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Obama’s Previous Security Plan Failed

December 13, 2013

A new national security strategy, replacing one he initiated in 2010, will be unveiled next year, President Barack Obama has informed Congress....

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Dec-15-13 6:23 AM

gravelpit, that was funny. I like that. Anyway, remember people…Republicans are socially conservative, they have never been fiscally conservative, they are fiscally liberal. Democrats are socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. Which republican was ever fiscally conservative? You might find a few. Look at all the democrats that are fiscally conservative, they try to make cuts, fix long term financial stability, grow jobs, cut debt, pay for spending with taxes. Republicans spend on big wars, give tax breaks to companies that move over seas, spend and cut taxes so that our debt burden increases, stop job growth…where oh where are they ever conservative? except socially.

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Dec-14-13 11:56 PM

I sometimes suspect that the PJ would call Eisenhower an ultra liberal if he were president today.

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Dec-14-13 5:50 PM

Obama got BinLaden. Bush could've, but he declined to pursue him, instead directing attacks to Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama got him, he personally called for the operation. No intel from Bush was used. Obama has increased employment tremendously. Carter still has the record for job growth, 14 million in four years, but Clinton and Obama are close second and third. No republican president can claim numbers even close to that! Try it, you'll have to lie to do it. Bush's last budget FY starting in Oct. '08 had a deficit and off-budget debt of 1.4 trillion, bringing our total debt to 13.6 trillion. That wasn't Obama, that was Bush, and all republicans want to forget to include Bush's last budget in calculating debt, just like they ignore off-budget debt when calculating deficits. Obama has it all On-budget, so we really know what the deficit really is. Why do republicans hate America?

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Dec-14-13 3:01 PM

On a side note:While I have the Patriots and Serfs in one place-Let it be known that Prince Andy will be in Dunkirk Sunday.Patriots bring your REPEAL THE NY SAFE ACT! signs,Serfs line up to "kiss the Royal ring",bow low frequently and cover your ears when the Patriots are chanting "Cuomos gotta go".

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Dec-14-13 10:10 AM

Howard, as usual you're wrong in many ways but I'll give you the easiest indicator that should have become obvious to even the most "challenged" on economics. That is the Labor Workforce Participation Rate. That's the number of people between 18 and 65 who are actually working and it is the lowest since the Carter Administration and it is lower than when Obama took office. And if they factored out all the part-time jobs, this "part-time" President would be ranked even lower than Jimmy Carter. Yes indeed, the liberal historians are going to have a hard time convincing the world that Obama wasn't the worst President in American history.

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Dec-14-13 9:59 AM

This editorial is just more spin. Hypothetical's made up to make President Obama look bad. Every indicator shows that the economy has improved greatly since noon on January 21st, 2009 is one example of the spin.

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Dec-13-13 8:41 PM

Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.

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Dec-13-13 2:07 PM

Yeah, the Seals got Bin-Laden thanks to intel from the Bush Administration.

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Dec-13-13 8:45 AM

As he and Haggle supply Al-Qaida with weapons in Syria and not one congress person brings up article three section three of the U.S, Constitution. Treason! Al-Qaida is sworn enemy of U.S. killing over ten thousand Americans and this administration gives aid and abetting.

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Dec-13-13 5:08 AM

everything this fraud has done is a failure, time to go.

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Dec-13-13 2:02 AM

Two things in the article seem to be understated. First, according to public statements given by leaders in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Georgia, Poland and the Czech Republic, they don't merely wonder but they are doubtful they can count on Obama. Secondly, the use of ultra-liberal is using semantic kid gloves. Obamacare's driving this country into a 30 hour work week and nationalizing healthcare clearly shows his goal is to turn America into a Socialist economy just like France. Ultra-liberal has mutated into Progressive/Socialism.

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