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Common Core Content Lost

January 11, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: Once again the politicians have succeeded in diverting attention from content to process....

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Feb-26-14 12:18 PM

The common core has become a battle between the right, who argue against government interference in local education, and the left, who disagree with the standards. A stand-off. I"m with the latter: the standards will lead to more tests, less teaching, and a uniformity that resembles a production or pipe line.

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Jan-19-14 1:06 PM

FedUpL8ly: And the Tearepublicans are secular saints (a la Ayn Rand-check Google on that)? Demographic studies show that, in fact, the GOP and in particular the Tearepublicans are overwhelmingly fundamentalist, reject evolution, climate warming, and science in general. They are monied by the Koch empire which is interested in protecting its own fiefdom by buying votes (note that their fortune, inherited from Papa, is seriously connected with Stalin). Wake up! You're being deceived. Why is it that the various studies of "happiness" and life contentment comparing nations (and education) are all social democracies? Tell me and your readers that you have ANY idea what a social democracy is, and what the general economic policy is. Have you ever lived in one as a basis for comparison, or are you just opposed to the idea? Want free education for your kids, free health, crime free streets, don't look to the US. We're below international averages. Welcome to reality.

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Jan-19-14 12:54 PM

apolgeticsnow: Someone asked for substantiation, as do you. What 'authority' will you agree to? Only the Bible, even though it's an oral history with lots of contradictions and varying interpretations (and translations?) Or are you among those who think the world is 6000 years old that and that people existed along with dinosaur? If so, your evidence is what--in the face of all of biological science. You go to the doctor and rely on science; you fly in airplanes that rely on science; but you won't abide by science that contradicts your pet and pat assumptions. The anti-science, anti-intellectual basis of Christian fundamentalism is as misplaced as the faith that the Bible is literally the word of God. You simply don't understand language arts, problems of translation, and the historical context of Biblical pronouncements. In the day, "love thy brother" meant love your clan member; it surely doesn't apply today when your neighbor is gay, or black, or a feminist. No love th

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Jan-18-14 7:01 PM

Lilrud and others of your ilk should stop listening to the partisan rants of MSNBC for your political education. The TEA Party grew as a response to Government waste and oppression through their asinine laws and arrogant agencies. It had nothing to do with religion per se. It had to do with FREEDOM. The fact that Obama seeks to impose policies that infringe on religious beliefs doesn't mean the TEA Party members are trying to impose their beliefs on anyone else. It's a major distinction that you should try to open your mind to understanding.

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Jan-18-14 2:17 PM

Reg, you list "authorities" on the subject without any substanitation of what you claim to be true about the Bible. In other words, you committed the logical fallacy of appealing to authority. Tell Lone and me what the evidence is!

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Jan-18-14 11:49 AM

apologeticsnow and loneriderrr1: Below you can find (some) of my evidence and "substantiation," though I doubt you'll read it. If you do, we can discuss. But if you don't, you'll continue in your ignorance of Biblical history and scholarship and continue to accept the simplistic view of the Bible you learned at home and in Church. I'm on your side: believing that the text has a lot to offer for the modern world (as read in light of current history: e.g. Pope Francis). But, the "word of God" (given the tower of Babel) and contrarian translations from all over the place? Not even a chance of being a historical possibility! It is oral history, written long after the fact, and under all kinds of socio-religious intrigue that is useful to understand historically, lest you take it as an "instruction manual" for the good life. Jesus would not approve of that. I dare you to read some of what I referenced below. What are you afraid of?

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Jan-18-14 11:39 AM

Those who think that what I wrote is opinion, it is you who hold fast to belief that is uninformed by either history or theology or fact. You ask for evidence: Karen Armstrong, The Bible; Karen Armstrong, The Battle for God (btw, the author is a former Catholic nun and universally regarded as an authority on religious history). Then wade into Reza Aslan: The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth (new scholarship). And while you're at it, to get to America's supposedly Christian roots, see Gary Wills, Head and Heart: American Christianity. If you're not impressed by scholars, read Bishop John Shelby Spong's, The Sins of Scripture. And when you're through--not that I think anyone will actually read this evidence--you can at least admit that my representations are not Reggie's "opinions," unless--as is so often the case with fundamentalist ideologues--you reject all scholarship concerning the Bible and all science. The ignorance of the facts is appalling. The "word of

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Jan-17-14 6:33 PM

In line with what loneriderrr wrote, a lot of and only opinion there, Reggie. Where is the substantiation of all the accunsations that you make?

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Jan-17-14 11:47 AM

Fact: The New Testament is oral history written more than 70 years afterwards. It contains plenty of contradictions and different stories. Paul, whowas confronted by James (the brother of Jesus) for his views has a big presence in what later generations of Christians have come to accept as "the Bible." Other gospels have been discredited by Church politics. And then we have the problem of translation: compare, e.g., the Catholic and King James versions, not to mention feminist and other versions. It's a mockery to God to consider this Tower of Babel to be "the" word of God. To begin with, God, being omniscient and omnipotent, would not utter "words" (which are not what faith is about) that are taken to be prescriptions for the ethical, God-loving life. He (or She: isn't that the problem with translations and traditions) would not deal with the vagaries of human words. Words! Voltaire said (in effect): there's what I wrote, there's what you underst

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Jan-17-14 6:40 AM

Just this response to the comments to the article I posted about Common Core and I will make no more. Once again the Libersl brain trust has divertes attention from an academic discussion by making it a personal and emotional attack on someone named Mel that had no input, inspiration ok knowledge of my article prior to posting. Way to go liberals, your superiors must be very proud. I never wanted God or the Bible taughtin school. If we, as a Nation are graduating kids that can only read at a grade 4 level and only do math with an electronic device, why would any responsible person want this system to teach the Bible. I must admit that after some of the comments, that man from monkey thing is looking better and better

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Jan-16-14 2:39 PM

Regel, when you say, "To stimulate things for Mel and his accomplices, there is no place in public education for the Bible, except to study it as literature. As to creationism, well, it takes an closed mind to accept that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time and ignore the geological evidence of eons of life that science demonstrates," that's just your opinion. It is not a scientific statement. If the Bible can only be studied as literature, is that on your terms or on the terms of the Bible? Secondly, since the Bible is not allowed to be the basis as the worldview in education as it once was, then what is the worldview in education today? There is one. Would you agree that the public schools are not neutral? They teach with a strong bias.

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Jan-16-14 2:29 PM

Lilrud and Regel, I ivnvite you to come to the Jamestown Prendergast Library on Thursday, January 30 at 7 PM for the video presentation of "Evolution vs. God." There you will see faith in action. The kind you feel is not fit for the science classroom. The video includes students and professors of universities that teach evolution.

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Jan-16-14 2:25 PM

Lilrud, that's just your opinion and a baseless assumption about me bemoaning the fact that I can't go into a government run school and teach the truth of creation. The issue I have which you don't admit or see is that schools are teaching molecules-to-man evolution as scientific fact. It is a brainwwashing technique to sell the philosophy of naturalism as science. If the schools would be upfront and tell children that it is not science but a belief,then at least that is honest, but children are being taught falsely when they're told that they are the by-product of chemical reactions which exploded from a big bang that happened to arrange themselves into lifeless molecules, but strangely, for some unknown reason, turned into simple life and amazingly into complex life though nothing in sciecne today says that life comes fron non-life and that complex information comes from very simple information. That's indoctrination of the worst sort.

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Jan-15-14 12:21 PM

Lilrud: Thanks for the update. To stimulate things for Mel and his accomplices, there is no place in public education for the Bible, except to study it as literature. As to creationism, well, it takes an closed mind to accept that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time and ignore the geological evidence of eons of life that science demonstrates. And, it is too easy to ignore science in favor of your most recent Biblical rant, taking as literal history what is inspirational and metaphorical. And the Teapublicans agenda is "just say no" to any reasonable discussion or debate, in favor of their ideology--which, btw, has no basis in fact: their economics are entirely speculation and their anti-government rants are unAmerican: the government is us, cranks like Mel and progressives as well. Government is best when it reconciles differences. But, the Tea Partiers take their religious fundamentalism and apply as they please with uncompromising stubbornness.

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Jan-13-14 4:32 PM

Regelski, Rev. Mel is Apologeticsnow who bemoans the fact he can't preach the bible in public schools, pushes creationism and is an A-1 Tea Partier. By the way, I agree with you.

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Jan-13-14 1:54 PM

Lilrud: Who is Mel and why are you 'on' him so? I can't but agree to the need for a scientific and historically accurate basis for all studies. But we must be aware of how much our texts (and teachers) cannot avoid the 'cosmic egg' in which they and we live. If you've lived for any time outside of the US, as I have, you'd not fail to note the 'cuture shock' by which what American take as real and as sacrosanct, isn't agreed to by our allies and many other developed nations. The Teapublicans are making fools of our country with their anti-science rhetoric and ideology, confusing climate with weather, and other fables they believe in and are appalled that the rest of us don't accept their perverted view of, say, why the poor need help (read the Bible recently?) or their attempts to privatize and corporatize American education with Charter Schools, paying teachers according to test scores (compare the scores between the rich suburbs and rural Chautauqua County. How stupid.

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Jan-12-14 2:59 PM

I suppose Mel doesn't want a scientific bias in the science curriculum. He would rather have a bible bias. Probably American " exceptionalism " in Social Studies too.Doesn't Mel want the truth?

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Jan-11-14 11:10 AM

The writer is mistaken: although I oppose it, the common core is all about content. That's the problem. The ideal is to manufacture a national product that might compete better on international measures and produce uniform workers; not to make more functional, well-informed citizens. The question of "process" is the burden placed on schools to implement "content" that has been directed from "on high," by politicians and Ivory Tower theorists. NYS teachers already must teach "to" the Regents Exams, to no good end in comparison to international standards. Another set of high stakes tests will only make things worse and will discourage many from entering or staying in the profession.

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Jan-11-14 9:10 AM

Carlaw, I'm with you in saying that the letter was "Spot on." The next phase of the roll out of Common Core will be in science and social studies. I'm not confident that the subjects will be free of bias.

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Jan-11-14 7:10 AM

Two days ago, NYSed's web site had links to resource pages to make test prep of the pages went to a site for children to take " tests" With titles like sexy b$!@%# quiz, lesbian quiz, are you a real Mexicano? , are you a killer?....the page has been removed but the parent who discovered them took screen shots to prove they were up. Whether this occurred because of hacking or someone just didn't vet the info before posting it on NYSed doesn't matter. These are the people who claim all of the data gathered on our children is secure! Baloney!!!

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Jan-11-14 5:51 AM

Spot on! Great letter.

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