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Young Responds Favorably To Cuomo’s Budget Proposals

January 22, 2014

ALBANY — State Sen. Catharine Young responded favorably to Gov....

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Jan-24-14 7:41 AM

also, i never asked about stocks. i made an assertion. maybe a remedial english comprehension class might prove useful...

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Jan-24-14 7:40 AM

great retort! astounding multitude of factual information coupled with an astute library of opinion.

cheers again!

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Jan-24-14 7:17 AM

ok phil, you have now gone from funny to moron. Congratulations. And by the way, I own more stock than probably you can count, but thanks for asking.

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Jan-24-14 12:16 AM

i assume you're not a homeowner or stockholder either as it's apparent you're unaware of 'ole hudy cuomo's role in the housing market collapse.

cheers dingus!

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Jan-23-14 11:55 PM

lol ok sadman the fact remains that when he cut education a few years back did you voice your disagreement?

i bet if he cut entitlements or limited abortion rights in a midnight oil, closed door session you'd be whistling a different tune.

he's raising medicaid 3.8%. didn't read you posting about that. typical.

i mean c'mon lol.

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Jan-23-14 7:59 AM

phil, you are funny...not to bright, but funny. No one has "anointed" him. Whether you like him or not, dem or rep, there has to be some things in this budget that will benefit everyone (dem or rep). But people like you concentrate on 1 thing you dislike, and ignore the good things. I could care less if he runs for president in 2016 or 2020 or ever. I deal in the present, not the past, not the future. Unlike yourself who brings up "what did he do a few years ago". Get with the times.

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Jan-23-14 7:33 AM

What Young has shown crickets on is the repeal of Cuomo's "safe act" She should be out front and very vocal on it . she has become your typical politician. vote!!

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Jan-22-14 8:39 PM

Madman, you are so right. I have been exasperated and embarrassed with some of the candidates our party has endorsed on all levels. Why on Earth we cannot find a strong candidate with the ability to find solutions I just don't know. But the road goes both ways and we need Democrats to do the same. Maybe someone in the Democrat party is strong enough to primary Cuomo, win and tackle welfare reform. We need the right person in that office that can make NY the Empire State again, not the Vampire state that s u c ks your blood dry.

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Jan-22-14 8:38 PM

I suppose, in Senator Young's defense, when all you are given is lemons, you make lemonade. The budget and all of Cuomo's promises and rhetoric are a sharp right turn from how he has governed, in the most part, during his tenure. He is talking about tax relief, reduced corporate taxes, no tax for 10 years for any fool stupid enough to come to New York and start a business. Blah, blah, blah. That is NOT how he has ruled, passing bills, by-passing normal procedure, executive orders on controversial issues and absolutely NO reform of unfunded mandates, which is what drives all of our states high taxes. This is where Cathy Young has failed us. She rarely, if ever speaks of reducing welfare benefits, workfare and getting those who are able, off of government entitlements. Since these are the things that drive the high cost of living in this state, address it! And, do something about it.

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Jan-22-14 6:28 PM

"Spending a lot on students is by no means a guarantee of success, however. New York and Alaska, the top two spenders, had mediocre scores."--huff post.

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Jan-22-14 6:09 PM

PleaseWakeUp - I think Bloomberg is more of a tyrant than Cuomo. But yes, Paladino, Trump etc. are not the answer.

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Jan-22-14 6:06 PM

Education aid locally is still 7% below 2009 levels, except for wealthy down state schools where is back to 2009 levels.

Tax dollars going to political campaigns. I do not want one plug nickel of my money going to a campaign of somebody I'd vote against.

Medicaid increase - NYS already has the biggest/bloated/abused system.

Grants for technology funds? More paperwork and administrative "positions". Political connections to get grant money also.

The spending projections are back-loaded because it is an election year.

For these reasons my answer is no to the budget proposal.

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Jan-22-14 5:03 PM

looney tune where were you when he cut education a few years ago? now he's a-ok in your book? i never said no chid left behind was cadillac. if you can't see that he's obviously gearing up for a 2016 or 2020 run then i hope you have a snorkel for all that sand atop your head. time will tell how this plays out. if his proposals are all it takes for you to anoint him then i should be able to vilify him for a midnight oil, closed door, freedom-limiting piece of legislation that's actually been enacted.

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Jan-22-14 4:40 PM

Phil, let me ask you you think "No Child Left Behind" works or has ever worked?...ask any teacher you know for that answer. How has that worked? Who proposed that? All you can say is Safe Act? Thats your response? Pathetic.

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Jan-22-14 3:41 PM

oh he's increasing education funds this time around? interesting. what'd he propose a few years ago? anybody?..

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Jan-22-14 3:38 PM

ever heard of the safe act?

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Jan-22-14 2:10 PM

And carlaw, just for you, YES I am disappointed at the lack of medicaid and welfare reform. This staqte has a long way to go on that. And believe me, unless your party comes up with someone better than Trump or Paladino, you will lose the election again in November.

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Jan-22-14 2:07 PM

So those who speak negatively towards this budget and governor clearly are against decreased tax rate for manufacturers, decreased tax rates for small business, elimination of utility tax, decreased property taxs, capital funding for hosptals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, increased aid for education. You are against all of those things. This is why conservative republicans and tea partiers lose elections. Thank God Senator Young does not fall under one of those categories.

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Jan-22-14 10:21 AM

3.8% raise in medicaid.

nys spent 15+ bil on medicaid in 2012, around 30% of all state expenditures. the kaiser foundation projects that over the next 10 years, nys taxpayers will be on the hook for somewhere around 433 bil for medicaid.

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Jan-22-14 9:12 AM

I am not a cuomo supporter, but overall his budget makes sense. The only confusing part is how are we, the property owners really going to see a reduction in our property taxes?

Regarding the election, I only wish the repubs could find someone that can beat him. So far, its a joke. Bring Pataki back or ask bloomberg to run, then they might have a chance!

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Jan-22-14 9:05 AM

Figures. A touch of bipartisanship and the right goes off the deep end. Can we safely assume these are tea party affiliates?

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Jan-22-14 8:39 AM

Maybe she breathed too much of Cuomo's smoke.

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Jan-22-14 7:58 AM

When you get that one kid in the classroom who doesn't seem to do anything right, will not listen to reason, and just can't control that stinking thinking that always gets him into trouble,you find one good thing that he or she does and give praise. Then you try to find another, and another. If you look hard enough you'll find something good. If you do this and take it one day at a time, most often it makes a difference,not only to the difficult child but to all the other kids in the class. Rome wasn't built in a day. The voters keep giving us Cuomo's don't blame Senator Young.

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Jan-22-14 7:28 AM

we all will be the losers if comrade coumo gets re-elected

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Jan-22-14 7:09 AM

So now she is a loser because she sees some good things to come out of this budget. The only loser here is you and your tea party members.

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