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Losing Benefits? Let Congressman Reed Know

January 26, 2014

To the Readers’ Forum: Do you know someone who is or has been unemployed? I do. You probably do too, since there are more than 7,700 unemployed adults in our county....

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Jan-26-14 4:52 AM

I would love to let the Congressman know how I feel. I will tell him to keep voting the way he is voting. Why is it governments responsibility to take care of the needy? If I remember correctly that is the Church's job, and private citizens. This all started during the Great Depression and has mushroomed into a mindset of the Government is responsible for me and my needs. NO, you are and the private sector beginning with family.I also understand many people will disagree with my view, but that is their right and I fully support it.

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Jan-26-14 6:20 AM

The unemployment rate has been steadily improving since Obama took office. We've almost recovered the, depending on how you count them, 8 to 11 million jobs lost from GWBush and the Republican policies.

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Jan-26-14 6:52 AM

Marchhare you are right! Is this letter unsigned? There is no signature at the end.

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Jan-26-14 7:16 AM

The Government manipulates the data to make themselves look better. Rather than quote the "recent" results of this figure fudging, look instead to the Labor Workforce Participation Rate. This is a number that politicians can't "adjust". It is the lowest since the Carter era of 35 years ago. A "real" unemployment figure would be closer to 15%. Our own Federal Government accounting figures show $300 Billion a year in duplication and waste and yet Nancy Pelosi, this week, said there is nothing that can be cut. Really? Dems signed off on these cuts with the last budget agreement. Before the ink is dry, they claim that benefits must be restored but refuse to offset with savings elsewhere. I applaud Rep. Reed for his voting record. If anyone is to blame, blame Dems for refusing to compromise, as usual.

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Jan-26-14 7:42 AM

Nancy Padak (P-J)-Tom REED is only interested in getting his name and mug in anybody's paper.Another plant from the "elite" Corporate welfare recipients in Coal and OIL and monster Agricultural and Pharmaceuticle industry.Save your 'form' letter responses from REED, and how concerned he is, for you own outdoor plumbing needs and you may feel 'vetted' as a constituent.He has already voted to shut down our GOVT. with a backdoor vote with the rest of his KOCH subsidized cronies.Next month will reveal once again his true agenda of shafting Women,the Poor and the unemployed.He hears his 'Masters Voice'."Losing Benefits?" He knows.He Cares. About "whats in your wallet?".

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Jan-26-14 8:05 AM

I plan on contacting Congressman Reed and saying Thank You for doing a great job. Maybe if those that are collecting unemployment and welfare would actually get off their lazy butts and look for jobs, NY wouldn't be in the financial situation it is. I have to get up at 04:30 every weekday to get ready for work, no matter what the weather is like. I'll bet those on welfare and unemployment don't even attempt to look for jobs during the cold weather because they would rather stay in bed until 12:00 in their 80 degree heated places. If we had more elected officials like Reed, maybe they would finally be forced to take jobs that don't provide $100,000 salaries, company cars, unlimited perks, ect.

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Jan-26-14 11:21 AM

yeah the employment rate has steadily improved under obama. just so long as you don't count the people not looking for work, as fedup correctly points out.

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Jan-26-14 11:23 AM

also, in case nobody was aware, 8-11 million jobs were lost during the recession. who's solely to blame? bush & republican policies!

your moniker is fitting clownshoes!

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Jan-26-14 11:26 AM

"No state spends more Medicaid money than New York — $54 billion a year."--nytimes.

nys spent 15+ bil on medicaid in 2012, around 30% of all state expenditures. the kaiser foundation projects that over the next 10 years, nys taxpayers will be on the hook for somewhere around 433 bil for medicaid.--nytimes.

"The Medicaid health insurance program will also see a 3.8 percent state aid increase.."--buffalo news. part of fuhrer cuomo's new budget proposal.

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Jan-26-14 1:40 PM

On his website, Congress man Reed repeats the old adage to excuse his lack of support for the poor: teach a man to fish, don't give him fish. What did Jesus do: He multiplied the fish and distributed them to the poor. And the key word is "distributed," since the major issue in the US today is the question of redistribution of wealth, with the 1%, who control all the money markets being favored by the Teapublicans for tax cuts!! That 1% has 'earned' (or cheated) its way to such power that they rule the US and the world. All in the name of profit--which is the defining principle of capitalism. Do you think your life is better due to capitalism? Do you have any idea of the differences that would influence your life in a social democracy (e.g., Scandinavia). Without such comparisons, keep you big mouths shut.

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Jan-26-14 1:57 PM

I find it so interesting how libs like Regelski loves to try to quote the Bible. It just shows you they don't ever read it. Jesus's miracle of feeding 5,000 then 4,000 had absolutely nothing to do with the poor let alone feeding them. He was preaching to them in the Judean countryside for three days. He had compassion on them and didn't want any of them to go and try to travel. He was concerned they would faint along the way. So he multiplied the fish to give them strength for their journey. Try reading the bible before you misquote it and trying to twist it to fit your lib ideas (many of which are contrary to God's word). As for the unemployment. I am one of those unemployed. Why? Because of lack of work. My employer ran out of work due to the poor economy (Under Obama not Bush by the way). I have sought a job but Chautauqua Co. just doesn't have any. You're safe though if you work for the gov or school.

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Jan-26-14 3:09 PM

Thanks Mr. Reed for realizing it is my money the government is spending and not your own. The Dems seem*****bent on taking money from taxpayers and passing it around. 26 weeks is enough time to find a job if you really want one and start looking on week one and not week 25.

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Jan-26-14 4:45 PM

Sonoma: I take it you haven't looked for aq job lately? I have been under employed for several years. Taking odd jobs here and there. I landed my current job 2 years ago and have been laid off three times due to lack of work. I am college educated, have extensive experience in most areas of construction. I have a cdl drivers license (due to current NYS dot regs I am going to lose it through no fault of my own), I feel that I can do most any job as long as I'm given a chance. As I said in my earlier post Chaut. Co just doesn't have the the jobs any more. Look at all the manufacturing jobs gone. Did you know that Jamestown had several car manufacturing plants? The jobs are gone. Sure you can go to work at various fast food joints around or several other low or min wage jobs. But they can't support a family. I will continue to be on unemployment simply because of Obama's economy. His health care plan is seriously jeopardizing this economy. Take a look at Wisconsin's economy under Brown.

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Jan-26-14 4:53 PM

He has turned that state's economy around due to fiscally sound policies. He is even cutting state income tax as well as property tax and giving a refund to the people. New York is a joke and our governor is hateful, irresponsible, gay loving, second amendment/constitution hating. In what other state can its governor tell his political enemies, God fearing people, constitutional loving, law abiding people to get out? Yup, NYS is the cream of the crop in these 50 states. We used to be a leader among the states, now they just laugh at us.

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Jan-26-14 5:11 PM

If no jobs are available for a person’s current skill set, then maybe it is time to learn a new job. If you still cannot find a job, then maybe it is time to move to another city, county, or state to find a job there. Why should the rest of us have to pay someone to wait for a job to come to them?

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Jan-26-14 5:49 PM

Jan-26-14 1:40 PM

referencing religion in regards to gov't isn't helping your stance lol. kinda goes without saying..

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Jan-26-14 5:53 PM

skf in falconer is hiring. mcdonald's is always hiring. burger king. once you drop your app off that's not the end. you have to be aggressive. call several times. heck even drop by the hr department from time to time. they don't just fall out of the sky. if you want a job that bad, you'll get it. if you don't wanna work, you won't. pretty remedial.

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Jan-26-14 6:02 PM

yeah armpit let's talk wisconsin. governor paul walker (we all remember him. stood up to public sector unions & the left immediately snapped up millions in kleenex stocks) took a projected 3.6 bil dollar deficit & turned it into a 177 mil dollar surplus. most factcheck websites reference the turnaround at about 3.77 bil. what's his next step you may be asking? cut property & income taxes.

kinda puts all that public sector whining & crying into perspective. doesn't it?

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Jan-26-14 6:04 PM

"I will continue to be on unemployment simply because of Obama's economy."

although i agree with the majority of what you posted this is an indicator that your spite is more important than your personal pride. i'd rather scrub a toilet than be on the public dole. & i can still be mad at obama.

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Jan-26-14 7:05 PM

proof positive that you won't be happy until we're all on the dole!

bah who am i kidding? like we didn't know!

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Jan-26-14 7:13 PM

he got excited by (what turned out to be a crank) phone call. if i gotta call under the auspices of fiscal wealth or beautiful naked women i'd get excited too. just as i'm sure if you gotta call under the auspices of income equality, poverty eradication, or reversing fossil fuel dependence, you'd get excited too.

so yeah, he got excited about money & got fooled. inhuman people like yourself cannot be swayed by unlimited fiscal abilities, right?

oh yeah, lest we forget, he's also the guy who took a huge projected fiscal shortfall left unto him by his democratic predecessor jim doyle & turned it into a surplus.

jeez what a jerk!

hey pit when the plane goes overhead does tattoo still alert you to its presence?

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Jan-26-14 9:14 PM

Larry, this is where u need to get an education. Unemployment is not welfare. Nor is it a government handout. I work and some of my pay role tax goes to unemployment. My employer also pays a portion of my unemployment. No tax payer monies are coming my way Larry. As for picking up and leaving I can't. My family is here, my wives family is here, my wife's job is here. My life is here. As for more education, now you are asking me to take gov handouts. Which is it, shall I take or shall I give Larry, you can't have it both ways dude. I see too that you support Gov Cuomo's philosophy; "why don't you just leave?" If all of us who were unemployed or were seeking a job did that the state population would drop in half. Gravel: I don't know if they r hiring, why don't you find out for me. Phil, see my post above for Larry, I'm not on the gov dole. I still hAV

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Jan-26-14 9:22 PM

I still have a job, I'm just currently unemployed receiving what I paid into the unemployment insurance. Get it? case I get laid off. That is why you people either need to get educated about life and these issues or quit posting here. Again, unemployment is not a gov handout. I and my employer paid into the unemployment insurance so that if I get laid off there is money there to pay my unemployment.

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Jan-26-14 9:29 PM

Unemployment runs out and the gov keeps extending it. How? Cuz they keep tapping into what others pay into it. That is why the American people need to tell gov to stop. When u are laid off there will be no more money. Gov needs to create an economic environment that will allow the private sector to grow and create the jobs. Gov needs to get out of the way. Get rid of Clinton's free trade agreement (NAFTA) and put tariffs on goods coming into this country. Private sector needs to be rebuilt and our heavy industry restarted here. Then drive down the cost of living (which is why min wage needs to be curtailed). Gov. needs to get out of our way and let the private sector grow and not hinder it with heavy regulations.

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Jan-27-14 4:47 AM

Anybody with a cdl that is not driving but wants a job has made the choice NOT to drive. Most of my career I have worked in or around Jamestown. But for a few years I had to drive over an hour to get to my job. Did i like it, no, but it was better than unemployment. Did it pay better than unemployment, not after I paid for gas. But there was a $20+ per hour job in a couple yrs? there was a future! unemployment has no future. I know a few drivers that had to go over the road after their local jobs closed. They did not like it,but it had a future and they kept there cdl while looking for another local job. It took me 3yrs to come back to town with out taking a cut in pay.

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