybe the division wouldn't be so severe if you idiots supported those ill-advised wars that uselessly killed 5000 in Iraq and 5000 in Afgani, what the*****were you idiots thinking? And to think you have no desire to track the no-bid contract money and find the profiteers and corruption, all the while it was spent off-budget/emergency appropriations. You want to know which party spent us to oblivion? The history has proven that it's the "conservatives" that led this country down that path.

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Feb-09-14 7:16 AM

Some of you should stop posting. You aren't getting anywhere. Obama completely crushed Mitt Romney in that landslide election, by over 100 electoral votes. In your little nirvana of Chautauqua county, you have enough misinformed people to get all worked up to vote "conservatives" into local offices, but deep down, you know the Obama has been great for America, maybe he won't be as great as Clinton, but at least he will be among the best. We know that you are all just butt hurt from the failures of bush bush reagan nixon ford. What a sorrowful lot.

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Feb-08-14 9:35 AM

The President of this country should NEVER comment on a court case. Especially when he is inserting racism into the case.

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Feb-08-14 9:34 AM

"Trayvon" was killed in self defense. But because he was black, the guy who defended himself and was found not guilty in court is still persecuted by you left wing racists.

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Feb-08-14 9:31 AM

O.J. is black. He got away with murder. Because his black high priced lawyer (and the original Kardashian) played the race card.

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Feb-06-14 1:29 AM

gravelspit- perhaps you could follow your own advice and get a life away from this blog. You certainly don't contribute much in the way of intelligently discussing things. Your one-note sing-song is getting boring. I think the P-J could perform a public service and give you your own little portion of this website where you could make an uninterrupted string of comments thus insuring against any disagrees because I doubt anyone would waste the time.

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Feb-05-14 10:08 PM

Gravel, My straightforward question received an indirect answer evasive answer. I'll ask it this way: Why should I believe your claim that Tom Reed's office will give a tparty response when you won't join me in calling his office together to verify your claim?

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Feb-05-14 7:30 PM

If I'm a weeble are monkey, psycho, sammie, howard, nonfiction, duckster, potato, et al also weebles for you pit?

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Feb-04-14 11:17 PM

Gravel, since you won't join me on a call to Congressman Reed's office together, how can I verify that your claim that he will just give you the tparty line is true?

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Feb-04-14 7:28 PM

Guaranteed if a vote was held today, the sheep would vote him back in. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Is there a DICK JOHNSON in control of some middle eastern country ? History will show BHO to be 1 of the major forces that was a downward spiral catalyst . It will be discussed forever more - schools - how in the*****did a rookie with 0 experience grab the brass ring and get the top spot in the land ? What in the*****was the USA thinking ? Pretty speeches, promises, climb aboard the 1 way train. AMERICA how could ya ? how could ya ? The USA will go down as history as 1 of the dumbest nations ever.

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Feb-04-14 4:13 PM

gravelspit- it was an analogy that SeaDog quite correctly qualified so that no reasonable person would have thought he was calling you a murderer. It's no different than someone equating Obama to Nero in that Obama fiddled the time away doing nothing while our economy was slowly being ruined just as the city of Rome was being ruined. It doesn't mean that Obama was sending Christians to the lions although Obama and Holder have persecuted the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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Feb-04-14 2:26 PM

Impeach the guy. Does this country need a guy in office to bring our lives into a position of having no Pride! If I wasn't (just)a lil-guy, surviving day to day life @ the pending idea of losing everything I have too the thieves, I've trusted (too rob me), in the past, I would step out and make a stand. Then looking back, all I can see, are the same thieves standing with those hired to protect the residents of this area, (town, county, state, country), proclaiming they have the right! ***********

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Feb-04-14 10:58 AM

gravelspit- I should note that your last reply referred to all of Obama's scandals as "baseless attacks". Try watching C-Span and C-Span2 when they have Congressional hearings on all of the aforementioned. People under oath testifying to the validity of all duly noted scandals and the Democrats constantly trying to minimize the damage but unable to refute them. As to your predictions about future elections, I'll make one of my own. If voter fraud is ever eliminated, the Dems won't win another Presidency until the socialists no longer run the Party.

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Feb-04-14 10:51 AM

gravelspit- if you truly believe everything you say, I wonder who helps you navigate the comics. You didn't rebut any of my claims about Obama but merely boast about how he got reelected. I'll say it again for your benefit as it will take multiple repetitions for you to answer the question. Tell me why all of Obama scandals are insignificant because even you can't deny their basis. Please answer in your own words, not the MSNBC/NBC stock replies.

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Feb-04-14 9:48 AM

Pity, have you done the math on the new federal minimum wage hike for federal contractors to $10.10/hour? At 40 hours per week, for 52 weeks, the total gross salary would be $21,008. That is STILL below the poverty line. So, the progressives and liberals argument that a minimum wage increase will lift people out of poverty just is not true. Minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage, it is primarily an entry level wage. Of course, under Obama's policies, with more part-time jobs than ever, more people are earning minimum wage because that is all businesses can afford to pay.

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Feb-04-14 9:37 AM

Those of you who still defend Obama are either blissfully and willfully ignorant or just plain stupid. If you like his policies and what he has done so far and his pathological lying and narcissistic personality, you are a detriment to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!

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Feb-04-14 9:32 AM

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Feb-04-14 9:21 AM

Dealing with Congress has been impossible due to the obstructionist ways of the *********s. Give me a break.

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Feb-04-14 2:35 AM

gravelspit- 27 comments and 11 of them are yours. Almost a monologue of ignorance. One good thing comes of your monotony though, it helps to illustrate how Obama got reelected after such a lousy first term. Tell me, do you believe, like Coppergoat, that Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, NSA and CFPB privacy invasions and the illegal wiretapping of reporters never happened. I suppose Obama has never lied about Obamacare either. I'm looking forward to your reasoned defense of all of the above.

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Feb-03-14 10:46 PM

So Gravel are you ready to make the call with me to Tom Reed's office to see if he responds with the Tparty line as you claimed you got in a previous post?

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Feb-03-14 4:37 PM

obama and read have held up any legislation that would have benefited the American people

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Feb-03-14 4:16 PM

I have never bashed one of our presidents before, but when I see the divisiveness in this country that our current president has achieved I can no longer be neutral. This is not about minimum pay. This is about poor against rich. He has also managed to keep the country divided with liberal against conservative, black against white, women against men, unhealthy against healthy, young against old and is working on civilian against our military. He does this even if it requires lying. He has decided that he is not going to be president of all the people, but remember he doesn't selectively lie. He lies to all of us.

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Feb-03-14 1:51 PM

When a conservative congress stops a progressive/socialist president from passing his socialist agenda they should be commended for doing their job. They are only considered dysfunctional by those who are on the far left and want Big government to control their lives.

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Feb-03-14 12:56 PM

The Congress DESERVE a nose thumbing from all of us, not just the President. They have worked continuously to deny the success of anything this administration has proposed in a cynical attempt to regain power, with absolutely no concern over who in our country gets hurt.

When the Republican leadership met during Mr Obama's inauguration to plan their divisively obstructionist strategies THEY were the ones who were violating the American ideal of a loyal opposition. They were the ones who decided to do as little as they could to fix problems and promote progress in order to make the president look bad.

Mr Obama's use of executive orders is legal, has been done before by all presidents before him, and is certainly not a violation of the "American Way" when you consider the almost criminal actions against him by a corrupt Congress.

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Feb-03-14 10:55 AM

enter the tards

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