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Poverty At Home A Big Issue For Area School Districts

January 5, 2014

An overwhelming majority of area school districts are in possession of above-average poverty rates in New York state....

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Jan-07-14 11:26 AM

The US is the only country where people in poverty have an obesity problem. That explains the problem is the definition of poverty in the US. Everyone expects to live like people on the*****tube.

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Jan-06-14 8:42 PM

For Godsake, raising the minimum wage to take a family or person up a few notches closer to the poverty line is NOT the solution. Most minimum wage jobs are not meant to be "living wage" jobs. Get a real grip. They are entry level jobs, designed to increase as person's skills so they can move up.. Unfortunately, under Obama, the "poverty President", there are not jobs to move up to.

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Jan-06-14 3:43 PM

Yet another reason to advance the legal minimum wage so it becomes an amount that a person can actually live on. Greed and apathy are killing this country, starting with our kids' education. I'm sure we'll see more racist rhetoric and skewed propaganda blaming poor people for their own misery in order to gloss over some of thee real reasons behind their poverty just so people can justify their own selfishness and narrow mindedness.

This country is well on its way toward creating a 2 class society where a minority gets all the wealth and benefits while the majority work at substandard wages, live in polluted and dangerous neighborhoods and starve.

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Jan-06-14 7:44 AM

Poverty is no reason for not learning. Immigrants come to this country with nothing. Some live 2-3 faqmilies in 1 apartment. But they make sure the kids go to school and get an education. Poverty should not be used as an excuse or crutch.

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Jan-06-14 7:37 AM

jhsparent3p..... based on all of the misspellings and ramblings, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you were and continue to be a part of these poverty percentage.

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Jan-06-14 7:10 AM

i bet when all of you where in school you where the bullies not giving up on making fun of people tell they quit school.instead of putting everyone down maybe you could are talking about kids you know.pretty easy to hid behind a made up can say anything with out being held accoutable.bullies are realy only cowards.

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Jan-05-14 10:23 PM

It is so refreshing to hear Mr. Mains say that the standards need to be raised not lowered. Now the teaching needs to start challenging the students more!

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Jan-05-14 8:54 PM

With democrats running the state and the way we reward welfare people, it will never improve.

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Jan-05-14 11:02 AM

It's obvious that generational welfare is the root cause of this....If they spent the same amount of time studying in school instead of learning how to cheat the system, things would be different.

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Jan-05-14 10:27 AM

munch chomp slurp as well as slobber drool

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Jan-05-14 7:49 AM

Really unfortunate that the writer doesn't mention that the poverty level is $23,283 for a family of four. That context is important for anyone who might think "poverty" is some abstract construction.

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