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Lakewood Vs. Busti?!

January 26, 2014

What started out as a quest to usher our village board into the 21st century in terms of planning for our future, has recently uncovered the gaping abyss that exists between the Village of Lakewood......

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Feb-05-14 11:32 AM

I don’t think any local tax payers expect our property taxes to go down, most of us are hoping to not see them go up. Chautauqua County is the 8th in property tax, which is not a ‘top ten’ list that we want to be on. The fact is, most residents want to see a thriving community, which if you look at ANY bustling community, local businesses are an essential part of that. To see revitalization, we need local business. The businesses along Chautauqua Ave are essentially all small, local, businesses. Duckster – Lakewood is not hideous, drive down Chautauqua Ave, it’s quite nice. However, to counter all of the chain stores and strip malls is by supporting local business, not just in words, but with your pocket book. Every dollar spent at a WallMart only .30 stays in our community, whereas every dollar spent at a local retailer .70 stays in our community.

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Jan-31-14 7:46 AM

Duckster, what about jobs and tax base? Or would you like to see Chautauqua die a slow death of an elderly population, run down farms crushed by high taxes, and young people with no hope, fleeing the area like most of upstate NY? Sounds like you are on the Town of Busti board and helped with the strategic plan.

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Jan-29-14 4:58 PM

lakewood and the surrounding area is already one hideous strip mall.. the very last thing we need are more stores

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Jan-27-14 9:22 PM

Mackenzie, explain how fair town policing is. Explain why we need two clerks and supporting staff, two buildings with each duplicated overhead costs. Explain how the pension potion of village budget went from 3% to 10% over last 4 years since vote to study dissolution last time. Just whose job are you trying to protect. It is the disinformation people like you and CSEA spread that make property taxes around here as high as they are. There is no hiding the mandated increase in employee pension contributions and cut back on actual services to tax payers. Explain how Town of Busti writes a long range strategic plan and barely mentions Village of Lakewood.

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Jan-27-14 8:34 PM

BTW, the village has no room to expand, but Busti does. I will be gathering the tax data from the town and I will put it on this post. I do not know who pays the lions share of taxes for the Town of Busti, but we will soon know.

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Jan-27-14 8:31 PM

Askwhy, why are you denegrating the Town board? Because they are not doing what you think they should. Why don't YOU run for one of the boards to get things done? You are a village resident and a "dissolution truther", believing, erroneously, may I add, that if the town and village merge, your tax bills will reduce significantly. You don't know that and either does anyone else, until a study is done.

There was a trial of merging town and village services of the had disastrous results.

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Jan-27-14 8:25 PM

For those of you who think that this consolidation is going to shave thousands of dollars off of your tax bills are delusional. The boards have, in the past, consolidated certains services and then agreed to share certain services. Why did they do this? Because it was a benefit to both the town and village residents. If putting both the town and village into the same building is beneficial, then I am sure that is what will occur. However, I will not start spending ALL the tax money I will save. It will be on the minimal side.

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Jan-27-14 6:59 AM

The Busti board is so out of touch with the village. Just read the strategic plan they wrote up. The village gets little more than a foot note, yet it makes up 50% of the population of the town and a majority of the commercial activity. The real question is why do we need two government bodies to represent @ 7K people or @ 4k housing units?

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Jan-26-14 2:22 PM

So the kids in Busti and Lakewood can go to school together at Southwestern, but the adults can't work together with these 2 town boards?

Can't they share office space and work to improve our communities to make them both better?

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Jan-26-14 1:44 PM

A scab is removed to drain the wound of any infection and only then the wound heals correctly. Discourse will clear the air and promote an agreeable and workable future for both sides and their constituents.

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Jan-26-14 10:44 AM

This vitriolic essay only deepens the abyss. Why the insistence on calling out Busti officials as the bad guys in all of this when it only serves to continue pumping the poison that causes the bad blood to flow? Regardless of who is at fault, we need to build bridges, not keep making the gap wider. The town and village would have been much better served by an appeal to reason than indulging in this somewhat holier-than-thou sounding tirade.

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