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How ‘Suite’ It Is

Ramada Purchaser Promises ‘Multi-Million Dollar Renovation’

December 14, 2013

A leader in healthcare and hotel management, with more than 36 years of history and a record of business success, has purchased the Ramada Jamestown Hotel. On Friday, Hamister Group Inc....

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Dec-22-13 3:04 PM

who in the*****negotiated a deal where the tax payers are on the hook for the renovations to a hotel that cannot seem to stay in business. If Hamister cannot make money either then the taxpayers are on the hook. Do the taxpayers own part of the building. If I buy a house will the taxpayers help me fix it up. Probably not gonna happen.

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Dec-16-13 8:09 AM

askwhy, so now you know more than the Hamister Group, an experienced company that has been in the hotel business for many years. rodrickson, check to see the occupany rates at the local hotels and then tell me there is no business here for hotels. You nay sayers have the right to your opinions...just happen to be all wrong. Welcome Hamister Group!

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Dec-15-13 12:19 PM

Hamister did not do it's homework on Jamestown. Deal lookd to good to be true when you ae from Buffalo market. Bet this turns into some sort of low cost public housing or senior housing backed by public money, that will just put more strain on pubic services. They jumped on a low bid online auction, and won. How many bidders were there again?

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Dec-15-13 11:19 AM

Renaldo, I know you want to be optimistic but you really need to take the blinders off, and see this for what it really is. The only reason they purchased this was because it was dirt cheap at auction. They will now extort millions of dollars of taxpayer moneys or they will walk. This is what every business does now. It's the system they have set up. In my opinion it just isn't worth millions to help out another not needed hotel in Jamestown.

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Dec-15-13 10:15 AM

Regulator, it doesn't say all the renovation money will be tax payer funded. Looks to be unknown right now. I understand that concern but heck does any large private investment anywhere occur w/o some type of public funded incentive? I'm not sure if biz can succeed on large scales like this w/o help.

Rod, I know nothing of the hotel demand here but I'm curious if the new owner, probably unlike previous owners of the hotel that invested little improvements, is looking at this very long term and anticipates future demand growth. One thing that comes to mind is the potential comedy hof.

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Dec-15-13 8:47 AM

The article clearly states that the renovation money will come from the taxpayer. Who's making this deal? Shouldn't the people paying for it have some information?

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Dec-15-13 8:20 AM

I came up with my figures based upon the articles from the world juniors coverage which report at best the hotels saw 25 percent occupancy, the quotes from the downtown attractor's director who has said in the past that tourism trickles to nothing in the winter as well as the Lundine Commission report which states the majority of the county's tourism comes from Chautauqua Institution and it occurrs during the summer.

The only numbers that differ come out of the hotel's "market-based studies" which purport that this city NEEDS multiple hotels with 100+ rooms. And the county IDA falls for it and licks their salty bits, showering grants and loans in the process.

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Dec-15-13 6:51 AM

Rodrickson, how did you come up with your # of 100 out of town visitors?

Regulator, actually the article indicated a quote this may become the largest private investment downtown. This has just happened & you immediately demand figures on local & state funding then you assume it's completely funded by tax dollars? What is your suggestion?

This hotel has a very poor rep, probably quite a stain on downtown.

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Dec-15-13 2:00 AM

Jamestown has maybe 100 out-of-town visitors on a good day. Why does it need a combined total of 1,000 taxpayer-funded beds for a tourism industry that barely exists?

This is sheer lunacy.

The world juniors pre-camp was supposed to fill the counties hotels and spill over to Erie and the Buffalo southtowns. Yet the downtown hotels reported no increase to their occupancy.

This hotel in particular is a revolving door of ownership, the last of which could not put up signage other than plastic wrap. Who are we kidding here?

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Dec-14-13 8:16 PM

Did anybody read the article? The Mayor says this will be the largest private renovation Jamestown has seen. The next paragraph says the money for the renovation will come from local, County and State money. Nobody knows how much yet! Wouldn't it be nice if the taxpayers that will fund this get a dollar figure? This company bought it for a song and the taxpayers will renovate it. Somebody please stop this nonsense.

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Dec-14-13 8:14 PM

RODRICKSON is an out and out racist!

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Dec-14-13 5:08 PM

That's great news for the Holiday Inn/Radisson/Clarion/Ramada Hotel! Anyone know what brand is the Hamister Group is associated with? Will it stay the Ramada?

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Dec-14-13 2:40 PM

This is absolutely fantastic news for the entire JTown area.

Congratulations to all at the City who have been involved with pulling this off.

Especially for their ability to shut out all of the negative extremest talk from the know nothings in town and to remain focused on making JTown a better place.

Keep up the great work folks. I can't wait to see more of the details about this project and the other good things that are undoubtedly in the works.

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Dec-14-13 11:27 AM


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Dec-14-13 10:12 AM

I applaud this as wonderful news for Jamestown. I'm a little concerned for the folks who might be coming home for the holidays. The article suggests that the building will be closed before Christmas.

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Dec-14-13 9:34 AM

Good posts by all. Hamister Group is not only experienced, but finanically sound with a good reputation. And, they WANTED to be in Jamestown. What do all the nay sayers, and people down on Jamestown think of that? This will create many construction and contracting jobs during renovation, and many permanet jobs afterwards. That is my only cncern, finding qualified people willing to work in the hospitality business. My guess is this is the first of several projects headed this way. It seems Mr DeJoy is a very aggressive business development manager, and will continue to try and get new business in town. To all involved, CONGRATULATIONS!

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Dec-14-13 7:00 AM

Outstanding project with hard work done by the city to entice further development. Metro Jamestown is on the move. Project like this along with Jamestown Airport getting notification Thursday of $49/$98 RT Cleveland express to begin immediately, is very positive movement for the region.

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Dec-14-13 6:00 AM

Pretty cool that the new owner has a good track record, is willing to invest big, & is relatively local. I'm sure a pretty intensive market study was done to justify their investment.

Downtown is really on the upswing.

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Dec-14-13 5:58 AM

Of the same sorry.

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Dec-14-13 5:57 AM

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Dec-14-13 5:57 AM

Yes! Congratulations Jamestown. Good job Vince and good luck with more go the same.

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Dec-14-13 5:35 AM

Not a Paavi, Rajiv, or Petel. That's a good sign.

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