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Lakewood, Busti May Have Missed Opportunity

February 2, 2014

Many town residents are concerned over a possible missed opportunity to bring together both the village of Lakewood and town of Busti offices under one roof....

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Feb-25-14 11:37 AM

But what about the name on a building? Some guy give land to build something 100 years ago and a dead mayor's name goes on the building so now that's sacred ground? Look once that land was given to the town...its the towns. If people vote for an elected official to carry out his fiduciary responsibility to increase taxes by expanding tax revenue decrease bad debt and stimulate downtown and the guy doing it gets harassed by individuals with a separate agenda ..then I say, WELL DONE SUPERVISOR, well done indeed.

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Feb-25-14 11:30 AM

This lacks all reasonable thought. To say that the Town and the Village should be in the SAME BUILDINGS would that not put BOTH fire departments IN LAKEWOOD?

Now if we eliminate Lakewood government then am I now not stuck with a fire department IN lakewood and not at my 5 Corners? My house could burn down before Lakewood even got there???

But I'd save money on my taxes right???

askwhy is*****bent on trying to convince people that only one governemnt is needed as it would reduce his taxes by just moving everyone into the same building that DOES NOT MEET CODE.

Again I say???????? askwhy would have you believe that putting compliance is easy, just put in a judges chambers, widen the alley and slop in an elevator, what the heck lets add 2 or 3 floors to the building while were at it..

And the notion of taking a building off of the tax roll that has been sitting empty for 15 years and adding buildings to the tax roll is a silly notion to him indeed.

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Feb-25-14 11:25 AM

First off let me say this, THE TOWN BUILDING IS ALREADY IN DOWNTOWN LAKEWOOD. Now that that's settled.

Secondly everyone is confused who reads this stuff. EVERYONE in Lakewood LIVES in the "TOWNSHIP" (you guys call it town when its not a "town" persay its a Township) of BUSTI

I will repeat that, Everyone in Lakewood Lives in the Town of Busti BUT everyone that lives in BUSTI does not live in Lakewood.

HOWEVER...the people that live in the TOWN OF BUSTI but not in LAKEWOOD receives MORE SERVICES with LESS TAXES.

Hun??? What???? Look if my house is on fire who puts it out? Lakewood fire department. IF I am living at the 5 corners I pay LESS TAXES and get LESS QUICK service cause I am farther away from Lakewood firedepartment...but I have my own fire department right there at the 5 corners. Therefore, I should not pay for the fire service cause they do not service me first??????????

Just bear with me....

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Feb-07-14 6:09 PM

If you don't see the humor in your post, you're way to serious of a person for me to hang with LakewoodBusiness. As far as government trampling the will of the people, guess what? The vast majority of people in Busti could care less. This seems to be some sort of power struggle between a few people.

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Feb-07-14 8:03 AM

Regulator, I'm not sure what is funny about my comment, but thank you. Happy to entertain you. You're right, Busti can put their offices wherever they choose. Askwhy stated it best, why do we need so much government for so few people? There is nothing elitist about me or my argument against expanding government footprint. There is plenty of space in the Village Hall. Busti can make the move to the 12,000SF Tordella building without a vote or public input, and they planned to until some residents spoke up. If anything should be labeled elitist, it's a government trampling forward against the will of those it is supposed to represent.

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Feb-05-14 9:26 PM

LakewoodBusiness really cracks me up. Last I checked it's still a free Country. If the building is for sale, anybody can buy it. Just because you don't want them too, who are you? This is so typical lately of the pick and choose Lakewood elite. The Town can buy, and put their office wherever they wish.

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Feb-05-14 7:02 PM

How about getting rid of layered government for all of 6000 people and 4000 housing units? There are high schools bigger than that, yet we have two levels of government for this tiny population. The fact that they cannot agree to something as simple sharing office space shows the the disfunction. Village voters ARE Busti Town voters. One and the same. When will Busti board members get that through their thick sculls? STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER AND GET SOMETHING DONE FOR YOUR PROPERTY TAX PAYERS!

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Feb-05-14 11:04 AM

Regulator and factsout, the old Tordella building has been vacant for less than two years; in part, because of the sale. The old Wilson Farm building is owned by Benderson, a large real estate company and is asking $6000 per month, triple net. The fact is, removing any property for government use along Chautauqua Ave kills any opportunity to see growth. That will guarantee we all continue to pay more in property tax. I think the article is simply proposing we consider other options.

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Feb-02-14 6:36 PM

I agree Regulator and the last time I checked the old Wilson Farm building was vacant so why can't the interested merchant move his business there?

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Feb-02-14 9:10 AM

That building has been vacant for a long time. I guess if the village is so concerned about it they should have been more proactive getting someone in there sooner. Now all of a sudden it's a big deal. Ha! That building would just sit there empty for years.

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