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Stars Tie People Together As One

December 22, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Forty-five years ago, this December, three people with nothing but thin metal and the vacuum of space between themselves and oblivion reached out, for the first time in all of......

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Dec-23-13 6:40 PM

Just how is trying to spare people from victimization and embarrassing themselves negative? Is falling for a scam positive? Since the baby boomers rejected good and bad and had to substitute positive and negative (we are all electricians now) all we get is gibberish from slushy headed fools.

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Dec-23-13 8:44 AM

And I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas but I don't need the negativity.

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Dec-23-13 8:43 AM

Before I opened the comment section I noted that there were 11 comments. I predicted 10 of them would be negative. I was very close. Glad to live in such a loving section of the country......not.

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Dec-23-13 6:02 AM

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Dec-23-13 4:25 AM

Per Trog's posts, I looked up the starregistry website. He's right. In the FAQ section, it admits that its registry is not accepted by the scientific community. Their service is simply copywriting the name with the star's coordinates and adding it to their own internal index. In reality, the naming of the star is recognized only by this company, noone else. Another key item per the website and thank God they cleared this up... you are not buying the star, just "adopting" it.

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Dec-22-13 9:49 PM

You can't pay to have a star named. You are just giving the money away. Why not direct it where it can actually promote space exploration or science education or to the local observatory group? That's my idea of positive.

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Dec-22-13 8:49 PM

I'm putting down people who deceive and profit from hoodwinking others at vulnerable points. But today, if you tell the truth, you are des*****. If you lie well, you are a hero and often a rich one. Regardless of intentions on anyone's part, it is irresponsible and immoral to stand silent when money is taken through misrepresentation. And Credence, if evolution is a hoax, why didn't you take up my 100 to 1 challenge when the State Geology Assoc. met at Fredonia? You didn't put up so now you can shut up.

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Dec-22-13 6:27 PM

munch chomp slurp

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Dec-22-13 2:55 PM

So happy to not be as negative and knowledgable in response to a letter meant to be for the holidays as those below. Why do you have to squash memories and thoughts other than what you deem is the truth on someone you do not know? Perhaps it makes you feel smarter or more powerful to put them down.

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Dec-22-13 10:23 AM

Maybe next time Kyle you could include everyone in your "pledge to be more accepting and forgiving of others." I hope you taught your children well on every scope as this letter does not seem to establish.

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Dec-22-13 9:52 AM

And truth is censored that lies may prevail. No scientist or scientific organization recognizes or takes seriously the actions of commercial hucksters pretending to name stars. It is a cruel hoax.

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Dec-22-13 9:10 AM

I have a standing offer to name a star for anyone at half the going price. I have just as much right and authority as the commercial hucksters but people pay for lies, not truth. I will also sell you water at half the price of any homeopathic "remedy" and just as effective.

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Dec-22-13 7:47 AM

oh yeah & I agree w/ Trog as always, (except for the evolution hoax)

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Dec-22-13 7:46 AM

I bought my wife a star this year it is named Earl........ #5 1/2

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