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Committee Moves On Welfare Benefits Motion

December 13, 2013

MAYVILLE — Certain Chautauqua County legislators want New York state to establish more stringent residency requirements for the receiving of welfare benefit....

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Dec-20-13 5:48 AM

This is not a partisan issue. Chuck2 hit the nail on the head. What has happened to self respect? It has gone out of style.

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Dec-20-13 5:45 AM

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Dec-14-13 12:22 PM

I say nothing madmad. Glad you feel that way. Vote Republican and you will see some of the changes that will help this country.

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Dec-14-13 9:41 AM

conservative, I am a my post..what say you now?

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Dec-13-13 10:26 PM

But leave it to the dumocrats to object to something that makes sense for NY. Elect Republicans and many of these problems will begin to get solved. Elect dems and taxes and all the crap in the state will continue.

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Dec-13-13 1:36 PM

700 applications per month? If that's the case, more than 5% of our population, per year, would be NEW applicants. Residency requirement is only one issue. You have to be a resident of the state for at least a year before getting the residency rate to go to college, why should it be any less? But that's only a piece of the problem, as we all know. Why is it so hard to get welfare reform? Down state Democrats get the blame. Both Democrats and Republicans across the rest of the state agree with reform, but no one is making any noise. Our leaders on the state level need to make this an issue. And the only thing I agree with Hoyer on is the language is too vague. Be specific - one year residency unless there's an emergency situation, and define what an emergency is.

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Dec-13-13 12:55 PM

We need to care for our own which there is plenty of already. Years ago help was not as available. Now there is free dinners, clothes, toys etc.and we need to back off. The elderly are in the worst spot, but we always hear about children's wants and needs and sometimes stiffle real needs of self respect and initiative.

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Dec-13-13 11:25 AM

30 days to establish residency in order to get benefits is a joke to all that live, work, and pay taxes in this state. The time period should be 1 year. This will stop people from moving to Chautauqua county from other states simply because we "pay more in benefits". These people are a drain to the county and the economy of the state. If they want benefits, then they need to have a verifyable job, and the county then can assist with certain benefits. But not 100% government subsidy.

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Dec-13-13 9:43 AM

We are sending as many (see influx) able bodied lazy free loaders to Chautauqua County as possible. Until New York State clamps down on otherwise healthy people on the dole getting a free lunch and ride at the taxpayers expense, you will continue to be inundated by these leeches on society. You pay much more than a living wage to encourage them to snort, sit, smoke and gripe instead of providing for themselves. You've been doing it for decades. Keep up the good work. Bless your hearts.

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Dec-13-13 8:30 AM

The article says, according to the commissioner of social services, out of 700 applications a month, about 20 (or roughly 3%) are from out of state. Gould says “the county has experienced an influx of out-of-state residents applying for benefits.” Which one is it? What does Gould consider an “influx?” I don’t doubt it’s an issue that needs to be remedied, but what kind of numbers are we talking about? Three percent doesn’t sound like an “influx” to me. If the commissioner’s numbers are correct, why does Gould have to exaggerate the problem? Just put the requirements in place and leave it at that.

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Dec-13-13 6:40 AM

How does one person have the "constitutional right" to take money out of another person's pocket?

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Dec-13-13 5:49 AM

Bravo! Excellent,yes it is about time.

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Dec-13-13 5:08 AM

it's about gdf time.

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